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Thread: Viva (D11, Freehold, Allgreen)

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    cherrycreek Guest

    Default viva

    the showflat still opened ?? i thot it is closed indefinitely for overseas sales?? how is the take up rate ?

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    Macadamia Latte Guest


    yes it is still open.. at least for a little while longer.
    one of the blocks is not open to public launching though.

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    Interested Guest


    I went for the preview and only 2 blocks were up for sale. So they have released more units now? Is it still at the same price - abt 1500psf?

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    no mrt? Guest


    how cme no mrt nearby for this dev?

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    Macadamia Latte Guest


    yupe still the same price, and they have not released more units.
    u think the price will fall further amidst the negative market sentiments now?

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