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Thread: Lilydale

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    Do away with cooking will do, macdonalds, kfc and pizza will do it. Most likely to have cafes around

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    Quote Originally Posted by mantrix
    saw a 4xx sq ft unit today...the show flat seemed livable...but no bath tub, gotta squeeze washing machine in the toilet, kitchen is less than size of toilet and clothes gotta hang in tiny balcony...

    other than that, living room and bedroom quite decent sized. Can be a proper bachelor pad.

    But I can't imagine living in anything smaller than that..
    which project showflat?

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    Quote Originally Posted by devilplate
    which project showflat?
    Here comes the onslaught of the mickey fans

    I saw the loft at nathan...actually pricing nt that bad given the nathan name...

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    Quote Originally Posted by mantrix
    Can stay of course...there's a reason why they are called MM. If you are sized like mice it'll be very spacious, machiam GCB liao
    buy for someone else to stay maybe. for projects which is all mms better or a mixture of different bedders better? ie...1/2/3/4 bedder...

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    Quote Originally Posted by rinachew
    oh.. din know got this kinda term.. MM.. cute.. hmmm... think we sold off the flat in abt 2mths time ba.. we onli managed to secure a cov of 28k..
    looks like it is on track the nett price of HDB re-sale to come down soon.

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