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06-06-07, 11:30
Hello people,

Any comments on Burlington Square? I heard that it is popular with expats and presents a very interesting investment opportunity. Not sure what is the going rental rate now, anyone?

Many thanks for sharing.


06-06-07, 15:37
This is a good investment now. This area will see a rise in prestige in the coming years as the shops become more high end. New hotels will be built in the area. Very conducive for tertiary students as this is part of the "arts" and civic district in the Dhoby Ghaut area. This place has lots of potential.

06-06-07, 20:20
Looking @city square for investment . Any comments on this project too? thanks

06-06-07, 22:39
yes, I also think that this is a great place. Nearby Sunshine Plaza is also good. Heard the rental for 2 bedroom is going at aroound $4k. High rental yield. looking around the unit over there..

08-06-07, 16:16
If a 2 brm rental is 4k then a reasonable price would be around 960k that gives me 5% gross yield, right? That would mean more than $1000 psf.
Has Burlington Square hit the $1000 psf mark, anyone?

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08-06-07, 17:12
Ya by the time you decide it would be $1000 per sq ft

11-06-08, 16:03
Ya by the time you decide it would be $1000 per sq ft

Burlington's last transaction: $1200 psf.