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  1. Balestier attracts buyers who find city centre pricey
  2. Rush of property launches after recent lull
  3. Can 2 mil buy a good size 3 bedder in CCR??
  4. VVIP preview?
  5. TOP Project with unsold units
  6. 1371 PC + 354 EC = 1725 total units sold in June 2012
  7. Returned Units....
  8. Property v stocks - it's a matter of timeframe
  9. how many squarefeet of Sg property do you own?
  10. Developers sold 1,371 private homes excluding ECs in June, down 19.5% m-o-m
  11. Singapore...world LEADER in enbloc...
  12. HSBC in money laundering
  13. [email protected] Garden seeing strong demand from buyers
  14. Property market stable and more sustainable: Khaw
  15. Foreigners, firms now form 7% of home buyers
  16. Home Contents Insurance for tenant
  17. Buying A House With POA
  18. Tiniest Penthouse in Singapore
  19. How to Successfully Flip a House in Singapore
  20. KL-S'pore venture set to launch Marina project
  21. Potong Pasir mixed-use site up for sale
  22. Mixed views on direction of home prices
  23. URA to launch tender for reserve list site at Farrer Road
  24. Developers' body wants extension of sales period
  25. in real estate: govt, develpr, owners, agents, contractr all make $$, so who lose $$?
  26. Some areas ripe for building curbs
  27. Strong interest in mixed-use projects
  28. Another two mass market condos ready for launch
  29. Progressive payment for Under Constructing development
  30. New "IN" thing beside the location to help boost property price - Primary school?
  31. Over 60% of Parc Centros sold; location a strong pull
  32. Despite June blip, home sales set blistering pace
  33. 19.5% fall in new private home sales
  34. Now that’s a tiny house: 1 square meter
  35. Buyers back out of 105 private home deals
  36. How to check if a condo unit has been SOLD..
  37. Developer's bid triggers tender for Farrer Road site
  38. 7 Palms at Sentosa supposedly sold for > $4000psf !!!
  39. Property bubble: the immigration and population factor
  40. TOP in June
  41. Property bubble: Gold vs Property
  42. V On Shenton's residential part set for launch
  43. Past Year Jul 2011-2012 Shoebox performance
  44. Why you should BUY this unit..
  45. Is the glass half empty or half full?
  47. Top 3 reasons why Singapore property beats rival HongKong
  48. Showflats with the 'wow' factor
  49. Modest sales for Reflections condo units
  50. Siglap V....(What does V stand for)
  51. Would China be the unexpected Black Swan?
  52. What to do after your first tenant?
  53. Over 60% of Parc Centros sold; location a strong pull
  54. Community Service Part VI of X: Agent Encounters
  55. Landlord wins non-lease renewal case
  56. Two sites at Dairy Farm, Punggol up for tender
  57. Which bank will loan for property in Geylang area Lor 6-24?
  58. Sentosa condos sold to Aussie buyer for $57m
  59. Another week of brisk sales for private homes
  60. Reserve site at Prince Charles Crescent triggered
  61. Family firm selling sites for $110m
  62. Instant Loan Approval...
  63. Lessons in property investing
  64. Take a sneak peek at Singapore’s elusive ‘City in a Garden’ plan
  65. Public grading for property firms next year Straits Times: Fri, Aug 03
  66. Busting the myth of a hot property market Business Times: Fri, Aug 03
  67. URA launches tender for Victoria Street land parcel
  68. New Round of Cooling Measures...
  69. Victoria Street site triggered for sale by public tender
  70. All Fifteen Robin units offered for lease only
  71. Vice president selling condo...
  72. Private home buyers lured by attractive resale deals
  73. Rise in private, HDB resale transactions
  74. Developers lowering launch prices: URA data
  75. Land and construction cost for plot near mrt
  76. Where to buy now for Investment, 1bedr (>500sqft, not MM) and 2bedr?
  77. Property, Stress! dis-stress with a joke.
  78. Waterfront housing bridges Singapore's past and present
  79. 'Good value' Loyang draws home buyers
  80. Condo water pressure how to verified?
  81. Third reserve site triggered for sale this month
  82. Resale prices of shoebox flats fall as investors turn cautious
  83. Is it critical of government to get serious on curbing shoebox units?
  84. Determining the nature of profit | Business Times: Wed, Aug 08
  85. Top bid for Bright Hill Drive plot beats forecasts
  86. Honey I shrunk the condo
  87. say... if gls shrinks to 50yr lease... would you buy those 50yr near mrt mm ??...
