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Thread: Gold

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    Quote Originally Posted by chiaberry
    Personally to me, buying gold is too troublesome.

    I would rather invest in equities. Easier to deal, no storage problem.
    gold is a whole different ball game. it is for preservation.

    gold can keep in a safe in own house. of coz safe deposit box also can. but after what happened to DBS HK.. nothing is safe

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    Quote Originally Posted by cbsh38584
    To those who are familar buying physical PURE GOLD (999.9). Pls help me to understand more about physical GOLD (999.9).

    100 gram of PURE GOLD
    POH HENG Buy @ $8100+7% GST
    Sell back to them @ $8100 - 5% charges
    Sell NON-Poh heng to them. gold $8100-18%

    MAXI-Cash Buy @ $7200. No GST
    Sell back to them @ $6300 No GST

    Money Max Buy @$7300. No GST
    Sell back to them @6500. No GST

    UOB GOLD - Buy @ $6870 (Cant remember actual amt) NO GST
    sell back to them @ $6870 - 2% (cant remember actual %)

    Base on the above PURE GOLD pricing from Pawnshop , Jewellery shop & UOB GOLD. Look like it is more worth to buy from UOB GOLD.

    Is UOB GOLD COIN a better value than 100g gold bar in term of capital appreciation in Long run.
    Any other form UOB gold is of better value than bar & coin ?

    I hv wanted to buy small amt of Gold in HK. But look like I also need to declare & pay GST 7%. I drop the idea.

    Pls do not recommend GOLD GUARANNTEE company.They propose a beautiful investment to buy their gold > $9500 + monthly payout. I propose to them I sell my OWN GOLD to them. Of course they rejected.

    I will buy from UOB as it is a bank and promises buy back. Others I'm not too sure. Gold guarantee companies like Genneva gold seem dubious to me

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    the price difference between 1kg physical and cert is $40, which can be recover in 2 years time, there is "holding cost" for cer, about $20.

    if you buy UOB physical, remember to keep the certificate, if you dont have certificate when you sell, they buy back lower.

    Got somebody in front of queue ask what if UOB sell fake gold bar, the tellers at the Gold department were surprisingly knowledgable about fake gold (tungsten core) bar that has fooled gold shops.
    The tellers say if customer assay the physical gold bar, they will not guarantee, ie they will claim it is not theirs.
    So UOB wrap gold bar in plastic and give receipt with serial number of gold bar. So if you buy gold bar from UOB, dont remove the wrapping and keep receipt.
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    Buy art best , beg tan swie hian to sell you at discount then flip his painting for millions at auction

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