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Thread: Seven Palms (D4, 99 years leasehold, SC Global)

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    you make sentosa buyers look stupid...

    you don't get the occasional tanker. you actually get many parked pretty close to your doorstep.

    Quote Originally Posted by jlrx
    "luxurious" is a state of the mind.

    Which view is more luxurious?

    Photo A (Sentosa Cove Sea Front House) S$ 20,000,000

    with greyish oil-stained sea water, barren islands and the occasional tanker sailing past in the background

    Photo B (Brazil Bahia Sea View Apartment) S$ 361,000

    with breath-taking panoramic view of crystal blue ocean and clear sky, historic architecture buildings perched on cliffs and yachts in the background

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    i drive a bmw 335i E93. C180/320i over mazda 6. your analogy of 99yr condo in HDB heartland is off. should be FH landed in YCK which are cheaper than FH condo in D9/10.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gfoo
    there is no point driving a luxury car that doesnt have the horsepower to match, might as well drive a picanto or perodua, unless you're chauffer driven of course. it doesnt really matter how heavy the car is, but its all abt the torque/centurysprint and handling.
    Quote Originally Posted by gfoo
    lol you certainly seem to know your cars - what do you drive?

    my point being that just as in properties, many car buyers buy into brand and perceived prestige rather than for the enjoyment of the drive. why buy a 320 or c180 when a mazda 6 is faster, better equipped and way cheaper? Unless chauffered, why even bother with a s300 when a top of the line hyundai is a plushier ride?

    same with properties - why bother to buy a 99LH condo right smack in the middle of a HDB estate?
    I mentioned fullsize but am not sure why mini (Picanto) and compact (Mazda 6) were brought in to compare. I think we should compare with the same size, e.g. Hyundai Equus or 300C with 7-series, to be fair.

    Size is different from performance. They are 2 different requirements. Please don't mix them.

    Quote Originally Posted by Reporter
    I hope the day will come for me to understand the logic. ... but then ... I think this day is unlikely to come. Meanwhile, I will just continue to stress my 6 pistons to play catch up.
    (gfoo, I've got your point but Mazda 6 2.0 is not a good example as it is slower than S300 and C180 (1.6T). Let me bring in a better example.)

    Legacy GT (2.5T AWD) is faster than C300 and so much much more cheaper. I agree totally. I don't see the logic of buying the C300. As mentioned in my last posting, I don't "understand the logic".

    And because I can't "understand the logic", the day for me to own a S65L AMG, CLK AMG DTM, Bugati Veyron will never come.

    I think we have went OB for quite a while in this thread. Let's stop discussing this car thing?

    Meanwhile, I am going to work really hard on "understanding the logic". I know you are going to say I am a fool and an idiot. I know, I know, but I really want to be a fool that own one of these no-value-for-money car. You need fools and idiots in the society so that the rest are intelligent and smart. I am willing to be that fool.

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    Definitely the brazilian seaside view looks more luxurious.

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    Quote Originally Posted by orange
    i drive a bmw 335i E93. C180/320i over mazda 6. your analogy of 99yr condo in HDB heartland is off. should be FH landed in YCK which are cheaper than FH condo in D9/10.
    kewl, you jb3ed your n54 yet?

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