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Thread: How high can Dow go in 2012?

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    Default How high can Dow go in 2012?

    Surprise surprise, China-A down 21% in 2011, STI down 17% in 2011 but Dow breaking even in 2011 ... and is about to breakout above resistance, how high would Dow go in 2012?
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    => This may be well become the reason for Dow to rally above 13k in coming months ... note US Fed can publish its own rate forecast to signal to people that low rate is here to stay for next 5y thus significantly bring down long 10y rate and encourage risk taking

    The US Federal Reserve will start to publish forecasts of its own interest rates for years into the future, in a permanent shift in how the world’s most important central bank conducts monetary policy.
    The move, announced on Tuesday in the minutes of the Fed’s December policy meeting, is a victory for Ben Bernanke, the chairman, who has pressed for greater transparency at the Fed since he took over in 2006. It will give markets far more detailed information about how the Fed is likely to change policy in the future.
    In language that could suggest more quantitative easing in order to back up the new forecasts, “a number of members” of the FOMC said they thought economic conditions “could well warrant additional policy accommodation”.
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