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Thread: Does "4" command discounts

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    Smile Does "4" command discounts


    I'm jus wandering is it prevalent that unit number with 4 shd be cheaper then similar units within the same development. E.g #04, #10-14.

    Thanks all

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    Go for Smallest Unit

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    Unit on level 4, 14, 24, 34, 44 etc plus 13....

    Some developer only lah.

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    LKY says it's RUBBISH to believe numbers will bring about change of luck (either good or bad).

    But he did say for investment, he would still consider the prevailing belief and how it would affect the prices.

    If I did remember his news article correctly.

    Though... if it's Angmoh or Indonesians buying, the 4 does not have any effect.

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    Bricks & Mortar

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    Believe one need to consult feng shui master, can't say 4 surely bad, depend on many other factors, owner's characters,etc

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    I know ang mo dont like to stay on 13th floor and some overseas project skip floor 13th (true??) and chinese will try to avoid 14.....hehe

    But to me dont care lah....any number also can... but with 888 would be better at least most people feel good about it. esp 28.

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