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  1. Stricter Primary 1 priority rules for grassroots workers
  2. Brown water flows out of taps in 50 Punggol blocks
  3. Bank of England to get new powers to prevent housing market overheating
  4. Six soldiers arrested in Johor for allegedly raping 13-year-old girl
  5. WC, RTM TV1 & SH
  6. Q1 2014: Global house price boom continues
  7. Quality of new houses seems to be coming down
  8. Should HDB owners be allowed to profit off their flats?
  9. How much is you Money after 1,10,20,30 years.
  10. It's raining toys - and more at this condo backyard
  11. Question on why must pay extra $152K for BTO?
  12. Shocked that you cannot use your CPF for housing loan due to Valuation Limit? (Closed
  13. Free advice is going to cost you your entire HDB flat!
  14. 72 years old Quek Hung Heong sues family for a problem occurred when he was 25
  15. Dividend Yield Play turn out to be a disaster (as usual, nothing new under the sun)
  16. Turning to friends for advice turn out to be a bad advice
  17. Achieving sustainable financial freedom: What works and what doesn’t
  18. Dangers of please all economic
  19. Don't know what to say.
  20. JEM again!
  21. Firms struggle to reinvent marketing as DNC kicks in
  22. Interest Rate going up because oil price going up, True or False?
  23. Homeowners warm up to solar energy
  24. Fire phone
  25. SUNDAY TIMES Interesting Article: When mistrust is the new normal
  26. Property(PTE) Owners Wishlist for GE2016!
  27. what happend to condo forum
  28. $400,000 gone in a day
  29. Road in KL caved in
  30. Singaporean found dead in JB hotel room
  31. London property now 30% above 2007's peak
  32. The downside to winning all the time
  33. It's not her fault for not knowing english.
  34. The forum is up finally!!!
  36. Guaranteed rates due to GIC pooling of funds
  37. Taiwan
  38. When ABSD or TDSR is removed what will happen?
  39. An analysis of Singapore Property Prices around MRT stations
  40. Air Crashes in July 2014
  41. What is Singapore from the eye of a outsider.
  42. To Singapore Friends
  43. Flat glut: Developers grapple with unsold flats as supply goes through the roof
  44. Singapore should plan for population of 10m
  45. Do You Believe?
  46. Lousy Management Council
  47. Meet-the-Author: No B.S. Guide to Property Investment
  48. How My Parents Lost Their House
  49. Virtual Tours Helps Agents & Home Sellers Increase Enquiries!
  50. HDB resale flat prices dip for 6th straight month: SRX
  52. New National Stadium
  53. What is Money?
  54. Argument between condo residents and security guards turns ugly
  55. Condo parking row: Duo face off in court
  56. Welcome back Andy Ong
  57. Is Singapore driving away property investors?
  58. Outsource manual ads posting, brochure design with cheaper printing rate
  59. China's largest property developer says H1 profit up 34.4% y-o-y
  60. Grungy Geylang seeing new residences and businesses
  61. Fallen tree blocks off Still Road
  62. New spring coming for Jurong Lake's gardens
  63. Money Printing machine turn ON again. CM9 coming soon.
  64. Cool savings with new air-con system
  65. Another News which report what they want you to know.
  66. Property prices in HK hit new high
  67. Seven pillars of a good retirement savings system
  68. Tussle over widow's $40m assets turns ugly
  69. What I think of the property sector till end of year By Andy Ong.
  70. TOP in August 2014
