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  1. Developers must spell out allowable use of properties
  2. Property correction
  3. Will Govt launch a few GLS at the same time?
  4. Cooling measures rein in home prices
  5. Property curbs slow investor demand for city fringe homes
  6. First-time buyers prop up non-central prices
  7. Woh Hup to complete CDL's H2O Residences
  8. URA reviewing key index of private home prices
  9. Law passed to ensure 'what you see is what you get' at showflats
  10. Agent's commission deductible?
  11. $200,000 for air-con space?
  12. Few new condo launches see 100% sales
  13. Interest still cool in Grange Road properties
  14. More mixed-use property launches soon
  15. Swept up in condo frenzy
  16. So many condos coming up condo MGT good business
  17. Should lodge caveat?
  18. Why doesn't govt sell land with higher plot ratios?
  19. Honestly will 7% ABSD STOP you...???
  20. The next killer measure
  21. Steps to ensure transparency in home sales
  22. Condo sales taper off but interest still strong
  23. Blank cheque practice ahead of property launches set to be regulated
  24. Property Claimable Expenses
  25. Private residential resale prices up in Q1
  26. Sengkang West Way site attracts strong interest
  27. Pulau ubin make way for adventure park.
  28. Slump in private home resale market
  29. Cash flow
  30. Khaw: HDB will be the price-setter
  31. More property cooling measures incoming: Deutsche Bank
  32. Last Progressive Payment "On Completion Date"
  33. Renewal of tenancy agreement
  34. Record 3072 units sold in Mar 2013
  35. New Launches In Singapore Properties
  36. The biggest weakness of property buyers
  37. What To Take Over From Owner
  38. Q113 Shoebox market sentiment by MMKing (live)
  39. Spore property market is like a PRISON...
  40. S$1,163 psf ppr top bid for Kim Tian site
  41. 6 units up for bulk sale at 8 Nassim Hill
  42. Developer sales hit new highs on pent-up demand
  43. Condo units shrink with buyers' budgets
  44. Two new residential launches
  45. New private home sales hit record high
  46. Four land plots for 1,800 homes up for sale
  47. Sail = Suicide
  48. My sincere advice to government, Tharman, Khaw
  49. Home prices moving the right way: Tharman
  50. Dilemma : Buy commercial shop or 2nd condo now ?
  51. KepLand, Vanke in Tanah Merah JV project
  52. is this illegal covering PES area
  53. Sell=Suicide
  54. Impact of Malaysian GE on Singapore (properties)
  55. New measures to to reduce flood risks
  56. Hidden dangers in mixed development and mature estate
  57. Property price transparency: Will govt tackle caveats data next?
  58. How Your Condo Management Affects Your Property Value
  59. Shunfu Ville, now private, closes walkway
  60. 44 Novena Regency units snapped up
  61. Foreign buyers keen on private homes again
  62. Xpress in bulk sale of 28 Soho units
  63. Online portal
  64. 580k for this unit..what u all think?
