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  1. 2012 Jan TOP List
  2. How to sell this apartment.....
  3. S'pore's property market set for uptrend in 2012
  4. Where are the reliable data sources?
  5. Outlook for private residential rental market
  6. TOP in 2012
  7. What need to do after collected key once OTP?
  8. Why Singaporeans love to buy property
  9. Little-known firm makes top bid for Hillview site
  10. Landbanks 'healthy' despite strong sales
  11. Construction firm KTC launches maiden project
  12. IRs had limited impact on home prices: report
  13. propertyguru site pretty screwed lately
  14. Where did agents get hold of address and mobile number of owner?
  15. Property price will increase
  16. condo development with 1700units?
  17. Devilplate are you using multple account?
  18. Wow!! i like this, dual-key 2bdr...
  19. Sell HDB and buy condo
  20. New private home sales up 29% in February
  21. Lots to pick from for home buyers
  22. Why Singaporeans love to buy property
  23. Condo just TOP--Interesting data...
  24. Is the maintenance fee for freehold condo is a liability if it is for own stay??
  25. Are present cashback given by Developers illegal?
  26. Condo without utility room
  27. Non-landed home resale prices fall due to property cooling measures
  28. Any RCR transaction sold at loss yet?
  29. Will this be better than MRT station?
  30. Youth not a drawback for Canary Land head
  31. 3-bedroom condo unit at 635 sq ft
  32. Finding the sweet spot
  33. HDB, URA to release four residential sites this month
  34. Record number of new private homes sold in Feb
  35. Mass-market segment still going strong
  36. CCR owner beware
  37. Observation:Changing trend of agents today
  38. 'Cooling' back in frame as Feb home sales rise
  39. Record 3,138 new homes sold last month
  40. Resale market takes a dive after cooling measures
  41. Many opt for homes in old neighbourhood
  42. ARA applies to suspend payment on Grange units
  43. can tell me why east side got more mrt than west side ??....
  44. Anybody went to property seminar at suntec..
  45. P1 registration strictly by distance and no more balloting
  46. Singaporeans get ABSOLUTE priority over PRs when balloting for P1 places
  47. Condo on high ground?
  48. Profitable deals set new subsales market record
  49. Property (forum) had crashed!
  50. Moderator of this forum
  51. lai-lai, come in and list your prediction for next 6-12month
  52. Learn how to invest in properties with $0
  53. Foreign buyers retreat as stamp duty bites
  54. Space still key factor for home buyers
  55. Level 4/14, Stack 04/14/44/444, Tower/Block 04/14/44/444
  56. Can we call police for noisy teens party at mid-night?
  57. Slipping private home prices cheer up buyers
  58. Resale home prices continue to fall in february
  59. High home sales of Q1 unlikely to be sustained: CBRE
  60. Foreigners still keen on waterfront homes
  61. Keppel Land ropes in star architect for new project
  62. Building boom in Geylang
  63. Most iconic development in CCR
  64. Resale property market slow down
  65. Think shoebox flats are small?
  66. Now i know why people CRAZY about new property..
  67. Prices of Private Residential Properties Register Marginal Decline in 1st Qarter 2012
  68. Oxley Tower units snapped up in a jiffy
  69. New Cooling Measures for Strata Landed
  70. Significant Property News & Discussions
  71. Several housing projects this week
  72. Singapore property market outlook for 2012 and 2013
  73. GCB and Luxury Condo is finished.
  74. What does "price on ask" means?
  75. HInt that current price of overall local property market hard to sustain?
  76. What u see is not what u get
  77. Softer home prices pave way for a buyer's market
  78. 0.5% of 2011 subsales bought in same yr
  79. Frasers' Palm Isles previews at $830 psf average
  80. Will Bishan's Sky Habitat shatter price ceiling?
  81. Resale home prices dip for 3rd month
  82. List of showrooms
  83. Property developers are dangling to perks to draw condo buyers
  84. The most important NO to analyze Property Mkt..
  85. Community Service Part II of X: MM 101
  86. 3-bedroom condo unit smaller than a squash court
  87. Advice needed.
  88. marina bay sands condo....
