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  1. Inflating property price to beat LTV restriction?
  2. Singapore property market will 'stay healthy'
  3. Property market stabilising but curbs will stay: Tharman
  4. New Pasir Ris condo to be launched this weekend
  5. Compact units a turning point in Roxy's history
  6. Sentiment over real estate dips further
  7. Loan curbs make homes 30% less affordable: Citi
  8. Govt site sales plan runs counter to market signals
  9. Total debt ratio an ant bite?
  10. TDSR rule will hit affordability
  11. Choa Chu Kang work: rent at Sengkang or near Cityhall or near Orchard
  12. URA website - new outlook
  13. Now all the MM new launch is above 400 sq ft?
  14. 1806 PC + 313 EC = 2119 units sold in June 2013
  15. Investment homes face declining rental yield
  16. Interesting mix of history, industry in far east
  17. New property projects to test market reaction
  18. S'pore is second priciest for foreign home buyers
  19. Developers sold 1,806 private homes excluding ECs in June: URA
  20. New home sales up 24% on suburban demand
  21. Developer sales seen slowing in July after June surge
  22. Tender closing for residential site at Tampines Avenue 10 (Parcel B)
  23. Will MAS review CM soon?
  24. Haunted Condos: True or False?
  25. quantum of 1 mil and up for a FH 2 bedder?
