[B][SIZE=5]Developers sell 648 private homes in Sept, up from Aug's 437 units[/SIZE][/B]

By Kalpana Rashiwala

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15 Oct

DEVELOPERS sold 648 private homes in September, up from 437 units in August. However, last month's sales figure is about half the 1,237 units they moved in the year-ago period.

The above figures exclude executive condos (ECs), a public-private housing hybrid. Including ECs, developers sold 707 units last month, again an improvement from 495 units in August. In September last year, the figure was 1,649 units.

The above figures were released by the Urban Redevelopment Authority based on monthly submissions of housing sales stats by developers.

[table="width: 500, class: grid, align: left"]
[td][B]Private residential units (excludes ECs)[/B][/td]
[td][B]Number of units launched[/B][/td]
[td][B]Number of units sold[/B][/td]
[td][B]Core Central Region[/B][/td]
[td][B]Rest of Central Region[/B][/td]
[td][B]Outside Central Region[/B][/td]