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  1. 40% Singaporeans buy properties to get rental yield
  2. MRT works cause cracks in Bukit Timah homes
  3. 1421 PC + 118 EC = 1539 sold in Aug
  4. Industry watchers assuage over-supply concerns
  5. 12 of 18 HUDC estates already privatised
  6. Punggol waterfront sees wave of launches
  7. Private resale flats up 4.5%, rent up 2.4% month on month
  8. changing unit type in same u/c development
  9. Property here may sizzle from QE3 heat
  10. Private home sales down 27% in August
  11. New private home sales fall sharply in August
  12. Plot near Hillview MRT sold for 616psf
  13. Road connectivity and feasibility
  14. Anyone know which MM is the Best Perfoming MM over the past few years ?
  15. Conventional Wisdom Myths
  16. Dairy Farm Rd residential plot attracts top bid of $244.32m
  17. eCO at Bedok South draws strong interest
  18. Urban Lofts buys adjacent properties
  19. URA Prince Charles $960psf
  20. URA to launch the tender for White site at Thomson / Irrawaddy Road
  21. Surge in optimism reflected in Prince Charles Crescent tender
  22. eCO sees bustling sales at launch
  23. $516m bid for Redhill site stuns market watchers
  24. 220 apartments snapped up at Bedok South project preview
  25. What i stand to incure should i redistribute the share of my property?
  26. Novena mixed-use site up for sale after $211m bid
  27. Gambir Ridge units 90% sold at preview
  28. What if 1 fine day govt suka suka allow privatise of hdb flats ??….
  29. Who is paying ABSD?
  30. Is resale private apt market very dead this month?
  31. S'poreans buy more luxury homes this year
  32. Plans for mid-range condo on Dairy Farm Road site
  33. Redas: Cool down on cooling measures
  34. Private apartments under $1m
  35. Geylang a growing hot spot for investors
  36. August resale property prices up slightly
  37. Pearls Centre residents seek to get flats faster
  38. Mass-market homes still best sellers in Q3
  39. Shipping heart transplanted to Tuas
  40. optical fiber coming... pull to where ??..
  41. Community Service Part VIII of X: Encounters of the Tenant Kind
  42. Frasers pushes dual-key homes
  43. Any Development w/o Bombshelther and Bay Windows
  44. Mai Gan Cheong.. still got a buffet of condos to be launched
  45. Singapore takes new steps to cool housing market
  46. NEW CM!!! Singapore takes new steps to cool housing market
  47. Outstanding advertisment...on prop guru
  48. yowetan, MAS just shattered your dreams.
  49. Condodemic! What will you boys n girls do now??
  50. how bad you guys kena hit/squeezed by this new CM ??...
