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  1. Singapore Property MArket is holding well !
  2. why nobody believe me that 2012 is a
  3. Very frustrating market...
  4. What if the developer missed the TOP date?
  5. U.S. Housing Starts Jump 9.3%, SG Housing to Jump if not for CM5
  6. Average condo size used in GLS calibration shrinks again
  7. New cooling measures: Shifting the goalposts
  8. Private property prices may slide in next 6 months
  9. Much ado about nothing
  10. Cooling measures bite market segments differently
  11. As long as rental can hold prices WONT drop
  12. Government Land Sales
  13. Non-residential properties the next alternative?
  14. New URA regulation on land use (23 Nov 2011)
  15. Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year
  16. Rent my HDB and stay in condo
  17. Homes too expensive...
  18. Property Market Sentiments 2012
  19. MM projects during festive seasons
  20. Haw Par Villa
  21. No. of non-MM Resale pvt property you can get today for S$600K and below? 0
  22. Two new projects attracting S'pore buyers
  23. URA releases 3 plots; can yield 1,325 units
  24. A report card on the property market
  25. A tale of two cities
  27. Loan redemption
  28. PROPERTY PRICES...up UP/down DOWN? Bulls, bears, fence sitter NEWS ALERT good/bad !!!
  29. Corporate or Personal Lease - any issues?
  30. BIG mismatch in URA caveats and PROPguru pricing..
  31. Today i went for my last viewing of 2011...
  32. Permit for shifting furnitures
  33. Pinnacle @ Duxton, Landmark Public Housing or Speculation?
  34. Did Mah consult developers?
  35. Any way to find last transacted price of landed..
  36. Early Termination of Tenancy Agreement
  38. What you need to know more about the new conditions for industrial developments
  39. Redas, industry studying cooling measures: sources
  40. Property auctions market stabilising in Q4, says JLL
  41. Shoebox apartment prices continue dipping in Nov
  42. How long will ABSD stay in the market?
  43. Q4 growth in S'pore pte home prices up 0.2%
  44. Slow rise in resale prices of private homes
  45. All 338 units sold at Far East's The Tennery
  46. Cooling measures may boost rental market
  47. Far East sells 225 The Hillier homes
  48. Everyday talk about property NOT sian...
  49. Condo below 1Mil..3 bedder...freehold..838 for sale
  50. 2011 Dec TOP list
  51. hdb 99yr lease
  52. 4pm Today important indicator for prop mkt...
  53. Home prices sputter, poised to fall this year
  54. Developers launch a slew of projects before CNY
  55. Private home prices may have peaked
  56. CM6 is still possible
  57. Some return units to developers
  58. interest rates going up...
  59. Hey, how you guys intend to fight back all the CMxx ??.. keep coming horů
  60. How is the rental MKT..any bro got problem renting ur apt?
  61. MMs have a bright future
  62. Yet Another pessimistic view of the prop mkt..
  63. Curbs on property, foreign workers to stay: economist
  64. Some return units to developers, fearing price dip
  65. Luxury home market faces oversupply
  66. Potong Pasir HUDC blocks set to go private
  67. Who bought during end 2008/2009 & what are you doing with it now?
  68. What sort of price appreciation?
  69. Lessons from Tiny Tower
  70. Hong Leong submits top bid for government land site
  71. New BTO flats are getting cheaper???
  72. A planter question: from the handsome man
  73. All eyes on GLS tenders for condo sites
  74. KSH Holdings wins $110m condo contract
  75. Condo plot draws lower top bid as caution prevails
  76. Showflats still busy, but sales slower
  77. Cautious bidding for Mt Vernon site
  78. Anybody here ever lost $$$ in property...
  79. worst layout condo, apartment
  80. ABSD: Questions that beg for answers
  81. What property are you AIMING for??
  82. Singapore Concept Plan 2011
  83. Should we sell now while the price is still high?
  84. Why now sell not yet TOP condos if prices are to go up?
  85. What Actions to Take if Owners Are not paying Management Fees
  86. Think Twice before you buy a MM for own stay
  87. hey, how much paper gain for your assets in yr 2011?