  71. Carpenter Singapore - Renovation Services for your house!
  72. camera
  73. Next to go.
  74. What happen to your money after 6 years in Singapore Bank.
  76. Seeking your valuable feedback regarding Flexible Work for PMEs
  77. Educated to work for Life. Happy working till 65.
  78. Any Karaoke lovers here? K-box hacked. Member info is out in the internet
  79. China May Boost Gold Reserves Amid Imbalances in Holdings
  80. Are You Making a Huge Mistake By Upgrading Your Property?
  81. average Singaporean household earned S$10,500 a month
  82. 下南洋
  83. Alibaba
  85. Why this Ang Mo chose Singapore?
  86. More home buyers choosing to rent while waiting for prices to slide
  87. When You Turn 21 Years Old
  88. Decomposed bodies of father and son found in The Bayshore
  89. Land banking in Georgia, USA
  90. Impact of Distance-based pricing system on property prices
  91. Renovation: Wall paper
  92. Renovation: Good carpenter to recommend.
  93. Ebola
  94. Should Patrickstar be ban from this forum?
  95. Land Price.
  96. High Court rejects appeal for stiffer fine for demolition of conserved building
  97. So Sad.
  98. Garment Steamer
  99. Why most refuse to get finance education?
  100. Singapore ranks 31st for Livability in Japanese Global Power City Index
  101. The Battle for Merger - foreword from Singapore's founding father
  102. Ben Bernanke Net Worth
  103. Median size of new sales continues to shrink in H1
  104. Gold
  105. How much money is enough in Taiwan ?
  106. Furniture for tenants
  107. 5 Major Facts about Singapore that every Singaporean should understand
  108. Lay Off
  109. Hong Kong leader says poor would dominate free vote
  110. How Markets Need $200 Billion Each Quarter From Central Bankers
  111. Famous architect: This is the hardest place to work
  112. Taiwan Rich man life more precious than normal Taiwanese.
  113. The Art of Financial planning
  114. S'pore-KL high-speed rail: 7 stops in Malaysia
  115. A Mystery Bidder Offers $3 Million for 6,000 of Detroit's Worst Homes
  116. Haunted condominium
  117. Time to reduce Residential housing and move on to infrastructure.Time wait for no Man
  118. Snake Oil for sale
  119. Youngsters can never reach Minumum Sum
  120. 'Melbourne's tallest tower' piques buyers' interest
  121. What is deflation, why 2 % inflation.
  122. Why Singapore Tallest building getting taller.
  123. SCDF rescues suicidal naked woman from Cube8
  124. Fundamentally the CPF is more a savings plan, not really an investment plan.
  125. Chronicle Of Singapore (50 Years Of Headline News) 1959 - 2009
  126. China Property Vancacy Rate Reaches 23% - the highest in the world
  127. 100 years later are we better off
  128. Jurong Lake Gardens to be 'immediate focus' for redevelopment of Jurong Lake District
  129. Hotel maid allegedly caught on camera poking through guest’s valuables
  130. 96-hours Visa Free Transit Facilities (VFTF)
  131. Capital in the Twenty-First Century
  132. How To Become A Millionaire By Age 30
  133. Punggol Masterplan
  134. Singaporeans Share Some of Their Worst Money Fears and it’s Not Pretty
  135. 五分鐘看懂美國國債危機
  136. Ang Mo like to spray Singapore Train.
  137. Japanese give the Chinese in Asia a new life.
  138. Professor Niall Ferguson - The Descent of Money
  139. Losers and winners
  140. Singapore property will be cheaper after the MS high-speed rail link project T or F?
  141. 6 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Investing in Property