  65. 65 retail units at Hougang project sold during preview
  66. Innovative showflats for Sant Ritz
  67. Cooling measures or market booster?
  68. HarbourLights versus Riverside Melodies
  69. Max Option Fees for Resale
  70. Record 18,400 new homes to come on-stream
  71. Marina Bay projects attract the well-heeled
  72. Slower rise in private home prices q-o-q in Q1
  73. Land value determined by current market prices
  74. 30% of Capitol residential units sold
  75. Rental is definitely strong!
  76. Far East to release 30 units in latest luxury project
  77. It's business as usual for most Japanese developers in S'pore
  78. condo vs hdb
  79. ABSD defer payment
  80. Hi good brothers and sisters I am back:
  81. this bubble is being pushed up and sustained longer than it should have
  82. Property curbs add $1 billion to tax revenue
  83. Tanjong Pagar Centre set to be tallest building at 290m
  84. Court rejects couple's bid to buy condo unit
  85. Just nine properties auctioned off in Q1
  86. Upper Thomson looking promising
  87. Far East opens The Siena for preview
  88. Developers taking longer than 1 year to rectify defects. What will you do?
  89. Resale prices of private homes down 0.4% in April: SRX
  90. Roof over your head
  91. Dual Key unit discussion
  92. ID for renovation
  93. finally, "what u see is what u get" law gets passed
  94. Home resales: What a difference a year makes
  95. Private home resales still reeling from cooling measures
  96. Condo launches revitalise quaint St Michael's Road
  97. Buyers home in on Pasir Ris, Punggol
  98. Government to release five residential sites estimated to yield 2,725 housing units i
  99. New home sales drop in April on fewer project launches
  100. S'pore housing heading for a downturn, says developer
  101. question on absd
  102. No luxury home price hikes for S'pore, HK
  103. New private home sales down by half
  104. Tampines housing site for sale
  105. April developer sales of private homes halved
  106. Court ruling creates uncertainty for developers
  107. Can you live in a house without storerooms?
  108. So glad I am living in Condo
  109. Passive income from property
  110. Standard mean and median psf for FY2013-2014
  111. Service Apartment Rate vs Rental
  112. How to avoid SSD - by Proper-T
  113. SSD turning 3
  114. Property Investment
  115. At least five home launches coming up
  116. Hougang abuzz with private property launches
  117. Robust weekend sales of mass-market condominiums
  118. Keppel pricing Corals units at $1,800-3,000 psf
  119. Foreigners' share slips in private home deals
  120. How much buffer of savings will u hold?
  121. CCR continue to lose its shine
  122. Hypothetical example
  123. Interesting Article About Property Cycles
  124. Why is The Teneriffe getting cheaper?
  125. Type of condo perimeter fencing
  126. Fewer luxury homes sold to foreign buyers
  127. Developers use 'Soho' label to draw buyers
  128. Rents for Keppel Bay condo take a hit
  129. Districts 1, 2 popular despite high prices
  130. CDL plans Buangkok project launch next week
  131. Measures cool ardour for multiple properties
  132. 2 housing projects set for preview
  133. Resale price of private homes rise 1.9% in April
  134. Help needed to fit 9 pax into a 2-bedder Trizon (refer to thread Hypothetical Example
  135. All Property Developers are Liars?
  136. Resale home prices rise as cooling measures lose sting
  137. Effects of Jan property curbs unclear: NUS
  138. DTZ Property Times Singapore residential demand Q1 2013
  139. Desperate measures (Divorce wife and declare bankrupt) just to own a condo
  140. Will there be an over supply in 3 years time?
  141. To buy EC now or save for 2nd Property
  142. Can I not take loan?
  143. 2 Corals at Keppel Bay units sold for over $10m each
  144. Metro to launch S'pore residential project this year
  145. Coutts Asia CIO bearish on Singapore property
  146. H2 2013 Government Land Sales (GLS)
  147. Flooring Warranty
  148. Robust sales over the weekend
  149. Standard practice 'won't absolve condo managers'
  150. Dual-key, double tenancy
  151. Sea change as condos sprout in Jalan Loyang Besar
  152. Buyers look at transport options, waterfront views
  153. [email protected] draws strong response
  154. How you take care of your marble flooring?
  155. 2 property firms on MAS alert list
  156. Need yr opinion - liv on Sophia
  157. Which condo is most affordable now?
