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Thread: 2011 National Day Rally Speech

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    Quote Originally Posted by Geylang OKT
    Then that will make hdb prices cheong through the roof several times, precisely what the housing minister is trying to AVOID!

    Hdb flats and their prices should not be the playground of the rich and mighty. If these richer folks want to speculate in currently way overpriced properties within CCR and RCR then let them be. Some folks will always subscribe to the greater fool theory (including me).

    So let the minister take care of the needy and average masses instead!
    And the "masses" include?

    [B]PE: 2.27m Singaporeans qualify to vote for new President[/B]
    (Who are the other 2mil+ "masses")


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    [URL=""][/URL] if(window.yzq_d==null)window.yzq_d=new Object();window.yzq_d['uCy7AHxsSqY-']='&U=12c517034%2fN%3duCy7AHxsSqY-%2fC%3d-1%2fD%3dLOGO%2fB%3d-1%2fV%3d0';

    [B]The ups, downs, ins and outs of HDB news[/B]

    By iProperty | [URL=""][COLOR=#005790]Property Blog[/COLOR][/URL] Thu, Aug 18, 2011


    [URL=""][/URL] HDB markets are being watched closely (iProperty)

    It's been an eventful few weeks for aspiring homeowners. The [URL=""][COLOR=#005790]Housing and Development Board[/COLOR][/URL] (HDB) recently raised the income ceiling for those looking to buy homes. Couples, the elderly and single people will now find it easier to qualify for a living space.

    In his National Day Rally speech, the Prime Minister stated that the income ceiling for those purchasing built-to-order ([URL=",000-More-BTO-Flats-Announced"][COLOR=#005790]BTO[/COLOR][/URL]) flats will be raised from $8,000 to $10,000. For executive condominium flats, they are to go up to by $2,000 to $12,000. Those aged above 55 and wishing to buy a purpose-built studio apartment for the elderly now have an income ceiling of $10,000. Previously it was $8,000.

    At the same time, households with a high monthly income will receive smaller housing grants than lower earners, in an attempt to create a fair and tiered system, announced [URL=""][COLOR=#005790]National Development Minister Khaw Boon Wan[/COLOR][/URL].

    Potential buyers whose household income is $10,000 are still eligible to receive the entire Central Provident Fund (CPF) Housing Grant worth $30,000. Those earning between $10,000 and $11,000 will receive $20,000. Households that make more than $11,000 will receive $20,000.

    Speaking to reporters at The Pinnacle @ Duxton, Mr Khaw expressed his enthusiasm for the new scheme. "If your income is higher, naturally you won't need the subsidies as much as those earning less than you. Even for those earning more, we will still give them grants, albeit in smaller amounts. I feel this would make for a fairer overall system, and people are more likely to be able to accept it."

    At the same event, Mr. Khaw mentioned figures of the amount of HDB's that are soon to be put up. He said that the [URL=""][COLOR=#005790]HDB[/COLOR][/URL] will release 8,000 flats (a record number) next month. In total, 25,000 flats are to be released this year. In November, for example, 4,000 built-to-order (BTO) flats will enter the market. As for next year, the projection is for a release of another 25,000 flats.

    Some of the released flats will be in mature estates such as Tampines and Kallang/Whampoa. These prime locations are sought-after in the market. He enthused that this would deal with the surge in demand for housing very effectively. "That's why I'm so confident that in three, four years' time, when these units start materialising, whatever pent-up demand, the problem would be largely resolved." He also, however, stressed the need for patience, adding, "It can't happen tomorrow."

    Industry experts say that this increased supply will have a strong effect on the market. Chris Koh, the director of the Dennis Wee Group, has estimated that 10 percent of resale flat buyers may now begin looking for new units. The head of research and consultancy at [URL=""][COLOR=#005790]Jones Lang LaSalle[/COLOR][/URL], Chua Yang Liang, reports that demand could drop by up to 15 percent. And the results are already being noted, says Mr Khaw.

    "I can understand, when prices were going up, everybody rushed in, worried that prices at the next launch would be even higher." He added that the stability brought about as a result of these measures should calm the market.

    Mohamed Ismail, chief executive of PropNex, said that announcements regarding the raising of income ceilings were good news for singles and the elderly. Hailing it as a move "in the right direction," Mr. Ismail told[I] The Straits Times[/I] that the new ceilings would ease the demand in the market and address the needs of these two groups.

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    blah blah blah....

    "I can understand, when prices were going up, everybody rushed in, worried that prices at the next launch would be even higher." He added that the stability brought about as a result of these measures should [B][COLOR="Red"]crash[/COLOR][/B] the market.
    Substitute crash for calm

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