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Thread: Caribbean At Keppel Bay (D4, 99-year Leasehold, by Keppel Land)

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    Talking Re: Caribbean At Keppel Bay (D4, 99-year Leasehold, by Keppel Land)

    Quote Originally Posted by aim, cock, and fire!
    I know you are the same guy posting over at the Reflections thread, because you have a space before all your punctuation marks! LOL! You are a funny guy you know.

    Anyway what I want to say is, fools DO rush in. However do you know why they are called fools? Rushing in to buy is not the problem. The problem lies with themselves - they are not prepared, they never did their research, they never adequately analysed the property they rushed in to buy.

    Savvy investors/speculators would have done all their groundwork, research, finance preparations, etc. to the extent of driving down to the site to survey and recce the place as well as every other building, office, condo, road, bus route, MRT, expressway, and even coffeeshop that is within 1 KM of their target property. And they do it well before the launch.

    The rule of the game is same as being a sniper: you pick a target early, spend some time analysing the behaviour and movement of the target, decide whether to abort mission and move on to another target, if staying with the same target then you take aim, wait... wait... wait... wait... wait... until the right moment then BANG. Be the first one to chiong the best unit for the lowest price.
    In fact i have just sniped a mismatched property recently . I am watching the caveats and classifieds asking prices of my property . Secondary market asking very very high , but still waiting for caveats to react .

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    Talking Re: Caribbean At Keppel Bay (D4, 99-year Leasehold, by Keppel Land)

    Good luck to you. Hope you do well as well. Lucky for us SGs are quite stupid and foolish and like to listen to propaganda. If not very hard to make money, hahahaha.

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    Wink Re: Caribbean At Keppel Bay (D4, 99-year Leasehold, by Keppel Land)

    Carribean prices have increased over 30% in 12 months, and the average price continues to increase every month, currently at about $1100psf.
    Reflections is selling fast at over $1900psf, this makes Caribbean price very attractive with runway for growth easily over $1500psf.
    Caribbean has the same fundamental attraction as Reflections, if not better. Vivocity, Harbour Front, Circle Line, Marina and Sentosa IR are all right beside Caribbean. The "bargains" may be gone, but Caribbean will continue to be a good buy at a slight discount to reflections price.

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    Default Re: Caribbean At Keppel Bay (D4, 99-year Leasehold, by Keppel Land)

    Business Times - 20 Apr 2007

    Condos bask in reflected glow of new launches
    (SINGAPORE) New property launches are raising the asking prices of existing developments around them by as much as 10 to 50 per cent within weeks.
    The most recent example is neighbouring developments Reflections at Keppel Bay and Caribbean at Keppel Bay.
    Units at Caribbean - which received its Temporary Occupation Permit in 2004 and is now fully sold - were selling for around $1,000 per sq ft in the secondary market in the first quarter of this year. But since Reflections was launched this month at an average price of about $1,900 psf, asking prices for Caribbean have surged to $1,200-$1,500 psf.
    Property agent Andrew Tan of DTZ Debenham Tie Leung says most of the buyers he has seen are investors who expect prices to keep rising for the next few years. 'They plan to sell it in two years and even if the price goes up by $100 psf they will make money.'
    Another agent, Kenny Tan of ERA, who is also marketing units at Caribbean, says prices have been edging up for a few months. 'The prices for Reflections have supported the increase,' he said.
    Savills Singapore director of marketing and business development Ku Swee Yong says the same spillover effect is happening elsewhere.
    In traditional prime areas, transacted prices for new developments like Orchard Residences, Suites @ Cairnhill and Trillium have hoisted prices of surrounding developments. And in some areas outside the prime districts, new launches appear to have an even bigger impact.
    Mr Ku says that on the East Coast, the launches of The View @ Meyer and more recently Seafront on Meyer - at prices averaging $1,500-$1,600 psf - have boosted prices of existing developments like the 10-year-old The Makena.
    According to Savills' analysis of available data, the average price for The Makena over three months from December 2006 to February 2007 was about $834 psf. Mr Ku says prices have since passed $1,000 psf. Indeed, a check of advertisements in The Straits Times Classifieds recently revealed that some owners are now asking for $1,300 psf.
    Asking prices are not the same as transacted prices, but Mr Ku says valuations that factor in prices of recent transactions in the same area - for old or new property - appear to support higher asking prices. 'The valuation of an older development is dragged up by association,' he said.
    Jones Lang LaSalle national director (head of valuation advisory services, capital markets) Tan Keng Chiam said: 'Empirical evidence has proved that sale prices of new units will influence the value of the neighbouring old developments, be it up or down.'
    There are several methods of calculating valuations, such as direct comparison and income.
    Mr Tan says that with direct comparison, a valuer has to understand the dynamics of the market and judge the appropriate discount for an older development against a newer one. Factors include age, condition, location, amenities and even design.
    The income is based on rental return under current market conditions. 'For older developments, with the current rental being known, one can work out the net yield based on the transacted prices,' Mr Tan said. 'Such yield, when applied to the new development, will present a level of rental which one has to decide is realistic and achievable when the development is completed.'
    Saying that valuations sometimes require a 'reality check', Mr Tan said the income approach can be seen as the 'rational approach'. Ideally, of course, the market finds its own level and it is supported by fundamentals.
    Colliers International associate director (residential) Vincent Chong believes the spike in some prices is not a matter of under or over-valuation, but more of demand and supply.
    'Asking prices for residential developments are based on how the market is performing at the time of the launch,' he said. 'If there is no demand, a project will not sell even if the asking price is very low. Conversely, when demand is high, chances are, benchmark price records are then set - for example, Sentosa Cove and Reflections.
    'When such new launches do well, more often than not the demand will then spill over to the neighbouring properties, and as such, prices for older developments will be re-adjusted upward to reflect the market demand.'
    Copyright 2005 Singapore Press Holdings Ltd. All rights reserved.

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    Habourfront Area

    Default Prospect of Caribbean by the Keppel Bay


    Could any one share if this is a good investment? And currently ~S$1,300psf is it reasonable in current market as I realise some owners bought direct from developer was paying much lower price psf. Thanks

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