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  1. Gen-Y effect on property
  2. Will CM7 be the last cooling measure?
  3. 2013 will be the year of...RENTAL
  4. CM7 should be revised, my sincere advice to government
  5. Year's first condo comes with 7% price cut
  6. They came, they saw, but only half signed up
  7. 200,000 new homes in the works
  8. More projects offer discounts to offset ABSD
  9. New private homes going for less
  10. 210 units sold in a day at new condo
  11. Condo developers dangle big discounts
  12. New launches still attracting crowds but...
  13. Just view a resale condo, seller holding on to asking price
  14. Owners are fearful - proven by 7000 views within 12 hours of my maiden thread
  15. The Quality will suffer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  17. Location Location Location
  18. Clues given
  19. Percentage of foreign buyers has dropped significantly
  20. Don't cheat yourself - Wrong interpretation of population white paper and foreigners
  21. OCBC cautious on property
  22. Is it tough to rent out unit facing tennis court?
  23. Home shelter ideas
  24. Developers under Pressure
  25. KepLand mulls over cutting home prices if market falls
  26. Foreigners' share of private home buys seen shrinking in first half
  27. No U-turn as clock ticks for developers (Amended)
  28. ABSD hike may see more investing in property SPVs
  29. Cooling measures need not be so ‘blunt’
  30. Why government is not stopping FEO from monopolize land lease?
  31. For rental property who pays prop tax..
  32. Mixed-use sites still reel in the bids
  33. Chip Eng Seng offers top bid of $794 psf ppr for Yishun site
  34. How is the property MKT...rental/resale/buc?
  35. Reasons for ppty market to come down
  36. Is it right for management to collect deposit for 1st car owner
  37. Lemonlaw for goodness sake please change that horrific avatar
  38. Didn't PAP know that cooling measures offend people ??
  39. Buyers accepting cash rebate from developers
  40. Shoebox units and developers
  41. Q4 spurt in property prices shows new curbs are timely
  42. Rentals keep up with rise in home prices
  43. Cooling measures not a concern, says foreign developer of luxury condo
  44. Residential property buys via SPV may not escape ABSD
  45. URA Q4 stats show signs of speculative buys
  46. OCR completed condos fared better
  47. Land set aside to build 700,000 more homes by 2030
  48. URA receives 12 bids for Jurong West Street 41 site
  49. Residents upset as glass panels shatter
  50. Dip in resale prices of completed condos in Dec
  51. 12-way battle for plum Jurong site Great location
  52. S'pore 'still third priciest place in Asia for rents'
  53. Khaw: Need for 700,000 more homes by 2030
  54. Central Region condos saw biggest price fall in December
  55. Buyers' rights in building defect disputes
  56. What happen after 700,000?
  57. Any correlation between % of foreign buyers in a development and the perceived value?
  58. Master Plan 2013
  59. Will East Coast property prices plunge?
  60. 2 new commercial belts to bring jobs closer to homes
  61. The impact of media in properties
  62. URA release Singapore land use plan
  63. "Completion of reinforced concrete framework of unit". What does it mean?
  64. Advice for Rental of Studio Bedroom in Dual Key Unit
  65. Three new towns to offer about 90,000 homes
  66. 700,000 new homes by 2030: too many or too few?
  67. Mt Sinai correction
  68. More home owners 'decoupling' property to avoid hefty duty
  69. advise for newbies
  70. TOP in Jan 2013
  71. Build Build Build but dont want people to buy..
  72. Q4 2013 MM Rental Performance
  73. 6.9m Population by 2030 – Good or Bad for Property?
