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Thread: Cairnhill Residences (D9, Freehold, Allgreen)

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    Default further questions

    Drive past today, entire development blocked by Hilltops which is still under construction. Possibly TOP by year-end looking at the status of progress. Just wondering if there's a market for sub 1000 sq ft aprtment in cairnhill area, most of the neighbours are big 2000 sq ft aprtment such as Hilltops, alba, promont.. Will this small size be an achilles' heel?
    If ard $300 maintenance then it's really quite value for money as those ard such as cairnhill crest ard $600.

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    Default Cairnhill Residences - TOP very soon

    Set atop cairnhill circle, with address 31 and 33 Cairnhill Circle

    This Freehold 97 units 2 tower 20 floors project is going to obtain their T.O.P in stages and phases in this coming months..

    Developer Allgreen launched this project in Hong Kong and has went largely unnoticed and un-hyped.

    Now due to the fact that the exterior facade is shaping and forming up, interests has come in fast and strong.

    Prices are at a very safe level to buy, ranges from $2150 to $2400psf

    rentals should hover in the $6 psf range.

    Helios are re-launching at above 2600psf levels, and Hilltops are generally not very keen to sell their high floor units at below 2800psf now.

    I have 19 units available for sale and 23 avail for rent. Floorplans and sitemaps are avail on site presentation.

    Superb investment.

    Inviting interested parties to call/sms me @ 9871-9000


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    Guess this sums up a previous discussion about units which are coming on stream for rental in the "Property market sentiments" thread.

    out of 97 units, this agent ALONE already has 19 units for sale and 23 units for rental.

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    Dun think will see his 4th post any sooner

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    u see the way agent said it
    "Prices are at a very safe level to buy, ranges from $2150 to $2400psf"

    i think when u signed a contract with him, the property agent must put down, if the psf drops, agent should pay for it since agent said it is very safe.

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