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Thread: Viva (D11, Freehold, Allgreen)

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    Newbie Guest

    Default Viva

    Is there any update on Viva?

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    cherrycreek Guest

    Default VIVA

    private preview was last fri to sun . i thk it is close for overseas sales. the last time i heard on sat was 20 plus sales, not sure of sun sale. quality is like sky @ eleven. However, dun like the address sulfolk walk, and no view cos most blocks facing united square. also think it is too near thomson rd which can be busy during peak hours and the traffic noise.

    they shd hv launched last yr and sale will be gone in 3 dys. wrong timing now. also, they shd priced more attractively given that they bgt the land cheap years ago.

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    Newbie Guest

    Default Viva

    Any idea of the psf? Or layout plans/site plan? Are there any discounts from these private previews?

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    cherrycreek Guest

    Default viva

    average 1500 to 1600 psf. no other discount

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    Macadamia Latte Guest


    went to the showroom over the public holiday. The 4 bedroom (1991sf) looks good- built-in wardrobe is gorgeous and the developer is throwing in a huge two-door fridge.

    As much as its well-located and parked within walking dist to MRT, I felt really "squeezed" in there. Perhaps its because of all the surrounding condos and there are more new ones launching in the area- up down left right!

    =and they are not releasing one of the blocks=

    hmm...wonder if prices will drop next year bc of the financial crisis..

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