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Thread: The Interlace (D3, 99 years Leasehold, CapitaLand)

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    Not for me.....messy...

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    it is a 99LH

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    surrounded by AYE, major road Alexander road, Heavy vehicle park?! and industrial area?! but got lots of parks nearby.

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    Capitaland is always just as messed up. Typically not fantastic finishes and designs looked quite crap. Rivergate is another classic example. Finishes was really so-so and the odd looking grey artifacts sticking out do make it look weird too... ....

    Another capitaland product... ...

    Quote Originally Posted by kurby
    Not for me.....messy...

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    this mess of building will surely make a statement, but does making a statement mean being iconic? Not in this case I think. Buildings like these may be fresh to look at for the first couple of years, but it becomes an eyesore after some time. Remember that this condo is designed by an ang mo and they usually dont care much about orientation. The orientation and fengshui of this condo is all over the place and i dont believe Capita and Hotel have looked very much into the fengshui aspect....

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