  51. Any update from showrooms today..
  52. With new CM. Its a question of affordability.
  53. Is property investing stifling enterprise here?
  54. New CM = Mai Tu Liao
  55. Mortgage limits may deter older investors
  56. Market unlikely to be hit hard: Redas
  57. Watertown in Punggol almost 97% sold
  58. Home buyers unfazed by loan curbs
  59. Non-landed private home resale prices up 3.2%
  60. Showflats continue to see good traffic
  61. If you are an ang moh ( White Skin), read this:
  62. Most developers unlikely to give discounts: Experts
  63. Property Purchase FAQ
  64. Got a feeling Next CM will be from HDB...
  65. Mix development condo - Pros & Cons
  66. Henry park apartment development
  67. Property cooling measures prompt last-minute deals
  68. Immigration is property sector's 'wild card'
  69. Thomson Road white site for sale by tender
  70. Developer lower price
  71. Home prices unlikely to fall in next 12 months, says HSR Marginal increase in prices
  72. CMs is good for property investors
  73. Prime properties face further demand slowdown: Credit Suisse
  74. Forward Land tops bids for Jalan Sultan site
  75. Home prices unlikely to fall in next 12 months, says HSR
  76. Bigger impact on resale market than on older buyers
  77. Call to regulate developers - ST Forum
  78. MCST powers
  79. Got this feeling property price will fall next year
  80. More CMs coming liao! Gov going discuss poperty prices!
  81. Buying Attitude Index
  82. OMG! Did I make the RIGHT decision for my SON?
  83. Missed the boat? Nvm, still have slow boat
  84. Hot Spots
  85. 2621 PCs + 150 ECs sold in Sep 2012
  86. Developers' monthly sales hit 3-yr record in Sept 2012
  87. HDB, URA to release 5 residential sites in Oct
  88. Where are home prices headed?
  89. City-fringe home sales chalk up highest price gains
  90. Face of Redhill to change with more condo projects
  91. Bye to big profit from property buys
  92. Demand for new private homes jumps 84%
  93. Property Disposal Gain (IRAS)
  94. Significantly more housing units to be completed in 2014
  95. You Can't Buy A Home with $1000psf
  96. Market is watching...
  97. Sales of new private homes hit 3-year high
  98. Govt puts up prime Bishan residential site for sale
  99. Property cooling measures proving successful: Khaw
  100. Thinking need to be change.
  101. D9, D10 the next star!
  102. Remaking of Punggol- Chapter 2
  103. OMG! Fri coming again, another CM or not?!
  104. Punggol likely to have more private homes than other areas
  105. Tanah Merah site pulls in robust bids
  106. Matilda House gets new life as condo clubhouse
  107. Why so few condo in Tampines?
  108. Which one will crash first?
  109. Selling your house: Is there ever a good time?
  110. No fat returns from investment properties
  111. Shoebox Residential Properties in Singapore -- Risks and Rewards
  112. Fall in Q3 private home sales 'due to lunar seventh month'
  113. Cities need to relook shoebox living
  114. CM6: Hypothetical Cases
  115. TOP in September 2012
  116. 4 more land sales to close Yr 2012
  117. New up & coming projects
  118. Price rises likely as homes near completion
  119. St Thomas Walk homes highly prized
  120. I got a bad feeling
  121. Buy Gold and property
  122. Sales begin at Eden Residences Capitol
  123. URA awards site near Tanah Merah MRT at S$434.6m
  124. Sometimes don't u think stay in HDB is better?
  125. Sky Green >80% sold before Official Launch! $1502psf!
  126. Exit Strategy
  127. Buzz expected at tender for Redhill plot
  128. Fewer people investing in residential units
  129. URA to launch tender for Alexandra residential site
  130. huge price hike by FEO
  131. does certain race bring down condo value
  132. Which is the smallest studio/MM unit in sg?
  133. Fragrance Group buys NOL building
  134. Record COV for Hougang executive maisonette
  135. Spottiswoode Suites
  136. Real Estate Listings Websites
  137. After vested, what's next?
  138. An interesting article on Melville Park Condo
  139. Colin Tan, NOT cooling measures, in danger of losing credibility
  140. Why 2 bedders sell out fastest...
  141. Home supply to see record surge
  142. Property investors keen on Tiong Bahru
  143. Question: Can I add new owners to my property title deed?
  144. How To Structure A Joint Venture
  145. Gurmit Singh 1.77 mil Heron Bay
  146. now u can check actual rental numbers !
  147. More Transparency in Rent, Will trigger more REALISTIC Asking Price?
  148. Today i drove around Punggol...
  149. It's been 2 years since the 4 years SSD was introduced. Any flippers still around?
  150. How come in same development MM unit price per sqft always higher?
  151. pending en-bloc?
  152. Community Service Part IX of X: Property Investment for Dummies
  153. China nationals' private home purchases down 48%
  154. ABSD reins in foreigners' foray into private homes
  155. Heron Bay penthouse sold for record $1.774m
  156. The lesson of Spain’s property bubble
  157. Is there any development less than 10 years old and got en-bloc?
  158. Coming up: Over 100,000 housing units
  159. HDB, URA release more rental data
  160. Property market sentiment up again
  161. Trend watch To buy or not to buy?
  162. ECO-LIFESTYLE DEVELOPMENT Making a mark, naturally
  163. Developers grow more upbeat in Q3
  164. Supply numbers do not tell the whole story
  165. Today i received my Rental Deposit refund
  166. Can I still buy at this time of the cycle?
  167. Buying Attitude Index - Nov 2012
  168. Are there any 7-Eleven/Cheers outlets within Condominium Developments
  169. Studio or 1 bedder? Which one good for investment?
  170. Loopholes in cm
  171. 450K cost, will u go for $800k manhattan 1 BR or 1mil CCR MM?
