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  1. S'pore property still an investment choice
  2. Cheap properties galore in Geylang
  3. The MRT guide to home prices
  4. Home prices fall after 4yrs
  5. Developers may be first to feel the chill
  6. Analysts say developers have to be more creative to drive sales
  7. Spruced-up Balestier set to create buzz
  8. Private home buyers cautiously optimistic about Singapore's property sector
  9. Dream home chase turns bad
  10. Prime non-landed home prices fall 4.2% in Q3
  11. Private home sales up in Sept
  12. Over 2,000 homes for Q4 launch?
  14. Property sub-sales net $95m profits
  15. UBS Investment Research - Singapore Residential - 21 October 2008
  16. Private property prices down 2.4% in Q3
  17. Private property prices, rents fall
  18. URA data shows more completions put on hold
  19. Private property prices seen falling 5-6% in '09-10
  20. Luxury condo prices come off their peaks
  21. Property auctions see few takers
  22. Govt stops outright land sales
  23. Government should leave land prices to market forces
  24. Govt should not help developers
  25. Property firms reach out with online portals
  26. Fewer cluster homes may be built
  27. Completed products may be the way to go for developers
  28. Home developers may put launches on hold
  29. Falling home prices may cut GDP growth
  30. No bids for Punggol EC site
  31. Redas offers more insights after bleak reports
  32. Condo virtual tour,transaction,floor plan,photos
  33. River Valley condo Luma relaunches with prices halved
  34. Condo launch goes ahead despite gloom
  35. New home sales on hold: CDL
  36. About 50 homebuyers walked away from deals in October
  37. Cluster homes drawing flak from residents
  38. Dismal sales of private homes in Oct
  39. UBS Property Report 17 Nov 2008
  40. Developers want govt to turn back clock on several policies
  41. URA gives sales details for 2 Reserve List sites
  42. Savills sees over 20% drop in luxury home prices
  43. Good time to buy an exec condo?
  44. REAL ESTATE AGENTS: Downgraders, bargain hunters are main clients
  45. Redas urges 3-way plan to boost confidence
  46. Property market now shows classic signs of downturn
  47. M'sians again in top spot as foreign home buyers
  48. Deferred payment scheme: Averting a crisis
  49. Lee Tat wins legal battle against Grange Heights residents
  50. Eyes on demand as govt keeps land supply in check
  51. Life after DPS won't be crippling for developers
  52. Adding quality to condo life
  53. Don't buy, don't sell
  54. Time to put an official number to DPS units
  55. Property agents say more private homes on sale amid downturn
  56. High-end projects take a knock, suburban condos edge higher
  57. Bigger slice of a smaller pie?
  58. Property Firms Reach Out With Online Portals
  59. Uncovering gems amid property gloom
  60. More move-in apartments available
  61. 192 private homes sold in November, up 63% on-month
  62. Risk profiling for home buyers?
  63. JLL sees property interest picking up here as investors exit other markets
  64. Value of properties sold through auctions plumbs 10-year low
  65. Long-term property investors should bet on S'pore: Analyst
  66. S'pore banks tighten credit criteria as property prices fall
  67. Size of the DPS behemoth
  68. Firms shelve supply of 1,000 new apartments
  69. El-Ad looks to offload South Beach, Futura stakes: sources
  70. Singapore's private home sales, prices & rents fall sharply in Q4
  71. The story of three slumps
  72. Don't be in a hurry to reinstate DPS
  73. Medium- to long-term prospects for S'pore property sector still strong
  74. DTZ expects 2009 to echo property price plunge of 2008
  75. Rejuvenation for Jurong residential areas
  76. Time to lower home prices
  77. Developer wins right to Newton land
