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Thread: The Warren - sharing of info

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    I would still consider Mi Casa if only the materials are better with the kind of price it's asking for (wish it's marble for the flooring & toilet walls, better wardrobe wood & accessories...that's my personal preference). Comparing with Warren, I think Mi Casa location is better, quieter and it's a brand new development. But the price and the kind of materials offered don't seem to gel.....

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    The Warren unit that I viewed has very nice marble flooring in the living room and toilets. As mentioned previously, my personal preference and perception of 'better quality' materials are marble flooring (at least for the living room, and a bonus if the toilet walls are also of marble), solid wood for wardrobe and kitchen cabinets and more durable internal gadgets/accessories for drawers, etc.

    Homogenous/ceramic tiles are to me; 'low quality', especially for a condo unit that costs close to $1M. It's difficult for me to commit to plonk down so much $$$ when it offers only these kind of materials.

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    I stay on a lower flower in Blk 59, 4-br. Convenience was the main reason to move there 2-yrs ago as well as general layout of pools etc.

    Overlook condo entrance, pool, clubhouse, bus i'change entrance though the MRT is far enough away not to hear unless the wind blows a certain way at a certain time.

    The noise can get a bit much at times, especially after a long day but at night i close up to get some rest from the noise and wind down for bed.....also, wind drops to zero after dark and it can get a bit warm inside - the blocks directly opposite the main entrance i think are cooler at night.

    The windows are great, really great.....cut out a lot of noise for night time.

    For some reason we have a faulty window in one room letting water in when it rains heavily. Also one wall in our main room seems to suffer water ingress from the main wall outside. Cannot see cracks or anything so at the moment no idea where it's coming from and will get that checked soon.

    Some of the wood in the kitchen cabinets, and those of some of the built in wardrobes are beginning to show signs of age. Some of the drawer runners no longer fit, for some strange reason.

    The main a/c blower in the main room needs to be constantly cleaned. One of the service guys told me it was a design flaw in the layout of the drainage pipes that causes them to always "furr-up" and the unit in the master bedroom is the same, though not as bad.


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    Nice condo ground and I like the way they layout the pools and jacuzzis...

    Was considering The Warren but maybe my timing was bad because it was around the same time that Mi Casa did their launch and interest in cck spiked...

    Almost all available units in the The Warren were snapped up even before I had the opportunity to view them.... which even my agent felt was weird because there were a lot of listings in his company's data base in the months prior to that....

    I visited the neighboring development, Northvale instead but somehow the layout just feels dated and pales in comparison to The Warren.....

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    seems like the warren not that popular...

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