  142. Developers concerned about home vacancy rates: REDAS
  143. How To Get Very Rich By Investing In Real Estate
  144. HOTA Witness
  146. Ringgit slumps to 10-month low against Singdollar
  147. Blacklisted Agents
  148. The making of Taiwan New president.
  149. Spanish tycoon pays S$4,100-plus psf for pair of Seven Palms Sentosa Cove units
  150. What is a “Meaningful”Correction of Property Prices?
  151. 7 criteria for evaluating a seller agent
  152. TOP in Nov
  153. Why Oil Price Must Stay Low
  154. Warehouse sales
  155. Taiwan cheap labor
  156. Owners in the West beware!!
  157. Property Law
  158. Interest Rate will raise, when I don't know.
  159. Oil
  160. Singapore property so cheap.
  161. Singapore Revealed
  162. The Singapore NIMBY Syndrome
  163. Project Jewel Singapore @ Changi Airport
  164. TOP in Dec 2014
  165. Investing in Europe?
  166. RIP Ringo33...
  167. RIP RINGO33
  168. Stop at 2 campaign posters from the 1960s and 1970s
  169. ECB Executive Board’s QE Proposal Calls for Roughly €50 Billion in Bond Buys Per mth
  170. What happen when you have Deflation.
  172. Significant Singapore News
  173. Shame on you Ringo33 !! - ( Beware of CONDOSINGAPORE.COM )
  174. Questionnaire on Short-Term Stays
  175. GEM
  176. Regulators is Jayden Lim
  177. TOP in Jan 2015
  178. How Private Property Widens Singapore’s Income Gap.
  179. Management Council vs Town Council- Who regulates/oversees/audits them?
  180. Prayer for PM Lee Hsien Loong
  181. An open declaration of love on Valentine’s Day
  182. What the CPF Minimum Sum Changes Really Mean for You
  183. The ones that started: The real Singapore forum
  184. Rental Scammer
  185. Too Aggresive Advertisements are Killing this Forum?
  186. How low the COE price will go?
  187. Property For First Time Buyers
  188. EcoHouse boss: I will not apologise
  189. Singapore Budget 2015
  190. HDB
  191. How long can we stop them. China
  192. Alkaline Water
  193. Welcome to China, if you can go back alive and well.
  194. TOP in Feb 2015
  195. When people have enough bull SHIT.
  196. Why Building Equity at the Expense of Liquidity Can Lead to Bankruptcy
  197. Singapore spending billions of reserves to prop up S$ currency
  198. IRAS - Auto Fill
  199. How Much Are You Willing to Pay for Cat A COE?
  200. Control Measure
  201. So happy to rent a place.
  202. How to increase your wealth
  203. Song for our founding father, Lee Kuan Yew
  204. History always repeat itself.
  205. Don't blame ABSD for overseas property buys
  206. The Two Big Lies of Type 2 Diabetes
  207. Food
  208. 小红点 (新加坡) Little Red Dot (Singapore). 向李光耀致敬 - 白振华. Tribute to Lee Kuan Yew
  209. How to Bring Short Term Landlords To Task
  210. TOP in March 2015
  211. Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB)
  212. 宋鸿兵 《解说货币战争》
  214. Shit Hit The Fence OR Shit Hits The Fan?
  215. Who will you chose Susan, Bill and Chris, and also why?
  216. Safer Internet Day 2015 - Let's create a better internet together
  217. 1st Thoughts '24 Hour Security'
  218. Reits Thread
  219. LPG Gas / Safety Regulator / Rubber Hose- Pricing
  220. "Full deduction" from HDB when purchasing flat is BEST option?
  221. Spend time to think how to save or think how to make more money.
  222. New international schools for Singapore as expat population surges
  223. TOP in April 2015
  224. High Speed Rail Terminal Site - Jurong East
  225. Simei Green Spitting saga
  226. Factors to consider when investing in property
  227. What To Expect On UK Property Market After 2015 Election Result
  228. Grab your SG 50 - NDP Singapore 2015 tickets now
  229. Jurong Country Club acquired For High Speed Rail Terminus
  230. The Kra Canal
  231. Lights supplier/contractor
  232. China's property sector haunted by ghost towns
  233. Investors caught in '$60m ponzi scam'
  234. 60 year balance.
  235. What do you foresee?
  236. 26 MAY 2015 >>> 3-month Sibor down 20% from April high
  237. Keep HDB for rental or Sell HDB and buy condo
  238. What is the percentage of THP do you save?
  239. HDB invisible control measure.
  240. Who print my money ?
  241. Rental Increase
  242. Oversea Condo.
  243. TOP in May 2015
  244. He finds 'treasure' in TreeBox after a dream job
  245. Current Market Rate For Condominium Cleaner / Caretaker Pay
  246. Singapore surprised by Malaysian transport agency stating preference to end high-spee
  247. Buy US property.
  248. Durian like that how to drop.
  249. One stone kill a number of bird if you know how.
  250. Anything but Swiss