  78. Tenants leaving with debt unsettled
  79. URA Q4 private home price index slips 5.7%, HDB resale flat up 1.5%
  80. Angry buyers clash with developer Wing Tai over alleged defects
  81. Where to find? psf trends of any particular condo for past 5 years
  82. Q4 private home price slide is worst in decade
  83. Some bargains for house hunters
  84. Visitors throng Nova 88 showflat
  85. When a price fall isn't a price fall
  86. CBRE: More than half of high-end condos unsold
  87. UBS Investment Research - Singapore Residential 6 January 2009
  88. Bargain hunting starts in tepid property market
  89. Will developers be the first to blink?
  90. Raking in rent - minus the rant
  91. Bull run over for Singapore property
  92. Harder knock seen for property prices
  93. Simon Cheong to serve another term as Redas head
  94. Help for Centris condo buyers
  95. Private home buyers, sellers at impasse
  96. Private home launches in Dec 2008 at record low
  97. CBRE Luxury Residential Market (Jan 2009)
  98. Singapore high-end properties likely to keep dropping in price
  99. Should "developer selling price" be used as a reference now?
  100. The comforts of home prices
  101. Read this before you rent a place
  102. UBS Investment Research - Singapore Residential 16 Jan 2009
  103. Home prices still falling, study shows
  104. Singaporeans less likely to cut spending on property and renovations: survey
  105. Japanese firm wants apartment block near MRT
  106. Playing the waiting game
  107. Property tax on land under development deferred: Tharman
  108. Private housing supply shrinking as prices fall
  109. Developers grateful for small mercies
  110. Special measures to lift property sector
  111. Man, 72, found dead in Woodlands condo
  112. Carrots galore for home buyers
  113. 13-year-old drowns in condo pool
  114. Calling off home deals not so easy
  115. Help for cash-strapped home buyers
  116. Project TOP in 2009
  117. Useful Software For Property Agents in Singapore
  118. Rush for URA approvals before window closed
  119. Advice Needed
  120. En bloc units being rented out at half price
  121. Urgent advice
  122. Do you earn enough to live in condo?
  123. Developers still want demand-side measures
  124. New home completions could come in below URA estimates
  125. Frasers Centrepoint previewing Caspian soon
  126. Developers will cut, but not slash, rents
  127. Buyers and sellers at stand-off
  128. How much interest are you paying for your bank loan?
  129. Wing Tai to defer projects on profit slump
  130. Over 300 Caspian units sold, price up 3.5%
  131. Condo developers biding their time
  132. What's Your home worth today?
  133. New positive spin on S'pore's real estate sector
  134. Write down and start selling
  135. Some prime projects trading lower
  136. S'pore home prices likely to fall further
  137. Mice who roar in the property market
  138. Launch of 6 more condos likely in next few months
  139. Three home loan repayment strategies
  140. Alexis at Alexandra pulls in the punters
  141. CDL cuts prices of Livia units by about 5%
  142. Buoyant property launches defy poor economy
  143. Property players look beyond black January
  144. Residential rentals set to slide further as companies cut costs
  145. Some Alexis buyers offer units in subsalemarket
  146. Does every agent has a car?
  147. Sell or Rent?
  148. Property buyers hit a bump on sliding valuations
  149. Avoiding property tussles
  150. Short Term Rental Market in Dubai
  151. Short Term Rentals In Singapore
  152. US ouse Prices Will Rise Greatly over the Next Few Years, Buy Now?
  153. Developers' home sales top 1,000 units in Feb
  154. Keen to cash in on mortgagee sales?
  155. Stocktake for Developers
  156. UBS real estate 25 Feb 2009
  157. More mass market projects to launch
  158. ‘It’s not the time to buy’
