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Once in a while there will be properties that stand apart from the rest in terms of design and economy of purchase, Charlton is 18 is one of them:

Charlton 18 fills a unique niche for buyers who have a premium of SPACE in their homes, which in terms of pricing, puts them in between typical condominium units, and the expensive Penthouses.

Are you paying $7xxk to $1.xxM or more, for:
1. Entire level of terrace
2. Huge PES
3. Huge Balconies
4. Huge AC ledges ?!?!?!

All of the above can easily combine up to ~1,000sqft or more! And imagine paying $7xx psf to $9xx psf for them ?!?!?!

In return, all you get, are:
1. Narrow Hallways
2. Compact Bedrooms
3. Non Effective Layouts
4. Non Efficient Layouts
5. Castrophobic Living Spaces?!?!

Probably the Best Cluster Homes you can find !!! FREEHOLD and Super Near to MRT !!!

Come to : Charlton 18
and discover a whole new living experience:
1. Minimal/Compact PES, terraces
2. Entire level of Master Bedroom & Spacious Bedrooms
3. Effective and Efficient Layouts
4. High Ceiling
5. Abundant Living Spaces

Pricing from $3.28m up
Previews SOON!!

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Mervin Tang
Group Director
Division Lead Trainer, Project Sales
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Huttons Asia Pte Ltd

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