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Thread: PE: Four-cornered fight for Presidential race

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    Quote Originally Posted by ay123
    then TKL should be yr choice he openly said that he is following OTC footstep
    Whahaha.....his english standard machiam like mine wor

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    I am new here...

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    Instead of PE, I tot now more like GE part 2.....

    Daft, Dafter, Dafterest!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by devilplate
    Whahaha.....his english standard machiam like mine wor
    aiya then u should go instead of him. we will have a first ever "devil president"

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    Bricks & Mortar

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    Former DPM Tony Tan’s foreign-talent-first Singaporeans-second university admission policy

    As reported in the Straits Times on 1st August 1997:


    * MORE GRADUATES NEEDED: Singapore will not have enough graduates to service the economy in the year 2000, and steps will have to be taken to boost the intake at the universities here, while attracting more graduates from abroad as well, said Deputy Prime Minister Tony Tan, who oversees university education.

    The panel was set up in 1998 and held its first meeting on 17th April 1998. Although Dr Tony Tan was not on the panel, he was the minister overall in charge of it. Apart from the projected shortage of skilled graduates, one of the other reasons for reviewing university admission criteria was to address the perception that it was almost entirely academic based with no consideration for extra-curricular achievements. The other, seemingly innocuous goal, was to transform the local universities of NUS and NTU into world-class universities.

    Right from the start in 1998, Dr Tony Tan had ruled out that a policy which limits foreigners or protects Singaporean students and graduates was not on the table:


    One student had asked if the Government would implement policies that would protect Singaporeans facing competition from foreigners, for jobs as well as university places.

    Dr Tan answered: “There is no way in which you are going to be able to protect either Singaporeans or Singapore because we are a small country.
    “We don’t set prices. We are a price-taker, not a price-setter,” he said on Thursday.

    Tony Tan’s role

    Here is where DPM Tony Tan’s role came into play. DPM Tan said that while more graduates are needed to keep the economy going (a shortfall of graduates was expected even if NTU and NUS increased their intake), but that increasing the intake was ruled out for fear that it might “lower their standards” and cause them to become “unmanageable”. His solution? Part of it was to instead increase the intake for foreign students from overseas so as to retain education standards, done probably in part to ensure NUS and NTU were seen as world class education institutions which foreigners would flock to:


    Deputy Prime Minister Dr Tony Tan revealed in Parliament that projections by the Ministry of Trade and Industry indicated that Singapore needed 17,000 graduates a year to service its economy.

    With an intake of about 10,000 or 11,000 to NUS and NTU, there would still be a shortfall.

    He ruled out expanding the intake at NUS and NTU, saying that it could lower their standards and cause them to become unmanageable “mega-universities”.

    The better options were to increase the number of tertiary-level institutions and recruit students from overseas.

    In other words, if one is looking to blame any minister for the huge influx of foreign students in local Singapore universities and the huge brain drain of polytechnic graduates who leave for overseas university education (who are unfairly penalised due to consideration of ‘O’ Level grade), DPM Tony Tan appears to be the minister responsible.

    In his quest to ensure the Singapore economy had enough graduates to keep it going and while also trying to boost local university standards and international appeal, DPM Tony Tan set in motion the policy which discriminated against local students in favour of foreign students who, in some apparent cases are not able to qualify for their own country’s competitive university entrance exams.

    Is this not a clear case of putting foreign students ahead of locals? All in the name of boosting the image of NUS/NTU over that of the locals. To make matters worse, CPF money cannot be used for education overseas. Polytechnic students who had to go overseas or resort to expensive college education through distance learning have DPM Tony Tan to thank for putting foreign students overseas ahead of locals.

    It would not be the least bit suprising if it eventually emerged that DPM Tony Tan was the brains behind the policy which explicitly invites foreign students fully sponsored by the Singapore government (and its taxpayers) to study in NUS/NTU and offers them a PR (without the obligation of National Service) upon graduation. Such an ill thought policy marginalises local talents and swells the ranks of non-committed PRs who are in Singapore only as a stepping stone to overseas universities. Here’s an account by a forumer of how such a reverse-discriminatory policy worked.

    Now DPM Tony Tan is running for President. Well when the voting comes, Singaporeans should keep in mind the above.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bargain hunter
    i disagree. i think tcb may be more like ong teng cheong.
    TCB not of the same calibre as OTC. Probably more like a Wee Kim Wee but more out-spoken.

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