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  1. Why people buy FEO projects
  2. How much does Lease Renewal cost?
  3. Cooling measures deter foreign home buyers
  4. S’pore Q3 homes sales fall from Q2, except in prime area: DTZ
  5. Market cycle
  6. For MM 1 bedder 10 sqft difference..does it make a big difference?
  7. Which one to take - 4-room or 3-room + big big roof terrace?
  8. A roof over their heads
  9. UOL Group wins Best Developer Award
  10. Why so MANY chinese developers...
  11. why developer release in phases..?
  12. Another GURU 2cent prediction...
  13. How hot your condo facilities?
  14. SSD is counted from date of TOP or date of purchase for sub sale unit?
  15. Looking for Rental near ang mo kio
  16. Nowadays NEW devt mostly glass balcony
  17. Property is for you to hold tight tight, keep long long....
  18. MM unit maintenance fee can choose to opt out carpark or not?
  19. Tough call on H1 2013 residential land supply
  20. Can licensing turn property agents into professionals?
  21. X'MAS wish list for 2013
  22. Is property fever gone?
  23. Bishan St 14
  24. Yesterday i visited my Ex-condo...
  25. What kind of unit sizes are most easy to rent out?
  26. RC Framework
  27. Resale private flat prices up; bigger homes in demand
  28. CapitaLand unit bags Bishan site for $505m
  29. Pasir Panjang the next waterfront living belt?
  30. December 1, 2012 ST Home Sales
  31. 'Let cooling measures run their course'
  32. Developers rolling out fresh projects as year ends
  33. No correction in home prices after measures
  34. Private home market reaching equilibrium?
  35. 80% of customers satisfied with their property agents: survey
  36. Real estate industry changes have only just started: Khaw
  37. Developers take more risks amid a shortage of sites
  38. BCA on how sinking fund amounts are set
  39. Onemap update
  40. Why are HDB owners allowed to own private property?
  41. Record Bid S$1632 psf ppr at Novena White Site
  42. Buying Attitude Index - Dec 2012
  43. Most effective cooling measures??
  44. 2013 Year of The Double Headed Serpent
  45. TA unit bags $117m deal to design, build condo
  46. Pearl Bank architect gets top award
  47. Property cooling measures – any more to come?
  48. Which area the condo yield the lowest rental?
  49. New high for resale prices of non-landed property in Oct-Nov
  50. Can seller and tenant fake rental yield?
  51. Big fall in property prices unlikely: report
  52. I feel very uneasy market is still moving UP...
  53. Bright end to the year for property market
  54. Best Private Condo launched in 2012 - What is your choice?
  55. Please Ignore This Thread (as double posting)
  56. Why would anyone buy PC if they are eligible for EC?
  57. 99LH Condo that is >30 years old
  58. URA awards Thomson Road white site at S$492.5m
  59. Bright end to the year for property market
  60. Sentosa Cove prices inch up again
  61. The great divide in rental market
  62. Non-landed homes changing hands at record average price
  63. Will there be an oversupply of condos??
  64. Report on Emerging Trends in Real Estate 2013 (Asia Pac)
  65. Alexandra View leasehold site gets top bid of $970.18 psf ppr
  66. Whitley Residences, The Village previewed
  67. S'pore home prices to rise 8% by 2017: study
  68. S'poreans more optimistic despite property price concerns
  69. The Boredom Bubble
  70. I miss my DPS.
  71. what is there @ pasir gudang industry on the eastside ?