  159. 'Flippers' back at condo launches
  160. Property market starting to stir
  161. Developers get ‘kiasu’
  162. Interest Absorption Scheme gains popularity but not all buyers satisfied
  163. Downturn, downsize
  164. Embarassment:Keppel Land Imposed Erroneous & Onerous Indemnity Clause on Sellers!
  165. Agent refused house viewing.
  166. Procedure in buying a condo from sub-sale
  167. 80 units of Simei condo sold
  168. S'pore tumbles 30 places on global home price index
  169. Subsale deals pick up as investors bail out
  170. Sale of private homes to foreigners slips to 24%
  171. Fairly brisk sales for new condos
  172. Huge interest but few actual sales
  173. Private property developers may introduce rental guarantee schemes
  174. More projects with small units to be released this weekend
  175. UOL sells 70 more units in Double Bay over weekend
  176. Small flats, big sellers
  177. TOP chance to pick up condo bargains
  178. Private home sales up tenfold to 1,323 units in February
  179. Goldman Sachs on Properties 18 March 2009
  180. Some bleed from subsales but most come out ahead
  181. The Sail generates top gains in subsale deals
  182. Buying/ Viewing Tenated Units
  183. KepLand defers construction of Marina Bay Suites
  184. Rents in prime areas head south
  185. Price fall for S'pore prime homes 5th largest globally
  186. Property 2009 - The Business Times Supplement
  187. Househunt 2009
  188. Home hunters pack showflats in Balestier
  189. Number of repossessed properties rises 18% in Q1
  190. Property auction sales up in Q1
  191. Poor sound insulation in condo
  192. Is the property market nuts? Poll
  193. Far East sells 97 units of Mi Casa over past week
  194. Luxury residential rents slide in Q1: DTZ
  195. Private home price declines moderate in Q1
  196. Developers' Q109 pte homes sales at 2,000-2,200: CBRE
  197. New, cheaper private condos see brisk sales
  198. Bad time to buy? It was the best time to upgrade
  199. Price is right for second home
  200. Record 13.8 per cent fall in private home prices
  201. HDB upgraders on the move
  202. City fringe home values fall the most
  203. Property to change name
  204. Singapore is 10th for highest expatriate rents
  205. Sentosa dream gets hazy
  206. Investors warm to cooling condo prices
  207. Two more projects coming onstream
  208. Surprise all round as buyers snap up units at Illuminaire
  209. Property valuers feel the buzz
  210. Swift response to Gallop Gables units
  211. Condos: Buy now or wait?
  212. Fatal Mistakes in Real Estate Investment
  213. Investors pick up higher-end condos
  214. Glitches at Grangeford
  215. Developer fails in 'Amanusa' appeal
  216. Timing's everything for upgraders
  217. Private home sales stay firm
  218. Drunk Filipina fell 5 floors
  219. CityDev sells 150 units of The Arte for $190m
  220. Two insurance firms launch rent protection scheme
  221. Home sales set to rise in 3 to 12 months: CDL
  222. Condo sub-division without tears
  223. Opportunity and timing are key
  224. Condo units turned hotels
  225. City-fringe units not a sure bet
  226. DPS buyer with 20 units at The Fernhill drags feet on payment
  227. 20 units of The Arte sold over weekend
  228. Some developers may turn residential projects into serviced apartments
  229. Analysts say cash-rich investors ready to enter property market
  230. Two signals speak volumes about condo prices
  231. Recovery expected only after mid-2010
  232. Broken crane still dangling
  233. Secondary market buzzes as prices fall
  234. Property sales and rentals down in Q1 2009
  235. First time home buyers discussion
  236. Koh Brothers targets Kovan condo at HDB upgraders
  237. Private home prices spiral further downward
  238. Property market 'still weak'
  239. Sentosa Cove homes on schedule
  240. Developers still putting up project plans
  241. Cheung Kong looking to invest in Singapore's property market
  242. Developers meet valuers in search for common ground
  243. Will DC complicate the green push?
  244. Latest numbers
  245. China investor sells 19 units at Fernhill
  246. What's that condo called again?
  247. Australia fund sees growth in property developments
  248. Any freehold condo within 500m of MRT
  249. URA acts against Grangeford 'dorms'
  250. Will property recover faster than expected?