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  1. Huh? What's a development charge?
  2. Govt waives building premium on lease top-ups
  3. Awareness talk for Land Development Banking for en bloc Condos
  4. Slide in property investment deals continues in Q3
  5. Thomson collective sale back on track after SLA appeal
  6. Golden Mile Towers @ Beach Rd
  7. Q3 property investment sales plunge 79% to $1.1b
  8. Parkway Centre up for collective sale
  9. Laguna Park condo looking to get majority vote to push through en bloc sale
  10. Property investment sales slow to a trickle
  11. En-bloc sales: Review law on sales committees
  12. Gillman Heights en bloc dispute goes to Court of Appeal
  13. Just leave me alone!
  14. Property investment sales fall in Q4 '08
  15. HORIZON TOWERS: 2-year battle to kill deal will end on Friday
  16. GILLMAN HEIGHTS: Final bid by 10 owners to end transaction
  17. Gillman en bloc sale to proceed
  18. DC rates may be cut in unforgiving market
  19. Cairnhill Heights sale: Would-be buyer pulls out
  20. En bloc sales partly to blame for 'vanishing' Singapore
  21. MND slashes development charge rates
  22. Regent Court ruling explained
  23. Mohamed Sultan Road building sold for $35.8m
  24. Property investment sales fall to 10-year low
  25. It's final: Horizon Towers sale is off
  26. Relook en bloc rules
  27. Collective sale impetus fizzles out
  28. En bloc sales: Have safeguards against conflicts of interest
  29. Q1 investment property sales plunge to just $153m
  30. Not the end for en bloc sales
  31. Failed deal nets Horizon Towers owners $1.5m
  32. Gillman Heights sale finally completed
  33. Regent Garden enbloc deal: majority owners lose appeal
  34. En bloc sales are on the way: Analysts
  35. Current quarter sees big jump in property investment sales
  36. All owners to get slice of $1.9m pie
  37. Collective sales to trickle back into market, says Credo
  38. Balmoral, Tagore sites for sale
  39. Queries on en bloc laws: Ministry replies
  40. Hotel Royal family offering Guillemard apt block for sale
  41. Interest in residential land picks up
  42. DC rates poised to change amid churn
  43. En bloc appeal triggers legal questions
  44. Purr-fect end to en bloc tale
  45. Govt revises development charge rates selectively by between 2 & 4%
  46. Four bungalows at Bournemouth Road up for collective sale by tender
  47. Tender for Laguna Park closes with no winner
  48. En bloc fever (or jitters)
  49. Meyer Place up for en-bloc sale, expected to fetch more than S$65m
  50. Room for improvement in en bloc laws
  51. Don't bank on en-bloc jackpot yet
  52. Q3 investment sales jump 71%: report
  53. A Seller's Cautionary Tale From ST Forum 02 Oct 09
  54. Property investment sales triple in Q3 on-quarter to S$2.3b
  55. Laguna Park owners mull lower sale price
  56. Laguna Park en bloc sale called off
  57. Balestier factory sold en bloc
  58. Collective sale: Pine Grove gets nod at latest attempt
  59. Property investment sales tipped to climb again
  60. Mayfair Gardens up for collective sale
  61. More investment deals worth above $100m
  62. Mandarin Gardens' enbloc sales committee disbands
  63. Greenlodge Condominium up for collective sale, asking price S$135m
  64. En bloc sales will likely roar in Tiger year
  65. Save owners from sword of Damocles
  66. Horizon Towers saga roars back to life with new lawsuit
  67. Collective-sale fervour returning
  68. Neptune Court's residents approve appointment of lawyer
  69. Collective sales set to take off again
  70. Lakeside Towers - Potential EnBloc?
  71. Residential development charges up
  72. Horizon Towers suit to proceed
  73. Review law on en bloc sales
  74. Co-owner loses fight to stop collective sale
  75. Collective wish can't be ignored
  76. Allowing one owner to stop majority untenable
  77. Ultimately, drawing the line is a judgment call
  78. Two East Coast en bloc sites on market
  79. Investment land sales up 16 times in Q1
  80. 16 houses at Fort Road close to being sold
  81. Collective sales market stays cool
  82. Horizon Towers lawsuit set to go on
