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  1. Rents of high-end homes to dip further
  2. Some interesting articles (real estates)...
  3. Freehold Penthouse vs Leasehold landed, your choice?
  4. Private home sales in Q2 rise 21.6%
  5. Real estate sector in for a correction?
  6. More units cranked out as home sizes shrink
  7. Some property sites pack them in, some leave more breathing space
  8. Condo's buyers list litany of complaints
  9. Some homes still fetch good rental yields
  10. Rents of high-end homes to dip further
  11. To buy or not to buy, that is the question
  12. Home in on style
  13. Luxury homes go off the boil across region
  14. Lower risk of Government intervention
  15. Are forecasts based on fundamentals or sentiment?
  16. Real-estate industry not for the faint-hearted
  17. Wild stock market swings and property
  18. Are private home prices in for a correction?
  19. Are rules on foreign purchases inevitable?
  20. Home buyers defy hungry ghost taboo
  21. Minor works which do not required BCA approval
  22. DC rates seen rising but at slower pace [29Aug2011]
  23. mrt system change the value of our estates?
  24. Singapore Set New Property Record
  25. My next door unit has been Vacant for months
  26. so-so bids for the newly released residential sites
  27. Adding name to property
  28. Tender for condo site at Punggol reflects developer cautiousness
  29. Freehold bargains still around
  30. Tanglin View vs Queens
  31. Will there be an oversupply in OCR Condos?
  32. Property owners of year 2010 onwards
  33. 3 bids received for Upper Serangoon Rd land parcel
  34. Meyer Rd project coming soon
  35. Weekend launches off to a good start
  36. Property agents in deed but not in name
  37. Brisk home sales lift market mood
  38. “Hungry” developers to launch new condos
  39. Many years ago i try to become agent....
  40. Global Orion unveils second residential project
  41. TOP date
  42. calls for 'timely review' of property tightening measures
  43. Chinese buyers eye S'pore property
  44. When will we see a significant price correction .... or wont we ?
  45. Sales update: The Meyerise is now more than 40% sold
  46. SJ Capital’s Jool Suites is slow to sell remaining units
  47. August 2011 Developer's Sales
  48. Government Land Sales Programme - Launch of Tender for Private Residential Developmen
  49. Cooling measures won't slow property demand: CapitaLand Residential
  50. SJ Capital defends “slower-than-expected” sales performance of Jool Suites
  51. Property Analyst VS Financial Analyst??
  52. Case study: Sell or rent out the current property
  53. MRT vs Location
  54. no D24 private properties?
  55. low psf of cluster housing
  56. Condo ground floor units with patio
  57. The property crash that will never come:
  58. Home loans may creep up next year
  59. $100k per month rental for Bungalow
  60. Sign of Property Cooling?
  61. 2013/4 oversupply? just do not have that feeling leh…
  62. Is it possible to request the developer not to install certain fittings?
  63. New Homes price index drops!
  64. Immigration will prevent fall in housing prices’
  65. Private property demand to remain high despite global slowdown
  66. Top winners in Condo SG Forum!!!! Check this out!
  67. Atrix at Aljunied almost sold out in two weeks
  68. What would you buy with $10m
  69. No QE3 - will the property party end?
  70. Townhouse and Landed house
  71. House Numbers ??
  72. Poll on rental sentiments
  73. NUS SPRI Index for Jul & Aug both flat, so 2011Q3 will be toppish? and down soon?
  74. Singapore Developers Go All Out to Woo Chinese Home Buyers
  75. Advice on purchase
  76. The S’porean buyer and the S$1m OCR home
  77. is remaining lease important for rental yield calculation?
