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  1. Landmark Tower up for public tender
  2. Asia Gardens back on market at lower price
  3. Three freehold residential sites up for collective sale
  4. Property investment deals pick up in Q2
  5. Former crocodile farm site put up for sale
  6. Property investment transactions up on low interest rate
  7. Chateau Eliza offered for collective sale again
  8. Southbank SOHO units up for sale
  9. Freehold Kovan residential site up for sale
  10. Shan Gate offered for en bloc sale
  11. Factory at Sims Drive sold for $43m; Thomson View condo back on en bloc market
  12. Residential DC rates poised to climb
  13. Newbie qn on value allocation
  14. Development charges go up today
  15. CIT not selling Lam Soon units at the moment
  16. Minority owners sue over costs
  17. Big-ticket property deals reach $8.5b in Q3
  18. Villa Des Flores up for collective sale with $165m price tag
  19. Property investment picks up in third quarter
  20. Far East on hunt... ...
  21. Mountbatten condo up for collective sale
  22. Q3 investment sales soar
  23. 2 Tg Katong shophouses put up for public tender
  24. Two redevelopment sites up for sale
  25. SSD in en bloc cases
  26. Will LH99 condo be enbloc before lease expires?
  27. Developers get more room for en bloc sites
  28. Investment sales of property reach $28.7b this year
  29. Collective sales players in no hurry to bid for sites
  30. Condo Enbloc discussions
  31. Paya Lebar industrial site up for en bloc sale
  32. Kismis Lodge up for en bloc sale again
  33. Objections to Thomson View sale
  34. Villa Des Flores up for collective sale again
  35. 21 Anderson put up for sale for $250-260m
  36. DC rate hike Mar-Sep 2013
  37. Commercial, hotel use DC rates climb steeply
  38. More homes 'may be sold en bloc as prices peak'
  39. Kovan Lodge put up for collective sale again
  40. Middle Rd property up for en-bloc sale
  41. Lam Soon Industrial Building relaunched for collective sale
  42. Spring Grove may hit market at $1b
  43. Pearls Centre owners compensated with ex-gratia payment
  44. Property investment sales slide 39% in Q1
  45. Court slams $200k inducement, refuses to clear en bloc sale
  46. Forced Sale & Beyond
  47. Real estate investment plunges 33% in Q1
  48. Guillemard Road condo up for collective sale
  49. Hougang condo up for collective sale
  50. Enbloc is returning.
  51. Thomson View owners get more time to obtain Order of Sale
  52. 'No broker' Gilstead Court tender closes
  53. Eunosville seeks $688m in collective sale bid
  54. Thomson View en bloc sale: Hearing starts
  55. Payment a favour, not an inducement: Thomson View agent
  56. Hillview House put up for sale
  57. Thomson View case looks at buyer option
  58. Row may block Gilstead Court collective sale
  59. No-go for Harbour View Gardens sale
  60. DC rate hikes expected to be conservative
  61. DC rate revision leaves many a market player agog
  62. Court halts Thomson View collective sale
  63. Katong, Bt Timah housing sites up for sale
  64. What went wrong at Thomson View?
  65. Guillemard condo lowers its price for en bloc sale
  66. Tackling abuse of proxy votes at estate general meetings
  67. Debunking wrong ideas about DC rates
  68. Row over Gilstead Court sale rages on
  69. Reit flotations shore up Q3 property investment sales
  70. Riviera Point up for sale
  71. Three residential sites up for collective sale
  72. Property investment sales hit record $13.3b
  73. Failed Thomson View sale: CEA studying court's findings
  74. Thomson View owners face big legal bill now
  75. New row over Gilstead collective sale
  76. Over at last: Legal dispute over Horizon Towers en bloc sale
  77. Gilstead Court sale takes new twist
  78. Tuan Sing unit drawn into Gilstead Court row
  79. En bloc sale: 80% of owners must give nod first
  80. Two sets of properties on the market
  81. Jervois Gardens up for sale by tender
  82. Two residential sites launched for collective sale
  83. Eunosville revives collective sale bid
  84. Property investment sales tumble in Q4 despite big deals
  85. Non-residential en bloc to sizzle
  86. Property investment sales predicted to drop to $21-$23b this year
  87. Development in Moulmein up for collective sale
  88. Katong Omega En bloc??
  89. Weakness in en bloc market to continue, say analysts
