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  1. Some Singaporean thinking is weird.
  2. Flip up space saving tables?
  3. Being a parent is a lucrative job
  5. Seeing the light
  6. when a man loves another man....
  7. More people using Samsung, Iphone golden era gone?
  8. From another forum - a user say he can never retire in sg...
  9. Why do chinese LOVE gambling..
  10. Singaporeans need $2.91 million to feel wealthy.
  11. Who say we don't print money.
  12. Community Service Part X of X: The CaeSars
  13. Save the Earth
  14. No more old school
  15. The Perfect Income for Happiness? Try $161,000
  16. if you looking for new home
  17. How you will Handle..??
  18. Peter Lim building $1.2b race track in Iskandar
  19. Where to buy Lego sets at a good price?
  21. Dream Moods
  22. Best place to buy property in Asia
  23. AAPL Suffers Biggest Market Cap Loss Ever
  24. wtf! [video] The real life being a Singaporean
  25. anyone here trade china stock market?
  26. When parents give away their money too early
  27. The Perfect Storm
  28. Singapore property will be up some 8% by 2017 - Credit Suisse
  29. Should bus fares go up in order to pay for higher wages?
  30. S'poreans protest recent labour action by Chinese workers
  31. Anybody been to legoland...
  32. Where is fastest rich world inflation??
  33. Must try food in Hongkong
  34. Samsung Galaxy S4
  35. QE4 is coming?
  36. Inflation gogo?
  37. STI at 16m high
  38. Would CPF SMRA be pegged to 10y SGS bond yield + 1 soon?
  39. What to look for when purchasing a Refrigerator
  40. You want to retire? better buy only 3r HDB
  41. Amazing rental of small 1br in OCR
  42. Top up SA, SRS to save $$
  43. Escalation history of Tanah Merah land bids
  44. wah piang! Holy! SAF regular 'loses both legs, arm': report
  45. Goldman sees stronger SGD and STI to close at 3500 end of 2013
  46. Breaking: Michael Palmer resigns as Speaker of Parliament and the PAP.
  47. How much benefits can u get when u are jobless with 2 kids in UK?
  48. Singapore will be ruined by youngsters
  49. Fed boosts QE and ties rates to unemployment level
  50. Inflation estimated at 4.7% in 2012, high inflation will continue in 2013
  51. The tripolar world
  52. Chinese buying US properties
  53. Employment: attitude vs performance
  54. To All The Jobless Souls Out There
  55. Teo Ser Luck: "My wife had a good laugh at the comments of the photos"
  56. Gunman kills 26 in US school shooting
  57. Is trust = stock?
  58. Forum Experts Roll Call
  59. Condo X-Factors Nomination
  60. IRAS is after you
  61. Do you think land price has peaked in this cycle?
  62. How vulnerable is singapore..?
  63. Additional income
  64. Scenario Planning X
  66. The next massive money printing is coming
  67. will a day come when all foreigners stop renting & start buying
  68. S&P500 chart adjusted for declining USD against major currencies
  69. The tomb and the skyscraper
  70. read this on facebook
  71. Bees attack eight passengers on Sentosa chairlift
  72. Do you think we should take in Burmese refugees in that ship?
  73. ‘Singlish’ video made in US goes viral
  74. Why US bank stocks are hitting 52w high?
  75. New Launch: Galaxy Grand @ Ss Street
  76. Gold
  77. Singapore vs Thailand - place your bets!
  78. River Valley High principal assisting in CPIB investigation
  79. My wife is Briefing my NEW maid..
  80. Stiff competitions ahead in mfg next year
  81. COE chart
  82. MP Baey Yam keng's wife
  83. Do Singaporean girlfriends behave like this?
  84. I am thinking of forming a XXX SPECULATOR club
  85. Thought it is end of the world?
  86. Singapore is most emotionless and least positive country
  87. Would fiscal cliff end it all?
  88. Laguna is Mrs Yap
  89. How Dow Jones will close tonight?
  90. Petition to remove the thread on Laguna
  91. Petition to remove the thread on Laguna
  92. How to safeguard your online privacy (bare minimum)
  93. Required Medisave (the untouchable) amount increased from 2013 ( up 20%)
  94. Why many forumers buy OCR instead of CCR?!
  95. How Infamous Short-Seller Carson Block Can Take On The Singaporean Government And Win
  96. Guess where is this beautiful landed prop
  97. Here's Why You Should Not Believe Everything You Read in Online Forum
  98. wendytan
  99. Read This?
  100. Business
  101. Christmas Price Index
  102. Can BOJ stay independent from politics?
  103. Merry Christmas to all
  104. internet is a sick place..
  105. A new paradigm in China
  106. Why is my lawyer taking forever to lodge caveats?
  107. What gadget did you buy for XMAS ?
  108. The next easing will come from Europe?
  109. China Wanke planning HK listing
  110. Rice farmers will be driving Mercedes soon?
  111. Prediction for Echelon sales till Sunday
  112. Real income of citizens rose 1%
  113. Who has a double/triple Nick PLEASE STAND up
  114. Just now i found an Ipone 5...
  115. Preference Shares
  116. 10 things that parents should never say to their children
  117. Hidden slums of Singapore revealed
  118. Property KaiSer
  119. With Echelon's roaring success, property market price in 2013 will chiong or not?
  120. 20 Tips for Better Sleep
  121. Private message
  122. Forum Etiquette
  123. google vs microsoft: who will win in few years time ??...
  124. Singapore 2018
  125. My Ageing Body
  126. 2013 Happy New Year!