  88. Home prices 'likely to remain stable'
  89. Is This the Tipping Point?
  90. Public grading for property firms next year
  91. How many PC owners here own a HDB too? Do you stay in it?
  92. The Marq is 6th most expensive globally
  93. what things do you want/wish for your next condo/home?
  94. Anyone here own a unit in red light district and stay in there? What are the cons?
  95. Using CPF to buy properties
  96. Chinese foreigners buy fewer homes here
  97. Obscure rule may trip up condo developers
  99. Singapore property tops Hong Kong: UOB Kay Hian
  100. How do you feel after EXCERCISING option..
  101. Property players remain cautious in Q2
  102. 6 bids for Upper Thomson residential site
  103. 2067 units sold in Jul 2012
  104. Is public grading of property agencies fair or foul?CEA’s plan to implement grading s
  105. What a Day...i feel like an Agent..
  106. Renewing tenancy and asking for higher rent
  107. Best maintained old condo
  108. help! water heater die liow....
  109. Why mass market will NEVER crash..
  110. MM Performance to 2012 Jul
  111. Luxury home prices, rents to go further south
  112. Property market sentiment improves in Q2
  113. Did anybody buy to stay...
  114. Who bought, this year?
  115. After viewing do agents call you for follow up..
  116. New homes put pressure on high-end rentals
  117. Tampines holds its own with attractive amenities
  118. When do you believe the last offer price?
  119. Everytime u see the word "easing" by central banks = property up!
  120. 1BR availability query
  121. What happens when a 99y leasehold property reaches the end of its lease?
  122. Inquiry on a website
  123. Anyone ever attended those property auction?
  124. Two launches planned despite Hungry Ghost Festival
  125. S'pore property taxes are 2nd highest globally
  126. Dont get Tai, Says WingTai
  127. Any underlying benefit/s for Foreigners in Purchasing Properties in Singapore?
  128. Best property website..
  129. Leasehold property sales...soar..
  130. Sale of private homes jumps 42% in July
  131. Singapore 52nd in world for liveability..
  132. 5 Tips for Property Investment
  133. URA..really relentless in land sales....??
  134. Have You Missed The Property Boat?
  135. Sales in luxury property market rebound
  136. What is LONGEST time you had NO tenant...
  137. Property market...PRIMARY School analyst..
  138. Who should jump into the private property market right now?
  139. Are New launches more worth it?? than resale
  140. Whats with this agents name??
  141. What a difference 5years makes...
  142. Singapore property, as an investment, is DEAD
  143. Why you should buy into Punggol...
  144. Gumtree hosts Singapore’s 1st property speed-dating event
  145. Break Lease
  146. Is there a Cap on Number of Property for sale?
  147. Rental contracts ALL time HIGH
  148. Sales in luxury property market rebound
  149. Economy and Property Market during the 08/09 Global Recession
  150. Bishan, from pariah to king in 10y
  151. Amazing annualized yield of MM
  152. Pc sold at $465PSF....
  153. Botannia for close to 1200 psf, worth it?
  154. Parking crunch at new condos
  155. Another WISE guy talking about rental mkt...
  156. Three 99-year sites up for sale, expected to yield 1,600 units
  157. Teach your kids about property investment..
  158. Can use CPF to fund for second property?
  159. More condominium units returned in first half of this year
  160. Impact of New Mrt Line
  161. Artistic impression vs Actual
  162. Community Service Part VII of X: 10 Reasons Why I Want To Be An Agent
  163. Increase in rental prices for properties near int'l schools
  164. Property Investment for Retirement?
  165. Good response to eCO, One Dusun Residences
  166. Property agent pays $808,080 for Tampines flat
  167. I got a BAD..Feeling..
  168. can tell me why most of feo's projects are so hot ??...