  83. Developers 'not rushing' into en bloc market yet
  84. Value of property investment deals down 8.5% in Q1
  85. Toh Tuck Apartment up for collective sale with asking price of S$35.5m
  86. Keep members of MC, sales committee distinct
  87. new enbloc regulations
  88. Proposed changes to rules on collective sales of properties to streamline process
  89. Tender launched for 5 adjoining shophouses on Upper Bukit Timah Road
  90. Harder to try and try again for en bloc sales
  91. Sitting on a pot of 'collective' gold
  92. Laguna Park's 2nd attempt at en bloc...
  93. New en bloc rules stricter but fairer
  94. Lagoon View's 1st attempt to en bloc
  95. Hillview Terrace residential site put up for sale by tender
  96. Changes to en bloc rules passed by Parliament
  97. Goodrich Park up for tender
  98. Nim Garden Enbloc?
  99. En bloc: Tanglin Shopping Centre up for sale again
  100. Clementi Park owners won't sell at any price
  101. Investment sales zoom past '09 mark
  102. Villa D'Este at Dalvey Road launched for collective sale
  103. LH 99 condos, any potential for en bloc?
  104. Melrose Court For En-bloc
  105. New rules on collective sales from today
  106. More collective sales ahead, but boom unlikely
  107. Selling en bloc? Big gains unlikely
  108. Signs of another en bloc rush
  109. No more 'House of Lims' after $137m sale
  110. OCBC, Pastoral View owners sell sites together
  111. Prime Balmoral Condo up for sale by tender
  112. En bloc rush? Some think not
  113. Paya Lebar, Hougang sites for en bloc sale
  114. 13 shophouses at Owen Road put up for collective sale
  115. Katong apts put up for collective sale
  116. Two more en bloc sites up for tender
  117. Residential sector may lead hike in DC rates
  118. Maison Royale up for en bloc sale
  119. DC rate hikes keep step with property recovery
  120. Newton condo up for sale again - at lower price
  121. Glenville up for en bloc sale
  122. Guillemard Court up for en-bloc sale
  123. Investors look at switching from housing to offices
  124. Cardiff Court to be up for collective sale on Tuesday
  125. Residential investment sales plunged in Q3
  126. [email protected] has been launched for collective sale
  127. Almost $1 billion of collective sales so far in 2010
  128. Telok Kurau View enbloc/ private treaty?
  129. Is your condo going en bloc?
  130. En bloc market still active
  131. Some large estates tried and failed
  132. Hawaii Tower Goes En Bloc
  133. Tulip Garden relaunched for en bloc sale
  134. Big-ticket property deals prop up market
  135. Developers may baulk at price tags
  136. Euro-Asia, Bartley Grove up for collective sale
  137. Share your idea on which development got chance for "En BOC"
  138. Residential collective sales market rebounds
  139. A mild collective sale fever
  140. Property investment hits $21.4b
  141. Small plots reap success en bloc
  142. Small firm with big dreams in collective sales
  143. Owners cut price for Whitley estate
  144. Firms will have to fork out bigger cash proportion
  145. En bloc sales: Dream or reality?
  146. Ying Mansions, Villa D'Este public tenders launched by CBRE
  147. Holland Tower up for en bloc
  148. 3 sites up for collective sale
  149. Tampines Court attemps en-bloc for the 2nd time
  150. en bloc is bad for you
  151. The Sunday Times talks to families whose lives were changed by a collective sale
  152. En Bloc Woes - dealing with small time developer
  153. Peace Centre complex is up for en bloc sale again
  154. Austral View project in Tanjong Rhu for sale
  155. Pandan valley enbloc reserve price up
  156. Pine Grove up for en bloc
  157. DC rates set to go up, say analysts
  158. Grand Tower up for collective sale
  159. Three properties launched for collective sale
  160. En bloc deals, hotels shine in property investment sales
  161. Leong Bee Court up for collective sale
  162. Two residential sites up for sale -Haig Mansion & Lim Tua Tow
  163. landmark tower trying to enbloc again
  164. Cairnhill Mansions up for en bloc sale
  165. Pearlbank Apartments up for enbloc sale