  88. Grade B Guard
  89. How useful are CCTV cameras for condo project?
  90. Ideas for covering up bathroom windows
  91. Clementi condo site attracts top bid of $408m
  92. Three-quarters of Far East's The Hillier sold
  93. Condo sues neighbouring project over flood damage
  94. Private homes sales fell 62.9% in December
  95. Home buyers turn cautious
  96. What isnthe price difference between HK and SG property prices?
  97. Rental Scam
  98. Clarifications on ABSD
  99. >5 /10 yr old project prices go down faster
  100. MPs get extra $20k/month on top of $15k for grassroot work?
  101. fiRST AGM
  102. Monthly Mainteinance fee or condo..
  103. Watertown....overwhelming response...price cut??
  104. Burden of ABSD weighs down Dec home sales
  105. Showflat not ready, but buyers lap up Watertown
  106. Govt will continue to release GLS sites: Khaw
  107. Kovan residential site draws top bid of $194.6m
  108. Govt releases 2 residential sites, can yield 805 units
  109. Private home sales slide in December
  110. Far East: Cooling steps may need tweaking
  111. Fellow Lion brothers and sisters:
  112. New life for a dusty gem
  113. Undue focus on foreign purchasers
  114. Honestly CM got NO effect...
  115. Help needed - Moving to Singapore
  116. What will CM6 be like.....??
  117. Dispose off HDB?
  118. Govt Next Target will be HDB market..
  119. Question for Private apartment/condo - how to deal with Water seepage issue?
  120. Loan's interest rate going up!
  121. Thinking ahead, what other novel developments will be a hit?
  122. good news to hear during cny
  123. Individual Vs Company buying residential property
  124. 2012 TOP projects
  125. Leaking in upper unit
  126. Why we need to Real Estate Agent.....
  127. Roof top intruders
  128. Plenty of sales at Watertown over CNY break
  129. More property launches on the way
  130. Over 90% of units sold in Watertown picked up by S'poreans
  131. Mass market prices to correct by mid-year
  132. Private property prices and rentals at standstill
  133. URA gives nod to slew of projects
  134. More units of Parc Rosewood snapped up
  135. Khaw asks CEA to 'press ahead' on several fronts
  136. Home prices slip 0.8% m/m in Dec
  137. New home sales garner bigger slice of private market
  138. Record number of homes to be built, further easing prices
  139. Record 45,000 leases signed but rent hikes ease
  140. Investors may shun property for stocks
  141. I think I know why the new launches at OCR are selling well...
  142. Diplomatic Clause
  143. Small apartment prices climb 11.8% in 2011
  144. BBR struggles to sell high-end residential apartments
  145. Developers may have sold 1,700-1,800 private homes in Jan
  146. Fewer foreigners buying private homes in S'pore
  147. Most complaints against property agents resolved
  148. Fall in resale prices of homes in Dec
  149. Offset on stamp duty 'not wrong'
  150. Choice Jervois Rd plot draws 17 bids, topped by SingLand
  151. Stamp duty query
  152. Selection of which ID to engage
  153. Fixing toilet water tap
  154. where do you setup the funeral if the person stay in condo?
  155. Property price is definitely coming down NOW as reported
  156. Developers set for more launches
  157. New sale conditions favour buyers
  158. ABSD only a temporary deterrent: consultants
  159. Brisk sales at Tampines Trilliant and Parc Rosewood launches
  160. Fresh property curbs not expected
  161. Residential property prices ripe for correction: Credo
  162. ABSD may deter some foreign players
  163. Foreigners buy a third of private homes
  164. 'More S'pore properties in KL cows-and-condos scandal'