  89. Will you buy Pulau Ubin landed or condo?
  90. Another cheater landed AD...
  91. MCL Land sells 270 Ripple Bay condos
  92. Advice anyone?
  93. Nowadays agent also give up...
  94. Honey I shrunk the wantoon
  95. what new launch is this...
  96. S'pore luxury property market still resilient
  97. More cooling measures 'likely'
  98. Q1 sales of new private homes may hit 5,200 units
  99. Homes shrink as prices rise
  100. 4.7% drop in luxury home prices for 2011
  101. Social Implications of Property CRASH...
  102. Keppel condo in India "kena sai"
  103. I just came back from fish Market...but bought chicken!
  104. know why resale market so dead ??...
  105. Doing the sums on shoebox flat investments
  106. Any recommendation for Managing Agent
  107. Some showflats still not following marketing guidelines
  108. Very distorted property market....
  109. Best of both worlds..landed/pc
  110. OCR psf is softening
  111. Curbs on backdoor buys of landed homes
  112. Diverging price trends a challenge for policymakers
  113. Oxley Holdings shedding its 'shoe-box' image
  114. Private home prices dip after nearly 3 years
  115. Prices of Private house continue to fall?
  116. Anyone know where does re-possessed property get auction at?
  117. Do pple check the information they write before they post
  118. KL could raise floor price for foreigners purchasing homes
  119. Cooling Measure can be as early as next week
  120. Tougher rules on strata-landed homes
  121. Is this really firesale..
  122. Developers you like? in term of structure plan, floorplan, quality of furnishing etc
  123. Property as a retirement asset
  124. Price gap between mass market, city homes narrowing
  125. More buying homes in Sydney
  126. We're not in happy part of housing cycle, Tharman admits
  127. Firms dangle perks to draw condo buyers
  128. Investors lose court battle to suspend payments for condo units
  129. ERA's marketing of Sky Habitat causes stir
  130. Residential auction market cools down
  131. Bomb shelters a must in all flats
  132. The House Apartment in Tokyo - The World's Most 1 Bedroom
  133. Which website can i find plot size of Condo?
  134. Immigration Policy and Property
  135. Drop in Private property rental
  136. McDonald's Place sold to Oxley Holdings for S$150m
  137. How to id The property bubble
  138. Big launch of properties in uncharted territory
  139. Some showflats still not following marketing guidelines
  140. Will Singapore property market ever corrects?
  141. bomb shelter and the design of coverup
  142. 70% of sky habitat snapped up in a day!