  158. Using Family Trust to buy property and avoid ABSD?
  159. How come some of the older walk up apartment no transaction history in URA?
  160. Piece of land next to boon keng mrt have been enblock
  161. Advice needed for a MTB
  162. Implication of a reduction of HDB supply after 2015 on a 6.9mil target population
  163. Is it good time to buy 3rd PC for investment now or next year?
  164. Does the End of QE Mean the End of the Property Boom?
  165. Can park bicycle in parking lot to 'chop' place if no car?
  166. Prices up in all but four districts
  167. Marginal overall dip as curbs' impact is felt
  168. West condos near popular schools
  169. Schools, street life draw buyers
  170. Prices of resale private apartments down in May
  171. Sípore home prices to rise 8% by 2017: study
  172. One Connect for all private estates by end of 2013
  173. 10 costliest residences to rent in SG
  174. Just one property launch over weekend as pace slows
  175. Bullish prices for Jurong condo launch
  176. Bukit Timah Soho sales off to a slow start
  177. Get out while you could
  178. Fight fight fight at Parc Oasis (Jurong)
  179. the view worth $230 psf more?
  180. ~ Actions of developers ~
  181. Sengkang condo site draws top bid of $257m
  182. Still commanding premium prices
  183. Condos near popular schools in the north
  184. Govt releases five sites under GLS
  185. Developers sold 1,455 private homes excluding ECs in May
  186. New home sales stabilise; more land on the way
  187. Rising interest in city-fringe homes bumps up May sales
  188. Property agents in a haze
  189. Faber walk site sold for 687psf
  190. Housing 'more affordable' now if measured against income growth
  191. Those 3xx MM unit..the toilet possible to fit in bath tub?
  192. Canít afford not having it
  193. Red House to return in 2016 as commercial-residential project
  194. YTL Land aims for 'one-of-a-kind homes'
  195. Discounts offered for unsold penthouses
  196. Condos near the city, close to MRT
  197. Parking crunch a headache for condos
  198. New condo sells half its units in 2 hours
  199. H2 GLS sites announced
  200. Sky Habitat vs. J-Gateway
  201. Wat would u do?
  202. Questions on Jurong Condos
  203. Beware when parking your car in The Centris condo
  204. Govt offering fewer residential sites to balance supply
  205. $5,000 psf units 'not sign of rise in market'
  206. 2 pairs of GLS sites to have same tender close
  207. Hong Leong to launch freehold condo
  208. Predicting the sun will rise in the east
  209. Rabbit's Nest
  210. New Cooling Measures
  211. Should I forfeit my 25% of my 5% deposit? Just receiving my Sales and Purchase.
  212. Boring Singapore
  213. MRT noise
  214. Smart investor buy resale??
  215. When to pay legal fee?
  216. What Total Debt Servicing Ratio meant to kill
  217. URA releases flash 2nd Quarter 2013 private residential property price index
  218. Wouldn't TDSR cause prices to hike again?!?!
  219. Strong demand ahead of J Gateway condo launch
  220. Qingjian Realty wants to become a 'local brand'
  221. TOP in June 2013
  222. Buying Attitude Index - Q3 2013
  223. After signing OTP, Lawyer or Loan first?
  224. New lending rules 'could reduce home sales'
  225. Resale home prices fell last month
  226. Jurong East condo almost sold out on launch day
  227. Condos near town without steep prices
  228. 'One condo unit - one parking space' approach not equitable
  229. Central Region home prices perform best
  230. Do you find that EC is better design than private condo nowadays?
  231. New loan rules may stay to stabilise property market
  232. SC Global saves millions with QC cancellations
  233. What the QC and ABSD policies mean for developers
  234. When you rent out your house.
  235. Fengshui
  236. Projection for Ringo33's selling price for his J Gateway 474sqft one bedder on TOP
  237. Q2 property prices up on suburban condo sales
  238. Loan curbs target rising rates, but other dangers lurk
  239. 10 cheapest private condos to rent in 1Q
  240. New rules could increase takeup of shoebox units
  241. Couple in failed condo sale must pay damages
  242. Land owner
  243. CCR about to chiong?
  244. Good housing Agent at renting
  245. Owners in the West beware!!
  246. Property Correction in Singapore's history
  247. Home loan curbs having some effect
  248. is it the right time to buy property now or wait
  249. Private resale home prices up slightly
  250. Buying a ppty without taking loan