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    Helping my in law to prep for the move from Tangling Halt.

    She being there since day One and now she has a sense of lost when told to move.

    Help her select Dawson Site B as Site A was totally subscribe when it was her turn to select in July.

    Any comments would be welcome.

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    Why choose HDB? The potential just isn't there in my opinion. I look at facts and figures when making my decisions.

    Open up the newspaper and you'll see the most recent statistics that private property transactions have moved up 51%. But how about HDB? - Go check it yourself.
    Some people say increased ABSD is cooling the market......ABSD increase of 5% is nothing for our foreign buyers. Savvy investors will know that the increased transactions is no surprise at all! The fundamentals of the market is strong. Singapore's economy is doing well, housing market is more regulated, Singapore's tax environment is fantastic for investors and globally markets are fundamentally strong.

    With so many projects launching up ahead, my money is on Kent Ridge Hill Residences its located near the MRT, good rental ability and has a huge future transformation going for it.

    If we bother to read up and gain knowledge for ourselves, we can easily sieve out the good properties from the bad. Don't be like those "wannabe investors" and just blindly buy.

    Investment takes knowledge, time, effort and experience...thats why only a few of us succeed.

    *Disclaimer im not promoting anything here, just sharing my two cents* Below are sources and places you can check out for more information.


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