  26. Congratulation YOWETAN
  27. When will cooling measures be lifted?
  28. Tampines Ave 10 site sees 10-way bidding war
  29. The Quinn to get July launch; Lush Acres 1.6 times subscribed
  30. What a property investor shouldn't do in today's market condition.
  31. Property sold with GST
  32. Fewer HDB dwellers buy private properties
  33. Plenty of amenities in north-east
  34. Residential market poised on a knife-edge
  35. Propertyguru vs STProperty
  36. Partygoer drowns in pool at Amber Park
  37. Your last chance for below 1000psf
  38. Private units under $1,000 psf still available
  39. possible effect of AEC 2015 on property market
  40. Property cooling measures give foreign buyers cold feet
  41. Lawyer and Valuation fees
  42. Analyst: 9,000 troubled units could be on market
  43. Advice Required - Downgrading Choices
  44. **Market Sentiment Check**
  45. Capitaland building MM?
  46. URA Q2 Stats
  47. Penthouse with Personal private pool...yummy!
  48. To all agents....
  49. Why some people like progresive payment?
  50. Proposed Property Tax changes now in Public Consultation phase
  51. New private home sales dropped 14.1% on-qtr
  52. If u sell now, how much must property prices drop before it is worth it to go back in
  53. Newbie
  54. Help: How to buy over co-owner share
  55. Most people are waiting for a crash, if not all?
  56. Crashing has come - MM is the first
  57. OCR prices set to rise 7%
  58. Private primary home sales crashed 17% yoy to 9,950 units
  59. Proof that projected number of completed units in 2013-2015 were reduced
  60. Property cooling measures give foreign buyers cold feet
  61. 66-storey Marina Bay Suites obtains TOP
  62. SRPI for central region down 1.5% in June
  63. Real estate cycle near inflexion point: Redas
  64. Hold forever, or sell at the right time?
  65. Wave of newly-completed condominiums drives down rents
  66. The cotz or Prestige loft
  67. Its time to exit
  68. What is today's ideal size and quantum?
  69. CapitaLand rattles off a few blunt 'home truths'
  70. 90% of Marina Bay Suites units sold
  71. Suburban sales drive up private home prices
  72. Architect wins bid for land sale profit
  73. Cracks start to show in private rental sector
  74. Popular homes close to nature, shopping malls
  75. Pockets of weakness appear in firm property market
  76. Getting Ready for URA Masterplan 2013
  77. Resale home prices down 0.4% last month
  78. China cash homes in on S'pore property
  79. Exactly how important is location to you?
  80. Turning point looms in property cycle: Redas chief
  81. Singapore Land Bids ‘Suicidal’ With Rules, Billionaire Kwek Says
  82. Paying ABSD
  83. Home prices could slip with oversupply expected: Kwek
  84. Rental market sentiment
  85. Do you co relate property prices with the economy
  86. Question Regarding Lofts / Duplex
  87. Sic yr ppty portfolio!
  88. Batched tenders to go on despite price records
  89. Two-bedder private units back in demand
  90. Record home prices should set alarm bells ringing
  91. Home prices, housing affordability within reason
  92. Stamp Duty Refund
  93. 18 of August
  94. The what, why and how of properties
  95. Allgreen to launch River Valley condo this month
  96. There's more to new condos' sky-high prices
  97. Condo RV Residences launching at month end
  98. SSD scheme may work against govt's intention
  99. Home prices could slip with oversupply expected: Kwek
  100. Academic paper supports housing curbs for PRs, foreigners
  101. Ex-official's home to be sold to pay back SLA
  102. Non-landed private resale prices stalled by loan rules
  103. July Hm Sale
  104. Tranquil homes in the north a draw
  105. Watch the wording in 'offer to purchase' letter
  106. Best and Worst Performing District?
  107. Volume Down But Price Up!!
  108. 481 PCs + 112 ECs = 593 units sold in Jul 2013
  109. TOP in July 2013
  110. Whether you're a Tom, Dog or Hello Kitty, you'll get a Home in SG
  111. S'pore new home sales plunge
  112. Why developers can sell at future prices
  113. 8 n00b property investor mistakes that veterans would cringe at
  114. Paya Lebar Airport impact
  115. After hearing NDR 2013, where would u choose to invest now?
  116. Property market set for 2016 supply avalanche
  117. More than 200 units sold at Tembusu: sources
  118. Some Parc Oasis owners contesting new parking fees
  119. Sales of new private homes plunge 73%
  120. Loan curbs effective? Too early to tell
  121. Kovan sparkles with new condo launches
  122. Freehold Tessarina takes top spot
  123. Construction boss digs deep to build up strong brand
  124. Avant at Aljunied condo up for sale
  125. Flight plan to free up 800 ha of land
  126. Allgreen to start River Valley condo sales
  127. Prospects for airbase land excite developers
  128. Good times over for luxury home market
  129. Expat housing allowance
  130. Blackstone eyes Europe, Asia for real estate investment
  131. Smaller developers teaming up for bids
  132. Govt payouts rise as more land is acquired
  133. Surge in new homes 'will push rents, prices down'
  134. Ardmore still resilient in luxury condo stakes
  135. Chip board and hollow dry wall
  136. New launches with estimated price
  137. How to make best use your roof terrace
  138. Question on S&P Not Approved
  139. 鞋盒一级棒! Shoebox units in demand
  140. Buying BUC direct from developers is always the safest bet?
