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Thread: Lilydale

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    Quote Originally Posted by blackswan
    Its a very blissful place, especially with the forest opposite the estate and the sea behind the forest.

    Can jog to Yishun Dam and enjoy the view and breeze from the reservoir on one side and the sea from the other.

    If you stay high enough, the view is fantasic.
    The pool is a 50m pool (and its not in the sky).

    Too bad moved out as its getting nosier when there's more people over the years using the Seletar Camp exit/entrance and the jam when travelling down to town when using CTE.

    However, must say that after the opening of KPE and the widening of CTE, things are so much more bearable........

    I miss that place and the tranquility (yes some will say ulu, that's why tranquil)
    I have seen a unit at high floor. Excellent View.
    come join the family at

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    if you are not working and not taking care of kids, try go for a swim, then relax on the beach chair facing the forest and enjoy the wind and watching the trees sway in front........its a wonderful feeling.......

    Really can feel that you are away from the hustle and bustle of the city life.

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    Prices are increased again...

    $650k and below should get you a 3+1 unit now...

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    Seen the condo last year, wanted to buy initially but end up buying northoaks as I feel better there.

    Not sure of now as I had not visit the condo since last aug.

    First impression was paintwork old , most likely will be re-painting this year(heard every 5 years will repain for condo?)

    2. Ulu far inside yishun and not far ahead got workers night alot of pple sitting along the grass patch sia...

    Good thing shuttle bus(must hv since it is so far inside yishun)
    2.reasonable price like northoaks.

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    Thinking of buying Lilydale as my parents just stay in the HDB opposite.
    Wonder if the price is right now or is it abit on the high side?
    Would glad if anyone could share more plus and minus points about this condo...

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