  166. 12 en bloc sale deals sealed, more in pipeline
  167. SP Setia buys Leong Bee Court for $65m
  168. Three residential en bloc sites up for sale
  169. Laguna Park in en bloc market again
  170. La Meyer at 66 Meyer Road offered for en-bloc sale
  171. Will owner of high floor get a premium when en bloc
  172. Vista Park at South Buona Vista up for enbloc
  173. Prime properties up for sale by tender
  174. Park West in enbloc talk? True?
  175. looking for en bloc to rent asap
  176. Kellock Lodge at River Valley Road up for en bloc sale
  177. Olina Lodge, off Holland Village for sale by tender
  178. Choa Kim Keat's Villa at Marine Parade Sold for $103.8m
  179. Investment sales of property dipped in Q2
  180. Brookvale Park put up for sale by tender
  181. En bloc sales hit S$1.7 billion
  182. Bt Timah, East Coast sites up for en bloc sale
  183. Plot ratio??
  184. Crystal Tower up for en bloc sale
  185. Daisy Apartments up for en bloc
  186. enbloc very powerful word in marketing apts...
  187. Crystal Tower, Daisy Apts up for collective sale
  188. Foreigners snap up 17.6% of Q2 property investment deals
  189. Peace Centre site again up for collective sale
  190. Slow going for en bloc sales, especially those above $100m
  191. St Patrick's Garden En Bloc..
  192. Does SSD apply to En Bloc sale?
  193. Redevelopment site at Geylang Rd up for sale
  194. Hong Leong Garden Shopping Centre launched for sale by tender
  195. Katong Park Towers
  196. Enbloc news: Riviera Point
  197. Park West up for enbloc sale
  198. Robin Road freehold site on en bloc sale
  199. Lag factor may have given twist to DC rates
  200. 2 residential sites in District 10 up for sale
  201. Parkway View comes up for collective sale
  202. Pacific Mansion on the market for $990m
  203. Freehold residential sites up for en bloc
  204. Faber Garden up for $830m collective sale
  205. Dunearn Gardens up for collective sale
  206. Faber Garden owners seek $830m in en bloc offer
  207. Laguna Park owners eye $1.25b sale
  208. Green Lodge put up for collective sale, EOI at Oxley
  209. Henry Park Apartments offered for collective sale
  210. Thomson View up for sale
  211. Chateau Eliza up for sale
  212. Three sites in Upper Thomson, Lavender, Mt Elizabeth for sale
  213. Coronation Grove re-tendered with lower asking price
  214. Property investment sales drop in Q3
  215. Neptune Court On Privatisation Path Now
  216. En bloc U-turn ends in court
  217. 2012 could be a quiet year for collective sales
  218. Collective sales surge past $3b mark
  219. Asia Gardens, Jade Towers up for enbloc sale
  220. Enbloc regulations
  221. Slew of collective sales hits the market
  222. En-bloc fever "appears to be receding"
  223. Two Balestier sites up for en bloc sale
  224. Two more freehold properties offered for collective sale
  225. What's a Development Charges Rate, charged by The Ministry of National Development?
  226. Mum loses bid for half share of en bloc sale
  227. D9 D10 D11 enbloc potential or D3 D4 D15 OCR better enbloc potential
  228. Tai Keng Court goes en bloc
  229. Bartley, Kovan sites up for collective sale
  230. Enbloc and SSD?
  231. Grange Road site tipped for collective sale
  232. 99-year-lease homes on freehold land 'harder to sell en bloc'
  233. Development charge rates revised by MND
  234. Condo that tried but NEVER got enbloc...
  235. Westvale up for en bloc sale
  236. Big property deals now in cold storage
  237. Real estate investments down in first quarter
  238. Cheaper sites form bulk of collective sales
  239. Cavenagh Gardens up for en bloc sale
  240. HOT contest for Tai Seng Industrial.
  241. Harbour View Gardens up for sale
  242. Two collective sales hit the market
  243. Novena Ville up for collective sale
  244. Landed properties at Amber Road go en bloc
  245. Two freehold residential sites on market
  246. Peace Centre, Mansion take new tack
  247. Sophia Mansions offered for en bloc sale
  248. Whitley Road condo up for collective sale
  249. Big-ticket property deals are bouncing back, and the trend is likely to continue
  250. Is Nam Peng Centre Being En-Block?