  143. URA to release 6 land parcels to yield 2,380 housing units
  144. Sold in Mar: 2393 + 639 ECs = 3032 units
  145. The OCR psf kings
  146. Random check: Showflats don't fulfil proposed criteria
  147. A home close to nature but away from central
  148. JLD to launch tender for reserve list site
  149. Question on Selling and Purchasing Timeline
  150. MM and Sex Life
  151. 109 units at Hillsta project in Choa Chu Kang sold
  152. Knocking down walls
  153. Investment in Ardmore park Project?
  154. Condo and Handbag
  155. Harbour View Gardens En block
  156. URA News Release: Changes to the Housing Developers Rules‏
  157. How will govt react if property price crash by 20-30% ??...
  158. Investments in Shoe Box Apartments?
  159. Beware oversupply of shoebox flats, property analysts warn
  160. Properties sale via SMS
  161. Greatest EVIL in the property market right now?
  162. Taxman collects $110m from ABSD
  163. Elias Road land parcel tender awarded to Elitist Development
  164. Singapore new home sales dip slightly in March from Feb
  165. Property Sector
  166. Govt to release six residential sites this April
  167. Showflats to show fact, not fiction, come May
  168. Shoebox flats rake in higher rental yields
  169. Drastic fall in foreigners purchasing local properties.
  170. Resale APT:Asking 1.25M last offer 960K..
  171. Is this apt haunted...
  172. MM is a VERY good investment...if...
  173. Increasing land supply is ineffective in controlling property prices
  174. URA to launch tender for Boon Lay Way site
  175. Singapore new home sales dip slightly in March from Feb
  176. Few buyers for new units, data shows
  177. Comercial vs Residential
  178. 3 Lessons From the Sky Habitat Sale
  179. hdb and PC...prices are similar..
  180. Living in 1000 plus Unit Condos...
  181. Will HDB and PC ownership law EVER change..
  182. 107 new home buyers backed out in March
  183. Condo with big swimming pool
  184. Side effects of CMs
  185. CapitaLand sells 125 units at Sky Habitat
  186. CM6 - My suggestion SURE WORK!!!!
  187. Received a flyer for condos in D15&16
  188. China Vanke's Q1 earnings surge 16% Developer's strategy of targetingarnings-surge-16
  189. Correlation between Prop n Stocks
  190. Home demand rides the wave of new launches
  191. Debate over whether selling more land will cool market
  192. UOL launching freehold Katong Regency
  193. Q1 new-home sales hit record 6,700
  194. Six sites up for sale this month
  195. Uncooperative joint tenant of condo
  196. Why so many collective sale recently?
  197. Frasers to sell unidentified Commercial property to Fragrance + World Class Land
  198. Leasing demand for Sípore residential properties remains robust
  199. D16 March URA caveats...interesting
  200. SC Global unveils luxury project at Ardmore Park
  201. Private home resales spring back to life
  202. New or Resale Property?
  203. Who said homes NOT affordable...
  204. State of more than 10 years old PC...
  205. Projections by Analysts
  206. Showflats to show fact, not fiction, come May
  207. Rules to protect property buyers set to kick in
  208. 'Beware oversupply of shoebox flats'
  209. Big drop in first-quarter secondary home sales
  210. MCST rules under review
  211. Jade Towers sold en bloc for $106m to Roxy
  212. Latest property launches continue to draw local buyers
  213. Home sales to foreigners dive 78 per cent
  214. Shoebox flats rake in higher rental yields
  215. Katong Regency condo 70% sold
  216. The most bullish of all bull runs?
  217. Private house prices fall a little: URA
  218. From oversupply to UNDERsupply: Consultants see no glut in private home supply
  219. Brand NEW just TOP..
  220. Agent marketing techniques...
  221. Facing west sun....
  222. ABSD's scope: More clarifications required
  223. Another Advice from all gurus here
  224. How shares of land being calculated for condo?
  225. Options for existing private owner to own EC or HDB (resale or otherwise)
  226. Condo vs Apartment?
  227. How serious is Singapore property bubble?
  228. Housing Prices Increase, WHY?
  229. 107 new home buyers backed out in March
  230. BT : Govt monitoring ABSD reimbursing
  231. Will the actual development very close to the model?
  232. Weekly developer sales statistics may raise volatility
  233. Residential rents seen buoyant in Q2
  234. Private home rental rates go up
  235. Condo adds luxury fittings to woo buyers
  236. Can we request to have more trees?
  237. 'Shoebox' units: Govt will step in if necessary, says Khaw
  238. Condo names - whats in it (recap)
  239. Clearing the ABSD confusion
  240. Rental volume in RCR see marked increase in Q1
  241. More residential developments receive Construction Excellence Award
  242. Condo guard jailed for molesting resident
  243. Will property prices stay
  244. Shoebox MM == HDB 1 or 2RM?
  245. Will MMs ever cross $1million?
  246. Strata rules under review
  247. Property is getting quite hot now
  248. MM Yields in 2012 - High or Low?
  249. Condo review...WOW!!
  250. Shoebox units make up 27% of new sales