  78. What makes homebuyers go nuts over far-flung properties?
  79. HDB resale prices up while pte property moderates
  80. Time to relook property cooling measures
  81. In today mkt...1mil property how much to offer
  82. Vibes at East Coast sold out in four months
  83. The hunt is on for the last buyers of two new condos launched over six months ago
  84. Capitaland launching Bedok Mrt Development
  85. Leasehold near MRT or freehold far from MRT..wats ur choice?
  86. Auction sales at lowest level since Q1 2009: JLL
  87. Good reception seen for mixed use site in Bukit Panjang
  88. The MRT effect
  89. Worry more about risk levels and less about supply
  90. Private housing market continues to surprise
  91. Oversupply risks in Outside Central Region
  92. The S'porean buyer and the S$1m OCR home
  93. Property outlook? You are all alone
  94. Foreign ownership rules: When the Government intervenes ...
  95. CDL launching a condo site next to Choa Chu Kang MRT
  96. HDB upgraders set pace in private property market
  97. Warning: Less home purchases may mean home buyers paying premiums for their only prop
  98. Locals form over 80% of private home buyers, foreign ownership up
  99. No sign of slowdown in private home buying
  100. Four land parcels to be released this month
  101. CEA clamps down on errant estate agencies and agents
  102. Not time yet to remove cooling measures: Khaw
  103. Koh Brothers' $163m tops bids for Flora Drive site
  104. Govt monitoring foreign buying of private homes
  105. CEA charges 2nd unregistered agent
  106. Have property, may not profit
  107. Private housing takes off in Punggol
  108. Regent Residences 70% sold in less than a week
  109. Living with Indian Neighbours
  110. Just signed a new TA, should I sell? or collect rental?
  111. Master Bedrooms Advertised as Studio apartments. #$%^&*
  112. following condos, new HDB also very MickeyMouse Size liow...
  113. What do they have in common?
  114. Lower supply drives up resale flat prices
  115. Are shophouses getting their grooves back?
  116. since when 1% com. applies to buyer for private property @hdb pricing?
  117. Property price is coming down fast
  118. Buyers Still Warm to Singapore's Luxury Property Market
  119. Turf City
  120. URA releases 'white site' for sale at Marina Bay area
  121. single high-end, or multiple less quality assets? you prefer which?
  122. Found Good Lobangs? Share here?
  123. analysis of alexis caveat lodged.
  124. IF SG Property price down 50%, which condo u want to buy?
  125. Mass-market home prices rise above froth
  126. More foreign buyers of private homes in Q3
  127. Developers' property market confidence takes a hit in Q3
  128. URA releases Marina Bay white site on reserve list
  129. Growth in S'pore pte home prices slows further
  130. Private property speculators in retreat
  131. Buffet of new homes
  132. Home sales unlikely to beat last year's high
  133. Buying Properties In Malaysia
  134. Mortgage loan for overseas property
  135. Bedok reservior...bad omen...for property
  136. How much Capital Gain Tax You are Willing to Pay?
  137. Don't sell your HDB flat, Mr Lee tells resident
  138. 2+study vs compact 3?
  139. A good way to benchmark RESALE condo market
  140. Singapore Masterplan in year 2050
  141. Nice article
  142. ex hdb flat for sale 1.6 million???
  143. Robbie Fowler - A Property Tycoon
  144. Any bro ever stay old walkup apt at east coast?
  145. Any bro tenancy got cancelled cos he ask for higher rental...
  146. Ground floor unit with PES
  147. Kitchen with no windows
  148. Smaller flats have not lowered quality of life: HDB CEO
  149. Property Guru Newspaper
  150. Private residential purchases by ‘Company’ moderates in 2011
  151. Can home swaps work in Singapore?
  152. trival - balcony, planter box, bay window
  153. Hey, How you guys define "afford-able" ??
  154. 2011 Oct TOP
  155. What do you all think of strata houses built in the same development as condo?
  156. Benchmark for monthly ‘healthy’ or ‘robust’ home sales needs redefinition
  157. What is the best way to grow your money from 100k to 2m
  158. How do people afford D15 HUGE landed...?
  159. An entire nation held hostage by the property market
  160. Temasek Holdings remain bullish?
  161. Can China become bankrupt?
  162. Is FEO controlling prices in Katong?
  163. Today i met my agent...
  164. Enbloc windfall
  165. 19/11/11 Condo Buffet
  166. 10 tips on investing in property...
