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Thread: Lilydale

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    Quote Originally Posted by phantom_opera
    pig can also fly if you got it cheap

    2012-12-18 #XX-XX 1,259sqft 669psf 2002-03-20 342psf $411,693 3,926 6.4
    I love your sentence "pig can also fly if u got it cheap". Lol

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    Any signage up already?
    I know this plot of land was reserved for foreign school but no news abt it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by acyandy
    Visited a friend in Lilydale. Opposite massive land clearing. Apparently international school coming up at the junction of ave 1 and 6
    that whole area is under massive construction from all directions... let me drive around tonight and see if there are any signages.

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    The mgmt of Lilydale issued a statement to the residents. Saw workers putting up white hoardings. Signs should be up friend in Lilydale getting all excited. The condo fully private this year.

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    I was told that GEMS education is the international school but i couldn't find any news on it. Anyone can advise?

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