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Thread: When will HDB relax the rule?

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    cannot recall that HDB got relax the rules. But I think some smart industry players will come up with new ideas to counter these rules to move the market.

    When government say no defer payment, players came up with interest absorption scheme.

    The games will be played again and again.

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    Default Early Turning Sign

    I am not trying to enter a debate, just trying to time the market.
    This time round, the price adjustment is caused by HDB price drop, so it will be logical if we closely watch when HDB price will be buttom. And that is mainly affected by the rule to be relaxed.
    There is an article on the newspaper over the weekend, talking about the rules will be relaxed "sooner than expected". Could anyone post the link?
    Of course, most people are now expecting the rule will be there for ever, obviously the rules will not last that long. If the HDB price will further drop until 2012, that might be the time the rule will be relaxed. Again, I am just trying to find the early sign for the next market turn.
    Just a reminder, there is a CEO of a big private developer sitting on HDB board. So soon after the Election, they will start to influnce the rules. HDB upgraders are the first support to the 99LH. If Wing Tai is bidding low end 99LH, they know something we don't.


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    I believe the rules on hdb / private holding will stay. They are trying to decouple or minimise the influence of the two. Which I think is only proper. Those already in the private league should stay with private, unless downgrading for some reason. This rule will stay to run it's course and will take some time. Rules may bent a while though, if there is a crisis. After crisis will revert back. So the rules is meant to stay.

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    The current rules will stay for at least 3 years minimum.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Geylang OKT
    Shouldn't relax the Aug 30 measures at all, at least till the prices normalise back. These HDB flats prices have goner far too high and are now at totally crazy peak prices.

    In 2006, a HDB 3 rm flat in Toa Payoh (near MRT) would cost about $185k to $195k tops.

    Now it is $320k to 330k!
    welcome to the new norm. we have grouses that prices are too high, but are the newly released government state land cheap?

    just a month ago, HDB is selling a brand new 5rm flat in SengKang for $400+k. in my opinion, it doesn't help the situation. if you ask me, it seems like the government wants the cake its hands and eat it at the same time.

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