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    Quote Originally Posted by hopeful
    it just struck me. that's why bring up this old post.

    do you think NS men are partially subsidising the government ?

    it reminds me of the way plantation companies ask workers to subsidise the companies
    in remote areas, food supplies are hard to come buy and/or companies forbid outsiders to sell inside the plantations. the companies set up canteen or grocery stores to supply food to the workers. of course the supplies are sold at cost + markup. the markup help reduce cost of the plantations.
    easiest to sell is cigarettes.

    quite a number also the workers to provide their their own harvesting equipment, PPE etc. if workers don't have, company will supply them and deduct from their salary.

    similarly for ns, the army rent out the stalls and sell supplies. If you buy camouflage paint, you are paying the government to be tortured.
    all NS men are given SAF credits that can be used at e-marts... so garmen never ask sgeans to subsidize them lar.

    but hor, we subsidize the army market agents at golden mile. lol.. i used to always buy from there as lazy to go down army camp to buy the barang barang.

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