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Thread: Northwood

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    Thanks for your advice. Will check it out as my boy is attending childcare centre there. Btw, use to serve NS in SBAB. Thought no flying after 8pm, but Search and Rescue operate 24/7.

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    I think this one abit hard to guage what is a good price as there are very few similar projects around. Euphony garden is 99 hard to guage...

    I may be looking for a unit here as well as we suddenly found this condo in the north...previously only knew got Seletaris and the one beside it...

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    Then why not get a unit at Seletaris? Much cheaper and freehold!

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    Prefer new...and dun really like the design for Seletaris....prefer a more modern look to the development...

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    Beside Seletaris, there is Sensoria. The main con about Seletaris is the road noise next to Gambas Ave but no Helicopter noise.

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