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Thread: PE: Four-cornered fight for Presidential race

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    Quote Originally Posted by land118
    It will be good if future Singapore Presidential election adopt or do a similar to the United States presidential election debates where main candidates get to engage in a debate over an hour..., voters can see and seize up their true colours sometimes during a heated exchange....
    The American presidential debates are a very civil affair. Even when the topics are very controversial and participants get very emotional, participants maintain their decorum and the mediator is respected. The behaviour is very...uhmm... "Presidential"?

    The way TJS reacted in Face to Face when TT interjected seems to show a lack of composure. This was even when the mediator told him to stop. He appeared too agitated and emotional. Mentioning things like people "attacking" his understanding of English may appear to some as an unsophisticated rebuttal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by land118

    Tan Jee Say promises to take $500,000 salary a year if elected
    ha ha he sure knows how to buy insurance for himself. i tot President pay going to be review and reduce to a token sum only. he showing his true self to demand $500k per year

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    Default Tony Tan lampooned by netizens for ‘Dead Fish’ handshake with fishmonger

    If u are fishmonger or hawker in wet market, do you want such a handshake...???

    Tony Tan lampooned by netizens for ‘Dead Fish’ handshake with fishmonger

    PAP-endorsed presidential hopeful Tony Tan has been lampooned by netizens for his ‘Dead Fish’ handshake with a fishmonger in the market.

    Channel 8 showed a clip of Tony Tan hesitantly reaching out to shake the hands of a fishmonger with his thumb facing up which is commonly known as the ‘Dead Fish’ handshake two days ago which was captured by netizens.

    The handshake is described as “ideal for when you really dislike the person you’re shaking hands with, you don’t care to know them, or when you’re feeling lazy and inattentive.”

    To show that this is not the usual handshake of Tony Tan, TR Facebook uploaded 4 other photos of Tony Tan shaking hands with other people using the ‘Power Shake’ which is described as “ideal for business meetings, interviews, or whenever you want to make a solid first impression with a solid person.”

    [Source: TR Facebook]

    Noel Ong was disgusted by Tony Tan’s gesture:

    “A clear indication of status standings. to people he thinks to be of equal standing, or someone whom he is working closely with, the handshake is equal. to someone he looks down on, or does not approve, he shakes above and thumbs down. the open palm means “i dun wanna shake hands with you, but i’ll just let you hold my hand.”

    Kua A K added:

    “Besides thumb up, he actually not clinching his fingers as well. His fingers somehow bended/stretched outwards to minimize the physical contact…”

    Pamela Kea has made up her mind who to vote for after watching Tony Tan’s handshake:

    “If Tony Tan is out getting votes, it is equivalent to going for interview and trying to land this job. I will not give the job to some one with a bad handshake! Tells a lot about a person’s sincerity and character.”

    In his recent speech, Tony Tan kept stressing on his knowledge and experience in handling financial matters. There is not a single word muttered about Singaporeans at all as if they matter nothing to him.

    Singaporeans should seriously consider whether they want another ‘Nathan’ to be their ‘inactive’ President because of ‘limits of the office’ in the next five years.

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    Default Dr Tan Cheng Bock self quarantined after treating patient with SARS

    What Former PM Goh Chok Tong said about Dr Tan Cheng Bock
    “Tan Cheng Bock rang me up to say,‘I have just been told that I’ve treated a SARS patient.’ He decided to quarantine himself and he let several of his friends know because ‘there is nothing to be ashamed of’. But I tell you he was very worried. When he called me.. .he said,‘I am revisiting my will. In case I don’t see you,goodbye.’ This is an example of responsible behaviour.**…

    Former PM Goh Chok Tong 2 May 2003

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    Default Neither Rain nor Thunder can stop Dr Tan Cheng Bock

    Neither Rain nor Thunder can stop Dr Tan Cheng Bock

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