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Thread: laguna park, neptune court, lagoon view condos...

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    Default If Using CPF

    If you are using CPF savings to pay for part of your leasehold property, then the property must be built on leasehold land with a remaining lease of at least 60 years. Older leasehold properties may be much harder to sell in as little as 10-15 years' time.

    Neptune was completed in 1975, Laguna '78 and lagoon '77 so all 31+ years old.

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    Quote Originally Posted by deljunks
    have called the agent for blk 14 also but have not view the unit yet. but i believe the view should be fanstatic. but dunno the noise level will be bearable or not.
    wat you think of the unit?
    am looking at laguna as the price between this blk 14 and laguna is not too much difference. thats why in a delima... but i believe prices will drop further down the road so not really in a hurry to commit unless a good deal come also...

    Blk 14 unit has been sold for $700k, I was told. We offered $690k earlier, but owner does not want. Did not commit then even though just $10k difference, since we are also not in hurry to buy.

    Am painfully aware of the old ages of the developments facing the sea, but like their view and size. For Neptune Court, die die won't buy west facing units... wonder why the developer build the apartments like that... all either west or east facing?? Sigh.

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    Noted from the papers, a 1636 sq ft unit at Neptune Court was sold for $750k but not sure whats the condition of that sold unit or what facing.

    I understand there is a 1636 sq ft unit up for auction this Thursday, if my memory serves me right, its at block 1 and very high floor with full sea view.. Guess the buyer must have booked it during the en bloc crazy days...

    Check it out....

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    Can also consider bayshore park i think. another sea view property and i also heard some enbloc rumours last year..

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    Has Lagoon View been privatised? Was wondering as I read a report that Braddell View is the last HUDC to be privatised. As far as I know Neptune Court hasn't either.

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