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Thread: The Garden Residences @ Serangoon North Ave 1

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    all out war, affinity brought forward balloting day to coming sat together with gardens.

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    Actually 1500psf or 1600psf for Serangoon LH99 is considered as prices grown significantly.

    Jiayou both.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bargain hunter View Post
    seems like buyers r more excited about mass market products at < 15xxpsf but these will run out soon.

    weighted average price of caveats lodged for units of some projects launched this year till 20th May:

    Le Quest: 70 units at 1436psf
    Twin Vew: 454 units at 1380psf
    The Tapestry: 418 units at 1355psf

    but i think twin vew and rivercove ec had raised expectations too much. i still think around 30% sold on launch weekend is already considered good sales. that would be 184 units for Gardens and 316 units at Affinity especially at prices of >15xx. granted, these 2 projects are considered better than the mass market projects listed above and should command higher psf.

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    Is it the first time we have two neighboring sites launch for sale on same day (2 June)? So exciting!
    We might see similar 'battle' at Woodleigh soon...

    Anyway, Good luck to both Affinity and Garden

    Btw, expected psf for both sites are 1600psf to 1700psf per though I thought already released indicative price is 1500psf to 1600psf
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    It is also quite unusual to have a major mass market launch in June, as it is the school holidays and some families are away on holidays.

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