  90. Fees raised for commercial, hotel sites
  91. 38 units at The Draycott up for sale
  92. Q1 investment sales of property remain sluggish
  93. Rift widens in Gilstead Court sale committee
  94. Spring Grove gets owners' OK to go en bloc
  95. Residences dominate Q1 investment activity
  96. Deal or no deal
  97. Pearl Bank owners bank on conservation order
  98. Wilshire condo in District 10 heading for sale en bloc
  99. Condo owners' group loses appeal on costs
  100. All eyes on Spring Grove en bloc bid
  101. Kheam Hock Gardens put up for en bloc sale
  102. En bloc sales still the way to go: Colliers
  103. Tanglin Shopping Centre up for collective sale again
  104. 2 Jln Besar properties on the market
  105. DC rates for non-landed residential use dip on weaker home prices
  106. Still no go for collective sale of Tanglin Shopping Centre
  107. Cairnhill Mansions in collective sale bid
  108. Fragrance Court up for en bloc sale
  109. Derby Court up for collective sale with $68.3m price tag
  110. Owners' bid to recover legal fees dismissed
  111. Thong Sia Building up for collective sale
  112. Peace Mansion, Peace Centre up for collective sale again
  113. Watershed year as investment sales slump to S$17b-18b
  114. Five adjoining shophouses to be auctioned as single bloc
  115. Morgan Stanley fund mulls bulk sale of luxe units
  116. K Line sells six shophouses on Peck Seah St for S$42.8 million to fund manager
  117. Bloc of 16 units at 111 Emerald Hill sold for about S$75m via sale of shares
  118. Gilstead Court finally gets nod for sale en bloc
  119. Development charges for condo sites cut again
  120. Two Gilstead Court owners file appeal over collective sale
  121. Shan Court Collective Sales
  122. Amber Park condo goes en bloc in June
  123. Sophia Rd condo up for sale en bloc
  124. Collective sale of Gilstead Court off after twists and turns
  125. Amber Park's third en bloc attempt fails
  126. Stamp duty for enbloc sales
  127. Shunfu Ville poised for en bloc sale launch
  128. Proposed collective sale of Euro-Asia Apartments, 1037 Serangoon Road
  129. DC rate for industrial use cut but left unchanged in other use groups
  130. $688m price tag for Shunfu Ville collective sale
  131. Q3 property investment sales dive to lowest level since Global Crisis
  132. Court rules on collective sales tainted by bad faith
  133. Why collective sales slowly losing shine
  134. Euro-Asia Apartments eyes collective sale
  135. Pearl Bank owners appeal for change in conservation criterion
  136. Two developers show interest in Shunfu Ville sale
  137. Lodge 77 up for en bloc sale
  138. Meyer [email protected] Road collecting signatures
  139. Lam Soon building collective sales
  140. Normanton Park collective sale: Interest but no bids
  141. Balestier Point could be up for collective sale
  142. Q1 property investment sales set to plunge to near seven-year low
  143. Lower consent threshold for collective sales
  144. Property investment sales plunge 74% in Q1: DTZ
  145. Property firm fined $74,000 over conflict of interest in en bloc deal
  146. Freehold site in Novena up for sale for S$26m
  147. Shunfu Ville sale may be one-off
  148. $1.3b deals put focus on foreign players' presence
  149. Shunfu Ville deal revives collective-sale dreams
  150. Harbour View Gardens up for collective sale
  151. Property investment sales in Q2 come to S$6.9b
  152. So you want to go en bloc...
  153. Former HUDC estate at Potong Pasir could be put up for collective sale
  154. Stevens Court?
  155. Development charges up for private apartment sites
  156. Raintree Gardens up for sale en bloc
  157. Shunfu Ville faces hiccups after sale
  158. TwentyOne Angullia Park owner in talks with bidders
  159. More collective sales in store next year
  160. Collective sales make blockbuster comeback
  161. Property investment sales surge to 3-year high
  162. High Court approves Shunfu Ville collective sale
  163. En-bloc Potential of Sommerville Park
  164. One Tree Hill Garden to be up for en bloc sale
  165. 4-storey building near Beauty World Centre up for sale
  166. Former HUDC estate Rio Casa to be up for en bloc sale
  167. For sale: Former HUDC estate in Eunos
  168. Toh Tuck site draws record 24 bids, $265m offer
  169. MCL Land tipped as top bidder for Eunosville sale
  170. 3 collective deals in a week; is enbloc fever back in Singapore?
