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Thread: Viva Vista (D5, Freehold, Oxley)

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    Very hot n odd layout; most units either face east or west. The major Pasir Panjang Road has a lot of heavy vehicles and traffic lights. Ever since the PSA wharf was expanded and the highway was built, the entire area has changed for the worse. The only thing that saves the area is the MRT.

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    All tiny winnie units But then sure sell out wan even in 7th lunar month

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    Quote Originally Posted by devilplate
    5xxk up? psf will be 1500-1600psf.....

    is this project really walkable to haw par or pp mrt?
    smack in between pasir panjang & haw par mrt LOL

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    How come the units got big bomb shelters whose size are bigger than the toilet

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    Jesus, don't think its suitable even for couples, let alone with 1 kid. Just came back from Jakarta. Despite prices shooting up in the last few years, a 2 bedder condo with full facilities, about 1000sqf (good location) only cost SGD100K plus. The only downside is the stability of govt, potential earthquake danger and safety consideration.

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