  169. Record breaking GLS sale at Farrer Road awarded to FEO
  170. D15 under 1 million!
  171. Raffles Girls' School site in District 10 worth billions
  172. Are our CCR over priced? Compare NY to Singapore
  173. Rents for private housing climb to new high
  174. Foreign buyers returning to S'pore property
  175. Some measures for shoeboxes announced
  176. Properties in Geylang area hard to en-bloc?
  177. Question on ABSD
  178. 15 developers vie for Farrer Road site
  179. Resale home prices down except for shoebox units
  180. Foreigners reacquiring taste for housing market
  181. Value of homes near Thomson Line set to rise
  182. Residents and tenants preparing for changes
  183. Singles twist puts boot in shoebox units
  184. Suburban condos resist price pressure
  185. First ever 60 year lease residential project
  186. 30/45/60 yr least residential properties is coming!
  187. Thomson View sold $590mil
  188. 8% increment for teachers, possibly next.the poly, ite and uni. impact on properties?
  189. Up Up and Away....singapore property
  190. Psssssttttt.... come in here, tell ya a secret
  191. Nearby residential projects to benefit
  192. Woodlands home prices may rise by 30 per cent
  193. Look out for projects near new stations
  194. Petition against Upp Changi cluster homes
  195. Developers delay high-end launches
  196. Condo buyers undeterred by Hungry Ghost month
  197. New rules to limit shoebox homes
  198. The Pines club may be redeveloped next year
  199. Bids likely to dip for small suburban en bloc sites
  200. Hotel, residential plots put up for tender
  201. Developer takes back 20 units after buyers' cheque bounces
  202. Healthy demand for mixed-use site near Potong Pasir MRT
  203. Resale prices, rents rise for private and public housing
  204. Wow!... why suddenly so much property news ??...
  205. It may not pay to invest in shoebox units
  206. Condo cluster in the east still attracting buyers
  207. URA shoebox rule may dent prices, or will it?
  208. Implications of Revising OTP after completion of SnP
  209. No need for additional CM - Mr Khaw
  210. Small-format Unit (aka mm, shoebox)...Look and tell me if this is inhumane to u.
  211. Squarefoot Reseach: Singapore mass market property prices on a heat map
  212. Any good buy PC to recommend?
  213. Cheapest maintenance fee for MM unit
  214. Mystery of the new launches on UOB website
  215. TEE, KSH, Heeton to jointly redevelop Geylang project
  216. Govt acts to contain rash of shoebox units
  217. Qingjian is top bidder for Punggol site
  218. MAS looking into UOB's property listings on website
  219. URA shoebox rule may dent prices, or will it?
  220. 'Bullish' top bid from CDL/ Hong Leong
  221. URA puts up housing plot with 60-yr lease
  222. Property buyers, mind that lease
  223. Cleaners' pay rises as their numbers go down
  224. TOP in August 2012
  225. My suggestion to future enbloc owners (freehold)
  227. MM unit Owner!! Is it possible you sleep in the living room and rent out master room?
  228. Tender extended for 99-year site on Dairy Farm Road
  229. Resilient housing rentals but for how long?
  230. Subdued impact from new guideline
  231. GuocoLand sells 40 Leedon Residence units
  232. Revised Central Area (RCA)
  233. How far should the property be away from a school?
  234. Who thinks showroom will be pack this weekend?
  235. Paying for a shoebox
  236. Any Abandoned Housing Projects in Singapore History ?
  237. Ghost Month auction values hit 3-year high
  238. S'poreans remain positive on property
  239. Is Rental Income a Good Passive Income
  240. duplicate post...deleted
  241. AlaMah, who are using my condo facilities?
  242. Singapore Property Market Is Like the Lion XII
  243. Are we really at record property high price? Really?
  244. At which stage is sg property bubble?
  245. Whats your objective of investing in property?
  246. QEs and property prices
  247. when they put asking price negotiable...how much you all nego downward?
  248. Renting out the unit thru exclusive agent or should not?
  249. BUT This round of QE will lift Singapore condo prices:
  250. End of Hungry Ghost month, another round of cheonging!