  72. Private property prices set to keep rising in 2013: Report
  73. Private home sales seen falling 25% next year
  74. Government land sales (GLS) 1H2013
  75. Residential leasing volume to hit 48,000 in 2012
  76. Ghost town alert: Vacant homes up 32% to 16,877
  77. 2012 Nov Small Unit Caveats
  78. Investment Strategy in Real Estate Market
  79. Healthy interest for The Whitley Residences, The Village
  80. LOOPHOLE UNEARTHED - Pvt ppty owners can get HDB
  81. 2013 Year of the Mass Market / Affordable Lease Segment
  82. Private home sales seen hitting new record volume next year 2013
  83. Record home rentals likely this year
  84. Unbiased real estate views for rich Citi clients
  85. High-end rents seen easing further
  86. Going, going . . . but not totally gone
  87. Bright end to the year for property
  88. positive year for singapore properties in 2013
  89. Small Unit New PSF Highs
  90. PR buying Private property with Foreigner
  91. Question about Caveat
  92. Land for 14000 homes for sale..
  93. TOP in NOV 2012
  94. TOP in OCT 2012
  95. D10 CCR vs D16 OCR MM Rental Performance
  96. Record $1.33m for HUDC flat at Shunfu Road
  97. A very sincere advice to property agents:
  98. A very sincere advice to young property investors:
  99. psf price for condo. before and after 2011
  100. Very sianzz..waiting for TOP..
  101. Need advise on how to check property title..
  102. Nov 2012 sales update
  103. Private home prices fell for five consecutive quarters in Singapore
  104. Home units sold down 44% in November QoQ
  105. Property option fee: Woman loses appeal
  106. Seaview vs Greenview vs Cityview
  107. Land for 14,000 homes up for sale
  108. Property auction sales value 'lowest in 15 years'
  109. Weigh the pros and cons of shorter leasehold homes
  110. New private home sales slide by 44%
  111. Making the most of space in small units
  112. Maybank KE speaks out on next possible CM
  113. Choice Queenstown site and Upper Changi plot for sale
  114. FEO Festive Year End Lelong 2012
  115. My thoughts on govt land sales on 21/12
  116. S'pore home prices soar, but not invincible
  117. vacancy rate vs URA PPI
  118. Advice needed
  119. reasons why the older generation are so easy life with housing...
  120. Advice needed - change property ownership
  121. Professional Cleaning Services for High Ceiling Loft Units?
  122. Bylaw regarding late maintenance fee payament
  123. Everything you need is in Spore. Gurus have spoken
  124. District 13 hottest for private homes
  125. Old estate still sought after
  126. New condos go beyond pool and gym to sell
  127. Home in on the suburbs
  128. Luxury homes seen getting foreign boost
  129. For MM project after foundation works complete roughly need how long to TOP?
  130. Bad property agent of Singapore
  131. Which investment method yields higher?
  132. Unbelievable!! Alexis MM beyond 2000psf !!!!
  133. CityDev to start selling Echelon this week
  134. US group incurs hefty loss on luxury condo investment
  135. Robust buying likely to continue but risks higher
  136. Minority Report - housing for singles and seniors
  137. Ваши любимые &
  138. URA factors in shrinking condo unit sizes as it looks ahead
  139. AA set to quit River Valley site
  140. Steady recovery for Asia Pacific property markets from
  141. Happy ways of looking at properties
  142. Different Developer Reputations and Practices
  143. Bone and Marrow (Left Over) List
  144. How to track new EC launches?
  145. Pricing in each estate
  146. La Fiesta - A Fiestive Theme Condo opposite Sengkang MRT
  147. Opinion - Hillview
  148. grange road or Cairnhill?
  149. Selecting a condo
  150. 200 units at Alexandra View condo sold in a day
  151. 1.9% price rise for resale non-landed homes strongest this year
  152. Sleepy enclave's leafy retreats lure buyers
  153. Deferred payment still exist?
  154. Rising interest rates in next 5-10 years
  155. URA releases flash 4th quarter 2012 private residential property price index
  156. Question on Plot Ratio
  157. Buying Attitude Index - Jan 2013
  158. CDL's Echelon more than 60% sold over the weekend
  159. What do home prices hitting all-time high in 4Q mean for Singapore property market?
  160. Buying a Singapore property is better than GOLD:
  161. How many Singaporeans can afford a condo
  162. How is the rental market now?
  163. Singapore Residential Property Prices Rise
  164. Q4 private home prices up the most in 6 quarters
  165. Roxy-Pac buys $24.5m Wilkie Terrace site
  166. Keen interest in Pasir Panjang freehold units
  167. Slower property market to be expected after a stellar 2012
  168. For the collective good in condos
  169. Iskandar: Boon or bane for Singapore real estate?
  170. Leasing of private homes to slow in 2013: forecasts
  171. Unit view blocked - can buy and rent?
  172. Where Shall I buy?
  173. History of 999 property in Singapore
  174. 3rd IR to be in Bukit Timah Hill?!?!?!