  127. Hawker Centres At Bedok North and Changi Village Reopen For Business On 1 Jan 2013
  128. 1m HDB coming to Tampines
  129. Yeah !! sgp in recession liow !!
  130. Tonight is the night!!!
  131. Let's Make calls for Year 2013
  132. Temasek performance tracking thread
  133. How to be happier in life.
  134. USA Stocks expert.. qn about fiscal cliff
  135. Let's Game......
  136. Owning a home unattainable for many Taiwanese
  137. Police arrest 13-year-old who threatened to bomb MBS
  138. When Virtual Friends become Real
  139. 2012 HDB resale the royals
  140. How to convince the wife?
  141. Invest in Malaysia Property.
  142. Spring Cleaning
  143. Spanish used CPF to fund government debt
  144. Bernanke the Decepticon Helicopter
  145. Pimco: the world largest mutual fund
  146. Runaway brides
  147. American colleage tuition fee and student loan
  148. I notice one potential violence trait.. - that is being drunk
  149. Dalai Lama, when asked what surprised him most about humanity, he said:
  150. How will your daily routine be like after you hit your target passive income?
  151. i google 'bucket list' and this blog caught my attention...
  152. DBSS The Peak Quality problem
  153. Oldies 老歌
  154. 有点心酸
  155. favorite food
  156. Reining in the healthcare inflation beast
  157. Japan to buy European bonds to weaken JPY
  158. Iphone GPS
  159. Which GEN you are in? and what happens to our GEN Y
  160. Punggol East by-election on 26 Jan
  161. $92,100 COE
  162. What is affordable?
  163. Need help peeps
  164. Shares are flying...everything will go UP
  165. Delicious Kitchenette Design (Photo Contest)
  166. Schroder Singapore Trust Class A
  167. A platinum solution to fiscal woes: $1 trillion coin
  168. Schroder Asian Income SGD Class
  169. COE revamp suggestions
  170. LUCK and life and investments
  171. New Record for CondoSingapore?
  172. Low interest rate is the Death Star - when would it be destroyed
  173. Be prepared for Trio, Quadrupia, PentaKey Units
  174. Retirement Plan
  175. Take a break
  176. Roly8 - where r u?
  177. Any of u can see things?
  178. Property Fengshui Services
  179. BoE warns against risky investing amid weak recovery
  180. Samsung Youm Flexible Displays
  181. CaseTrust Accreditation for Renovation Companies
  182. Eats, Shoots & Lives - Property Investment for the Everyday Foodie
  183. I have a feeling of being cheated
  184. S&P 500 hitting a five-year intraday high
  185. FD in foreign currencies
  186. Wonder if anyone in this forum realise that I am a DID
  187. Is this the work-life balance you want?
  188. SG productivity growth flat in 2012
  189. New Songs
  190. Govt unveils new incentives in Marriage & Parenthood package
  191. Touching video
  192. Touching Video 2...
  193. Bank of Japan adopts 2% inflation target, open-ended easing
  194. Punggol East Election Discussion Thread
  195. English Music Videos in the 80s and 90s
  196. Economic Recovery in 2013
  197. Singapore is JAM city..
  198. Singaporean these days are just a whining bunch?
  199. Different species of dinosaurs gone extinct differently....
  200. Steady rise in government data requests: Google
  201. M$ in talks with investors on Dell buyout
  202. The JB Retirement Plan
  203. In China, signs that one-child policy may be coming to an end
  204. You guys got any good solutions to this problem ??..
  205. Hacking and installing marble tiles
  206. Punggol by-election thread closed by admin???
  207. The thing I should not have done today....
  208. Freak election result, Shaken confidence
  209. Investors confidence is very important. Do not underestimate it.
  210. You want to be a socialist? First make money.
  211. Koi Fish
  212. Why Sg will be hottest city in Asia for young high flying family
  213. CMs may be bad for buyers who procrastinate
  214. Reason on why do we need 6.9m?
  215. How to tell my tenant off
  216. Zeamy Bro...for you...
  217. Thinking of open a china bank account in shenzhen..
  218. 我们在这儿拜年!
  219. Hong Kong property price index hit new high
  220. 6.9m is coming. STI will hit new high.
  221. QE and Viagra
  222. 6.9 million population a worst case scenario: Khaw *
  223. Calculate your retirement expenses
  224. Qn for Parliament 4 Feb 2013
  225. 潘安邦 , singer of 「外婆的澎湖灣」 passed away
  226. Look What You Can Do With a 420 Sq Ft Apartment!
  227. Bond yield normalization thread
  228. PAP historical demographic prediction
  229. Multi-storey home without lift - y u buy?
  230. The truth is out there ...M3 growth and immigration is correlated
  231. Following NTUC, Argentina Freezes Supermarket Prices To Halt Soaring Inflation
  232. Andy Xie: On implications of strengthening Dollar
  233. Just print money and increase wages to prosperity
  234. Happiest People in Singapore - People whose properties are about to TOP?
  235. see alot of netizens very angry with govt ..but who can be better ?
  236. In the event Singapore system collapse who would suffer most?
  237. World faces ageing population time bomb says UN
  238. Below-trend growth, above-trend inflation for Singapore in 2013
  239. HDB does not have the legal authority to impose any “special levy”?
  240. Over the past 10 years, 18,000 singles aged between 35 and 40 bought HDB resale flats
  242. Why Singaporeans don’t want kids
  243. Spain Property Bubble
  244. The singaporean dream
  245. Forget about politic or brick talk.. let's discuss steamboat..- a popular makan sessi
  246. HDB Sublet
  247. Happy New Year to all friends here!
  248. Singles Activities during CNY
  249. Centralised Schools
  250. *** DENGUE CASE NEW HIGH *** - community service alert