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Thread: Martin Modern By GuocoLand @ District 09 Orchard

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    How's the ballot takeup rate like yesterday? Anyone with any news?

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    A friend of mine applied for a 2+S and she got it without having to ballot.

    TBH I don't think the reception to the launch has been overwhelming.

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    Care to share which floor & psf?

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    Stack 13, low-ish floor. She said around $1.9m and I didn't want to press.

    Seemed like she got the news on Fri.

    Quote Originally Posted by Khng8 View Post
    Care to share which floor & psf?

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    was there this weekend, agents seems pushy and keen. strangely this guy kept harping on the usable space and didn't go with the "living in a botanic garden" angle.

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