Based on Channel News Asia Report on 9April 2014, Iskandar Malaysia has attracted investments worth a combined 133 billion ringgit (S$51 billion) as of January this year, with Singapore accounting for 24 per cent of foreign investments.

Many companies has benefited from moving into Iskandar Malayisa and one of them is HPH Technologies According to Channel News Asia Report.

About three years ago, Singapore manufacturer HPH Technologies expanded into Iskandar Malaysia to address the issues of space constraint and labour shortage in Singapore.

The company manufactures components to support security-related and semiconductor equipment industries.

It currently has two factories in the economic zone, set up at a cost of S$15 million.

HPH said it has seen business revenue double since its expansion there and reaped 30 per cent savings in labour cost.

The company hires about 130 workers in total, of which 70 are located in Iskandar Malaysia. It also plans to boost its headcount by some 30 per cent by the end of the year.

Its managing director, Lim Hak Poh, welcomed the recent announcement that Singapore will help Malaysia upgrade its vocational training.

He said: "The problem here is (skilled) manpower and our industry needs skilled manpower.

“If we can reach out to the secondary schools across Malaysia, offer them (students) training and apprenticeship, and… bring them to the Singapore companies operating in Iskandar, that would encourage a lot of Singapore companies to move here."

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