  171. 2 more HUDC estates aim to sell en bloc
  172. Is en bloc fever back? Analysts are split
  173. FH Albracca at Meyer Road gunning for en-bloc
  174. Collective sales destroying communities
  175. Meyer Road condo offered for collective sale at $62m to $65m
  176. Singapore housing market buzzes with return of en bloc sales
  177. Ex-HUDC Serangoon Ville up for collective sale
  178. en bloc land too big, can split or not
  179. Collective-sale hopefuls
  180. Top condos with en bloc potential
  181. How I see Enbloc....too many already!!!!!
  182. Pearl Bank Apartments making 4th attempt for collective sale
  183. Villa D’Este up for en bloc sale at $96 mil
  184. Dalvey Road freehold condo put up for collective sale at $96m
  185. City Plaza En Bloc
  186. En bloc fever back in Singapore, with 7 collective sale transactions this year
  187. En bloc, huge deals push S'pore up on list of most active markets in Asia-Pac
  188. Katong property up for sale, expects offers of S$57-61m
  189. Golden Wall Centre
  190. Park West condo up for third collective sale attempt with expected price of $750 mil
  191. Historic Sloane Court Hotel to make way for 12-storey condo
  192. En-bloc fever heats up with Amber Park, Jervois Gardens
  193. Development charges rise amid collective sale fever
  194. Latest bout of en bloc sales could yield over 12,000 new homes
  195. Owners driven by fears of hike in GLS supply
  196. En bloc surge has legs if pricing stays realistic
  197. Too many deals, too few en bloc lawyers
  198. En bloc fever
  199. En-bloc fever is back
  200. Windfall gains from en-bloc fever are likely to be capped
  201. Dairy Farm Estate en bloc
  202. En bloc sale – the good, the bad and the ugly
  203. Pine Grove residents plan $1.65b collective sale
  204. Braddell View gets closer to kick-starting process
  205. Singapore could see another en-bloc sale cross $1b mark if posh Spring Grove succeeds
  206. ICB Shopping Centre headed for en bloc launch at S$65-70m
  207. Market for big properties on the hop
  208. Consider abolishing seller's stamp duty for collective sales
  209. Cairnhill Mansions to be launched for collective sale at $2,101 psf ppr
  210. En bloc sale committee, your window of opportunity won't last long, says Donald Han
  211. Broker's take: JP Morgan says Singapore en bloc frenzy is sustainable
  212. Keep an eye on land bids
  213. Collective sale fever: How much longer will it last?
  214. Windfall, but got to move again
  215. Jalan Besar Plaza makes third try at collective sale with S$390m target
  216. Owners moving fast to catch collective sales wave
  217. Owners of Tai Wah Building along Killiney Road seek S$81m bid
  218. En bloc fever benefits only a few
  219. Ex-HUDC estate Ivory Heights preparing for collective sale, seeking S$1.34b
  220. Two mixed-use sites launch collective sales
  221. Royalville in Bukit Timah priced at S$368m in collective sale
  222. Collective sales: Why some owners missed out
  223. Collective sales to rise through 2018 into 2019: Colliers International
  224. Leonie Gardens to try to sell estate en bloc
  225. Nim Gardens, Ridgewood owners form collective sales committees
  226. Keeping collective sales on even keel
  227. Foreign developers throwing lines into Singapore's en bloc pond
  228. En bloc contagion spreads to commercial, mixed-use properties
  229. Crystal Tower up for collective sale at $138 mil
  230. developers prefer LH property to FH in current enbloc boom
  231. Mayfair Gardens in collective sale bid
  232. 2 freehold sites in prime area launched for sale
  233. URA's request for en bloc tender details intrigues market
  234. En Bloc Timeline
  235. Tanglin Shopping Centre makes third attempt to be sold en bloc
  236. More estates get in on collective sale action
  237. 11 Balmoral Rd up for collective sale for $75m asking price
  238. Jervois Green up for sale by tender for $48m
  239. En bloc sales may run into new road-block
  240. Collective sale fever: Spotlight on decaying home leases
  241. Instant millionaire from collective sale, but money's for new home and retirement
  242. En Bloc 2017
  243. En bloc sales may run into new road-block
  244. Pearlbank among four condos to sell en bloc
  245. Vista Park eyes $350m in collective sale tender
  246. Kismis View up for collective sale at $102m
  247. Developers 'in two main camps over how much to bid for land'
  248. Brookvale Park in Sunset Way up for en-bloc sale
  249. Tempers fray over bid to sell Pine Grove en bloc
  250. Government should help older Pine Grove residents