  74. Land Parcel at Commonwealth Avenue
  75. Chance to invest? Don't be in a hurry: Experts
  76. Island south of Sentosa zoned for housing
  77. CapitaLand cuts prices at Alexandra condo project
  78. Changi properties ready for take-off
  79. Slow weekend for sales at showflats
  80. Indirect discounts for home buyers under review
  81. Cautious mood sees only three bids for prime site
  82. The 10 lessons successful property investors need to learn
  83. Too soon to bet on plot ratio hikes: analysts
  84. Few bids for site in Queenstown
  85. Bill gives more teeth to Controller of Housing
  86. Homing in on property price cuts
  87. Premature to dismiss housing market
  88. Developers to stay keen on GLS sites
  89. Yishun mixed-use site receives S$212.1m top bid from CEL
  90. Property Market Sentiments - According to the ground
  91. Luxury developer says no to offering discounts
  92. 2013 Singapore Property Celestial Prediction
  93. The ebony 3 years since launch date still digging hole?
  94. Property still good investment: Analysts
  95. Prices of private resale flats rise 0.6%
  96. Show-flats open despite festivities
  97. Far East sold most private homes last year
  98. Private home resale deals up 16.7% in Jan
  99. Champion listing
  100. Personally i sense some weakness in resale/rental mkt
  101. Four mistakes to avoid in property investment: Michael Yardney
  102. 2013 PC + 256 EC = 2269 new homes sold in Jan 2013
  103. Why jurong area don't have MM project?
  104. One mistake to avoid in property investment
  105. Tenants from Hell
  106. DK condo to rent out studio unit or buy 2 br private for investment?
  107. Studio apt investor goes all-in
  108. Drastic drop in sales for the month of Feb?
  109. New private home sales rise 42%
  110. Strong new home sales driven by mass market
  111. Property developers 'anxious' over curbs
  112. New projects inject vibrancy into Yishun
  113. Rush to beat curbs propels home sales
  114. Why condo sg so quiet these days......
  115. Singapore Business Federation (SBF) Centre
  116. If you can only afford OCR projects at this moment and don't mind the CM7
  117. German wins bid to design Marina One
  118. Cooling moves dampen developers' outlook
  119. A recap of the CM7 from URA website:
  120. A plan to house 2m more people
  121. Seventeen new condos primed for launch
  122. CapitaLand eyes bigger slice of new homes pie
  123. Roxy-Pacific set to launch residential projects in April
  124. Housing the growing masses
  125. Land scarce Singapore looks underground for space
  126. Housing scheme business
  127. Buying studio and convert it to 1 bedder
  128. Anthony Garden
  129. Six Most Expensive Neighborhoods in Singapore
  130. Tharman going after high end properties investor /owner
  131. Offer Price To Seller
  132. Anyone crazy enough to pay 10% ABSD now?
  133. Advice needed: buying property for the first time
  134. Balcony Windows/Curtains
  135. Curious: East Vs West Sun for Feng Shui
  136. luxury market is in for a very hard time.
  137. NUS SRPI
  138. Property prices not yet at an acceptable level: Tharman
  139. Completed and unsold
  140. URA land sales history from 1993 to date
  141. Car Loan impact on Property
  142. Which condo going TOP in 6 mths time?
  143. Use this opportunity to upgrade
  144. The rights of property owner leasing out their unit
  145. Jan 2013 MM Caveats (D12-15+19)
  146. TOP in Feb 2013
  147. Time to cash out?
  148. Buying property in Geylang area
  149. Any Good Suggestion
  150. Seeking advice: Resale HDB or condo
  151. When will CCR prices recover?
  152. HDB upgraders propel private home sales
  153. Non-landed resale prices on the rise in Jan
  154. First GLS sites on tender since cooling measures
  155. Heard there might be a CM8 on this Friday is it true ?
  156. Most new-home buyers have HDB addresses
  157. Two new sites to yield more than 1,000 homes
  158. Development charges soar for all but residential sites
  159. Shoebox units lead gains in resale home prices
  160. CDL calls for relook at QC land policy
  161. Suburban flat rents on the rise
  162. Holland, Bt Timah prices, rents up
  163. Developer cuts prices amid property curbs
  164. Usually CMs are announced at what time?
  165. Shoebox units may gain from new tax policy
  166. Top Global to launch Braddell project
  167. (If) foreigners can't rent hdb, what will they rent then?