  175. Alexandra becoming hot spot for new homes
  176. Where to buy - west side condo
  177. D15 - Need feedback please.
  178. MM project no security guard?
  179. Which area to buy resale condo?
  180. 'Open space' loophole to be plugged
  181. Brisk start to property market for 2013
  182. Mohd Sultan shophouse up for sale
  183. CDL's Echelon more than three-quarters sold
  184. More Cooling Measures
  185. URA receives 12 bids for Ang Mo Kio site
  186. Where to file complaint against own managing agent?
  187. Developers fear URA will charge for outdoor space
  188. SC Global to pay $5.5m for sales extension
  189. AMK leasehold site gets $550m top bid
  190. 20 projects could benefit from new extension rule
  191. Real Estate Marketing Strategy for 2013
  192. Tiny homes under scrutiny
  193. More property cooling measures announced
  194. Private home prices set to rise further
  195. The furore over outdoor spaces
  196. MM lovers! What do think this 11 Jan CM has on MM?
  197. PES & Roof Terrace to be treated as GFA
  198. Policy impact
  199. La Fiesta - How many units sold last night?
  200. Impact analysis on hdb upgraders
  201. $100k COE or $100k stamp duty
  202. Developers getting panicky?
  203. With CM7, what should we do now?
  204. CMs will push developers to have better design
  205. Closing date for Jurong residential site extended by 2 weeks
  206. Choose not to choose... Advise
  207. Freehold Vs Leasehold under new CM
  208. Nod for FEO to buy six levels of AA Centre
  209. Govt brings out Big Chiller to freeze property prices
  210. Q4 resale prices of private homes up 6.6%
  211. Why Singapore's property market has defied gravity
  212. Showflats quiet as new cooling measures kick in
  213. Property bull an abnormal one: consultancy MD
  214. Scramble to beat the clock
  215. Permanent residents hit by changes
  216. Chilling wind over property market
  217. Property sector's new buzzword: Penthouse
  218. New curbs may delay January launches
  219. Rental levels sliding, especially on city fringe: Property agencies
  220. LH PCs, when is a good time to sell?
  221. Analysts differ on whether prices will fall
  222. Discounts draw the crowds at Tampines showroom
  223. The timing of the 7th round property cooling measures
  224. Who are affected by the new property cooling measures?
  225. 1410 PC + 849 EC sold in Dec 2012
  226. cm7 - sell hdb for condo?
  227. How Singapore’s 7th Round of Cooling Measures Affects You
  228. Impact of new LTV on Mortgage
  229. How does CM7 affect SC+PR combo?
  230. So How Will Rentals Perform This Year?
  231. Home sales will fall, even prices may slide
  232. Private home rentals seen remaining stable
  233. Little change to property launch prices, dates
  234. Back dating of option to purchase
  235. After year of history, property market braces for the chills
  236. New home sales, property stocks dip
  237. 30% jump in Dec private home sales
  238. 'Compact' home hits the right note
  239. My story for Guniang Developers:
  240. Which District Would You Bet on?
  241. Qbay versus Urban Vista - Which will sell better?
  242. Why new rules will tame developers' bids
  243. First is CM7, then the mega MRT plan, and the next will be....
  244. Should you buy near to the new MRT lines?
  245. TOP in Dec 2012
  246. Anyone still buying despite absd?
  247. Singapore population growth to help property, transport: DBS
  248. The so called expert expect mkt to drop 10 to 20%, who will sell?
  249. How would recovery in US affect SG properties
  250. Many property owners are desperate...