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Thread: Emerald Gardens - your view

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    Quote Originally Posted by blackswan
    I have check and recce several time and I can't find a development around town like EG which is nested within the 'CBD' and yet have a feeling that its not in 'CBD' (my personnel feeling though) with the amenities around. Used to had lunch often at Club Street at the restaurant called Windows at Club Street (closed and change owner liao) and a couple of years ago, beside it, there was this cosy eatery that's sell curry chicken, think the name is called Helen Deli or something like that.
    Also had a couple of rub down at Qi Mantra (but expansive).

    But must say that 1300psf is a bit on the ex side. A couple of months ago was only somewhere 1000psf if I remember correctly.
    tenure aside, 999... this condo is too "short".. a look from the maxwell road makes it seem so small as compared to the tall white towers behind it. I won't consider it at this price. Why move to older developments when tenants prefer newer ones. I like the oriental theme though... no sure if ang mohs will like it.

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    I like the location, near office and in town...anyone know who is the developer? Oxford Gardens Pte Ltd?

    near supermarket - cold storage, near food place, near train stations, and near office...seems like all fit my criteria...just the price, I'm not sure what's a reasonable price...what is a good price for an unblock unit ie 6flr up, and does not face the wall or the pool?

    not sure if any such unit price at that range thou'? sorry i have too many questions as i am a property novice. any expert advice greatly appreciated.
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    Can't agree more with you.
    Fits my criteria like a glove but price wise.........

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    what would be a price you will be comfortable to buy at?

    I am worried inflation will kick in soon, hence looking to buy a place, for stay and also to fight inflation.

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    just check the caveats back to 07, and considering the price a couple of months ago, 1000psf +/- will seem right.....but believe you might have bigger firepower.

    cheers and have a wonderful weekend ahead.

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