  168. Lease queries
  169. Excellent !! Condo and EC going to CRASH very soon...
  170. Good to invest in 1br condo now?
  171. When does contruction start?
  172. Strong buyer interest in Sennett Residence units
  173. Trilinq in Clementi, Sennett in Potong Pasir set for launch
  174. Condo price and rental are going to increase
  175. Checking years left in a leasehold property
  176. Five property questions that you can’t ask
  177. Contractor's woes may hit projects
  178. Freehold project to be launched by end-March
  179. New condo projects off to a good start
  180. Sales at Sennett Residence brisk; slower at The Trilinq
  181. Is this for real..
  182. 708 PC + 209 EC = 917 units sold in Feb
  183. Bright spots amid dip in yields
  184. Resale suburban condo prices rise
  185. Tanah Merah sees good demand
  186. Before you sign on the dotted line...
  187. CM got REVERSE effect..
  188. Potong Pasir set to get infusion of new life
  189. Showflat locations and attractions
  190. Residence Projects expected to be delay
  191. Cap on foreign tenants may push up private home rents
  192. aalto penthouse unit cross $2.9k psf!!!
  193. got $$$ also cannot buy
  194. Flurry of property launches
  195. Big drop in new private home sales
  196. Jan sales: 5.5% of buyers returned homes
  197. 2 new condos in east see strong sales
  198. CDL seeks new builder for condo
  199. Completion date for resale pc?
  200. crystal ball
  201. Decoupling For 2nd Property?
  202. Yields dip as prices outpace rents in Q4
  203. 400k 1br?
  204. Upcoming buffet of new launch for 2013 by Districts
  205. En bloc noob questions
  206. Urban Vista 43% sold after launch weekend
  207. Security guard badly hurt after condo gate collapses on him
  208. CDL seeks new builder for condo
  209. Suburban homes still being snapped up
  210. Strong demand for all categories of D'Nest units
  211. Hillion Residences in Bukit Panjang launched
  212. Toddler fell to death two months after maid saved his life
  213. Ho Bee leases out luxury units to ride out property troughs
  214. Muted launch but 125 units at Hillion Residences sold
  215. High-end housing worst hit by curbs
  216. Investors hardest hit by new tax rules
  217. New home market to ease to a steadier state
  218. White Paper’s implications for property market
  219. Why the recent launch sales is GREAT!
  220. SG MM not small enuff
  221. Till ‘tax’ do us part
  222. Govt may offer several land sites for sale at one go
  223. From red-light area to red-hot property
  224. Brisk sales at Bartley Ridge on launch day
  225. Recent new launch sales...
  226. Lecture: Why property prices will not fall in Singapore?
  227. how to check the unit sold
  228. Buying Attitude Index - Q2 2013
  229. Latest - Additional Measures To Ensure A Stable And Sustainable Property Market
  230. Private property prices rose less in Q12013: URA
  231. Why investors in S'pore and Hong Kong are cashing out of property
  232. TOP in March 2013
  233. Private home resales take a hit amid curbs
  234. The most illuminated is going to tell you
  235. Most annoying gym behavior at your condo?
  236. First-time buyers prop up non-central prices
  237. Brisk weekend home sales boost March tally
  238. Singapore Investors Fearless Despite Easing Prices
  239. Presenting... SCARI
  240. useless condo/building manager from Abacus Property Management Pte Ltd
  241. What can I do if developer's defect rectification works drag on and on?
  242. URA reviewing key index of private home prices
  243. PRs pull back sharply on private home buys
  244. Completed condo prices in Central down 3.7%
  245. 3 sites for 845 private homes & ECs released
  246. Property auctions going, going upwards
  247. Developers’ landbanks depleted by robust sales
  248. No stamp duty relief for singles switching homes
  249. Singapore largest condo site
  250. Condo politics....