  141. Wing Tai CEO said market is turning.
  142. September property launches closely watched
  143. Cooling measures push buyers to small homes
  144. PRs may go 'private' after resale flat curbs
  145. Wing Tai to look for opportunistic site purchases
  146. What happened to all the HDB cooling measures threads ah
  147. New PRs 'likely to eye private homes under $1m'
  148. TDSR rule may be driving homebuyers to small units
  149. Developers giving house hunters more leeway
  150. Shoebox units lift resale home prices
  151. PRs may switch to mass-market condos
  152. Tampines North will have 21k homes
  153. Heeton seeking single buyer for [email protected]
  154. Singapore a new era is coming
  155. Massive health-care complex by 2030 (will this be positive for the area?)
  156. Ensuring fairness in home ownership
  157. Developers dangle rental guarantees to attract buyers
  158. Cooling measures hit auction market
  159. External walls
  160. After Yishun central condo price hit record high...
  161. Advice needed - decouple UnderCon Private
  162. Private resale home prices edge up 1.5 per cent in August: SRX
  163. Developers trim prices as new reality bites
  164. FCL units' stunning bid for Yishun plot
  165. Heeton looks to mass market and beyond
  166. Alexis psf signals a bubble in MM
  167. Waterfront condominium sails into troubled waters
  168. URA New WebSite
  169. New launches to test sting of loan curbs
  170. Small in size but they could grow in demand
  171. New loan rules drive up prices of resale private flats
  172. Popular sells two homes to its CEO
  173. The analogy of a blissful marriage and a good property
  174. Singapore Developer Sued by Homeowners in Wealthy Enclave
  175. TDSR casts shadow over sales at new launches
  176. Homeowners sue developer of luxury Sentosa Cove condo
  177. Seller’s Stamp Duty — a double-edged sword?
  178. Tanjong Pagar, Paya Lebar to be biggest 'blank slates' for developers:Redas president
  179. Short-term home rentals illegal, warn authorities
  180. Tepid weekend for property market
  181. Land costs 'outpaced rise in home prices'
  182. $442.3m for unique Mount Sophia site
  183. Developer showing new spirit of daring
  184. Sentosa condo's repair costs lower than claimed: Ho Bee
  185. Redas chief sees bright future for property sector
  186. Condo to be priced lower than neighbour Sky Habitat
  187. Is there any new launch at Hillview Terrace?
  188. Collection of key
  189. 742 PC + 726 EC = 1468 units sold in August 2013
  190. Claims of flaws at Sentosa villa
  191. Property market faces higher risk of correction, say experts
  192. Pasir Panjang relaxed with minimal crowds
  193. Aug home sales up from July, down from year ago
  194. Private residential sales won't rebound sharply in September
  195. Paya Lebar land will be ‘worth billions’ in positive returns
  196. Why property price is still holding??
  197. Govt to look into ownership rights of underground space
  198. New private home sales up 54% over July
  199. TDSR continues to bite in August developer sales
  200. Shoebox units lift Q2 demand for rental homes
  201. Leaky pipes, flooding and blackouts...
  202. Don’t blame it all on TDSR
  203. Cluster Housing - higher demand in future
  204. A plan to house 2m more people
  205. Shoebox units fuelling demand for rental homes
  206. Hard to find condo unit under $1,000 psf
  207. Buyers snap up units at Thomson Three, beating expectations
  208. Illegal leasing at Marina Bay condo
  209. Dilemma between Sky Vue Vs Trilinq
  210. Adding value through innovation
  211. Property curbs keep speculators at bay
  212. CapitaLand's not-so-small about turn
  213. Residential sector hardest hit by TDSR
  214. A less than perfect new home- article in the Sunday Times 29 September 2013
  215. Private home prices predicted to fall 10-20% by 2015
  216. Options galore for Bishan-Thomson buyers
  217. Sembawang property scene comes to life
  218. Issues at condos over the years
  219. Shoebox units help Sky Vue sell 85% of units launched
  220. URA offers two sites at Upp Serangoon View for sale
  221. Buffet of New Launches. Mai scare!
  222. Prices of small condo units up again
  223. OCR is the winner...AGAIN
  224. Buying Attitude Index - Q4 2013
  225. Slight rise in private resale home prices
  226. Moderate bids likely for 2 Serangoon sites
  227. Lessons Learnt from seeing Showflats
  228. Comparison between SV and Thomson 3
  229. Debt servicing rule dents prices, volumes
  230. Why this new MM rental below $2k?
  231. Need advise on lease contract
  232. How do you furnish rental apartments?
  233. Home prices could dip 20% by end-2015
  234. Condo owner wins suit over flooding against neighbour
  235. Buying a BUC for investment is not as lucrative as it sounds?
  236. Homes with lower absolute prices do well
  237. Need advice
  238. 1Recent trend of hyping up property near industrial areas?
  239. Has CCR property lost its shine?
  240. The Business Times Property 2013 (September)
  242. Top five gimmicks of new launch (part I)
  243. Hello everyone
  244. TOP date for Water View?
  245. Venue Residences/Shoppes to be priced at $1,450 psf
  246. Developers gearing up for residential launches
  247. Private home resale prices and rents drop
  248. Rental Unit
  249. BTO commercial
  250. Mixed strata and landed in the same project