  165. Private-property prices fall sharply in core area
  166. During your warranty period, what are the "typical defects" to look out for?
  167. Rental potential of condo penthouse..
  168. Today buy decent condo...NO 1 million No talk..
  169. ID/Contractor for space planning ?
  170. PC is "cheaper" than HDB
  171. Buy High and Sell Low
  172. Its the weekend whos going viewing...
  173. Ceiling height
  174. What kind of circumtances can we take up two loans?
  175. Political wards are known to affect prices of HDB what about PCs?
  176. If wife is sole hdb owner, spouse also cannot buy condo?r
  177. Will current Share BULL mkt affect prop prices..
  178. Bedok South Ave 3 site attracts 7 bids
  179. Developer sentiment weakens: poll
  180. Feedback on CEA gets Khaw's ear
  181. Home prices go up, but sizes go down
  182. Capitaland expects latest cooling measures to hold back buyers for 6 months
  183. Demand for new private residential properties up sharply in January
  184. The ONLY thing that will KILL property prices is...
  185. Singaporean can buy?????
  186. Shortest & longest wait for a tenant for your condo/hdb after place rental ads?
  187. If CM6 comes, what will it be?
  188. if own a landed..(eg. semi D) can build up to how many storey?
  189. Is this for real...
  190. What happens to property market if GDP is within 1-3% (as forecasted)?
  191. No more Mix Development below mall, beside MRT? No fear, FEO has something for you
  192. idea 4 CM6:Foreigners shld be restricted to properties above S$1 Million/1000 Sq Ft
  193. Land for private properties must be >200m away from new MRT stations
  194. Overseas properties, anyone?
  195. Resale already deadů how long can new launches stay hot?
  196. Landed vs Condo
  197. China property crash...- buy 2 get 2 free!
  198. 6% CPF rate across causeway
  199. Budget measures carry inflation, risks
  200. TOP 1 Year old condo is the best for rental
  201. Mortgage Insurance for Pte Condo
  202. Ooops!! just asking.. what will this forum be like when property crashed 20-30% ?...
  203. NUS Singapore Residential Property Index (SPR)
  204. Is this even sustainable?
  205. Advice for to-be future landlords:
  206. comparing price: 5rm hdb vs MM pc...
  207. Terms explained - just to be sure
  208. Condo charge you for using bbq & gym?
  209. (article) Report on Singapore Estate Agents and Salespersons
  210. Private-home buyers return in force in January
  211. Four 99-year leasehold sites released for sale
  212. Property Hunt 2012
  213. How do you guys "wait" out a cycle?
  214. Wah just realised stamp duty quite a lot...
  215. will ever a day come when NO rental demand...
  216. Taxman is after me for CAPITAL GAINS
  217. how to edit/delete post ?
  218. More foreigners snap up private homes
  219. Discount 15% + 5% + 3%...??
  220. End of Mickey Mouse (MM)?
  221. New rule could lead to fewer housing agents
  222. Apartment rents in S'pore third highest in Asia
  223. Hong Leong sells 65 Bartley units at $1,240 psf
  224. Nearly 500 new homes snapped up in past week
  225. Is 4% yield consider good?
  226. Community Service Part I of X: TOP 101
  227. Property Marketing Trends For 2012
  228. Property agents FAVOURITE lines...
  229. 99-year leasehold homes on freehold sites harder to en bloc
  230. predominantly 1 bedder and studio projt
  231. Some questions on Soho MM...
  232. 250k Genting or 250 Condo downpayment
  233. Last saturday i called agent to enquire....
  234. A few CCR transactions sold at a loss (reported in The Edge)
  235. 4br vs 4br penthouse in same condo..
  236. Where to rent if working in Sentosa?
  237. One leicester under value??
  238. Is it true that bigger units in ocr are more difficult to sell?
  239. Which website to search for rental properties?
  240. Property...EASY to sell...HARD to buy...
  241. Hotspots for completed properties
  242. 900K cash + cpf, 800K+550K loan, shall I clear my loan first?
  243. Can HDB convert SERS site into PC?
  244. Far East tops chart for home sales
  245. Can giving away ur property escape SSD?
  246. More projects prepare for launching
  247. A New Property Paradigm?
  248. Property mass-market starts post-ABSD recovery
  249. Sales of new homes remain robust
  250. Condo site at Hillview draws 7 bids