  172. Question on URA caveats..
  173. FTA - 10% ABSD dont apply?
  174. New way of investing in real estate???
  175. Boon Siew Group, Katana eye mixed-development project here
  176. Rents of private flats a mixed bag
  177. Selling Telok Blangah: It's parked in a good place
  178. Developers unfazed by deadline
  179. Generally how many % must developer sell
  180. Singapore property – a look ahead to 2013
  181. Question on planters and bay windows...
  182. LH99 condo..
  183. Need an update on LTV, please..
  184. Can two separate housing markets work? - Proposed by SDP
  185. New vs old, what's the right price difference?
  186. CM 7 is out!
  187. Stamping of Tenancy Agreement
  188. biggest FH condo (land size)
  189. Which bank offers the best rate and terms for property loan?
  190. HK or SG
  191. Next property race winner? SG, Indo, Aussie, M'sia?
  192. Any interesting new launch before end 2012?
  193. D 8/9/10/11....4k rental properties are HOT!!
  194. Taming the market with targeted cooling
  195. Prices and sales still holding up
  196. A place to live, work and play
  197. Game Over? New Property Cooling Measures Restrict Mortgages
  198. Singapore property market is SO DYNAMIC...
  199. Living in a Bubble? Are we?
  200. How long to rent out after collect key for OCR 2 bedder?
  201. Everyone is a director at VStar
  202. Seriously are we building TOO many apartments..
  203. Non-landed private homes' resale prices up 7.3% in Jan-Oct period
  204. Sales down for flats worth $10m and more
  205. October's biggest resale rental price hike
  206. 2 strange developments in the ppty mkt
  207. Affordable Properties or Luxury Properties?
  208. Mass market condo..how to pick a gem?
  209. For MM unit below 500 sqft..renovation 10k enough or not?
  210. 1.3M budget for 3 bedroom unit near MRT
  211. Level 14 ok for you guys?
  212. mid level balcony VS high floor no balcony
  213. Rooftop Pools
  214. Would You Buy A house With Concrete Spalling Problems?
  215. $3.5m+/- budget for a condo: 4 bedder, near MRT, spacious bedrooms
  216. Resale Freehold Apartment less than $1100psf! Within 1km of 3 MRT
  217. Sennett Residences
  218. Do you pay commission to agent for 1 year lease extension?
  219. W Residences penthouse in Sentosa Cove sold for $7.8m
  220. 1948 PC + 676 EC = 2624 sold in Oct
  221. KL-S'pore venture unveils plans for Bugis project
  222. URA to release four sites in Nov to yield 2,045 units
  223. Developers' Oct home sales down from Sept
  224. City Developments profit up slightly; warns of possible property market oversupply
  225. Resale housing prices up: SRX
  226. Rental yield falls for non-landed private property
  227. Buying properties in your child’s name (part I)
  228. Spain officially in recession
  229. 60LH tendered at $482psf
  230. CONDOsingapore.com...My Journey(Final Version)
  231. Covered Balcony
  233. 4rm HDB flat vs 1-2 bedded PC
  234. Henry Park apartment
  235. If market turns down, which property with 1.6M budget?
  236. FH condo near mrt
  237. After buying do you still visit showflat...
  238. December seem to be a nice month
  239. Financial irregularities in condo accounts
  240. if you paid the booking fee for a unit but seller decided to increase price..
  241. New private home sales cool rapidly in October
  242. Developers keen on shorter lease site
  243. URA's latest land sales to yield 2,000 homes
  244. Hot in the suburbs
  245. Amber Rd condo enclave hot with expats
  246. Cooling measures likely to boost sales of sub-$1.5m homes
  247. How does GLS work..
  248. Forensic auditor hired to check condo's accounts
  249. 8 projects may be nearing sales deadline
  250. Kitchen Culture exits property plan