  167. Housing market set for prolonged downturn: Daiwa
  168. How much drop do u expect in next 24 mths
  169. Not Firesale but actual fire
  170. PSFPP new indicator of living space?
  171. Two-thirds of previewed Palette units snapped up
  172. Dip in Oct home sales not seen as sign of softening
  173. Milton Close plot draws top bid of $138.9m
  174. Ho Bee in no hurry to get residential sites
  175. Latest sale sets another peak at The Marq
  176. Property deals, loans feel effect of Jan measures
  177. The case for curbs on foreign property buyers
  178. New home sales slide 15% in Oct
  179. Building of NSE may hurt prices of nearby properties
  180. The big draw of old Tiong Bahru
  181. Supplies, supplies, supplies!
  182. Measures to Improve the Living Environment for Non-Landed Residential Estates
  183. Renting for 3 Bedroom in East Coast
  184. Singapore's pte property landscape in 2020
  185. Rise in building vacancy signals risky year ahead for the non-residential property
  186. Bleak Outlook for Singapore property
  187. for now,... what strategy?
  188. Buy EC or buy private condo
  189. Marbles dropping sound
  190. Should i forgo my booking fees in DBSS?
  191. How best to prudently invest $2m in properties.
  192. Is it ok i use the condo facilities while still renting out?
  193. Refuse Removal Fee
  194. Studio room in 4 room dual key, useful?
  195. Should I wait for next offer?
  196. Change property ownership from joint owner to single owner
  197. Property with shops below on ground floor
  198. What u all think of this kind of bidding of developers?
  199. can amend tenancy agreement?
  200. Penang properties anyone ??
  201. Will this spread to the property mkt...
  202. new cooling measures effective 8dec 2011
  203. What developers do or will do post 8 Dec 2011 CM
  204. No end to cooling measures! SG property to crash 50%!!!
  205. Condensation on marble flooring?
  206. Anybody attending free seminar by ascendas reit...
  207. UOL, SingLand sell over 100 units at Archipelago condo preview
  208. Sim Lian tops bids for Bt Panjang site
  209. Property sector seen more resilient than in 2008/09
  210. YTL's S'pore project sale likely from H12012
  211. High-end home deals fewer this year: study
  212. Far East sells 34 units of The Scotts Tower
  213. Alexandra site draws top bid of $396m
  214. Developers fear impact of targeted stamp duty
  215. Govt to release smaller supply of residential land in H1 2012
  216. Luxury developers may be hit most
  217. Home prices to fall 20%: Morgan Stanley
  218. Harsh property cooling measures; slowdown in private property expected
  219. UBS sees more downside to property on gov't new cooling measures
  220. Daiwa sees home prices falling 22-26% from end-2011 to end-2014
  221. British property entrepreneur eyeing S'pore luxury market
  222. CEA spells out rules for queues in condo launches
  223. Private homes launched may hit 10-year high
  224. Complaints of misleading property ads on the rise
  225. 8 Dec 2011: Property ads drastically less since last night
  226. Hefty stamp duty hike targets foreign buyers
  227. 14,100 potential private homes under GLS 1H2012
  228. First-timers cheer move; others get cold feet
  229. Developers say: Mass-market and luxury homes 'will all be hit'
  230. A taste of NY and London in Hillview Ave
  231. Residential site tender draws massive 22 bids Posted: 08 December 2011 1951 hrs
  232. What is IAS, DPS and LTV ?
  233. Property measures: Why industry players were not consulted
  234. Citizens of five countries unaffected by new ruling
  235. Message to Singapore Developers from 神龙股圣
  236. Pros & Cons of 20yr Old Condo
  238. In the light of CM5, how many percent correction are you expecting in the next 24mths
  239. Studios pricing
  240. Message to current property owners (with more than 3 properties )
  241. Property Market is Steady and Healthy Poon Pi Pi !
  242. 2011 may be another shoebox units record sales year
  243. Impact of the ABSD
  244. To be or Not to be. That is a BASIC question.
  245. Just MRT breakdown again and again
  246. Is buying from subsale a better value proposition?
  247. Property prices except landed will still go up
  248. ANY FIRESALE???
  249. Property price will stay in a tight range in next 5y
  250. Can HDB + Pte owner still buy new Pte home?