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Thread: Queens Peak @ Dundee Road next to Queenstown MRT

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    Counting down to the exclusive opening of Queens Peak showflat.

    With the recent uplift in buyers' interest as seen from Forest woods and The Alps residences, this is expected to be another sought after project

    Get more info at

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    Quote Originally Posted by litechaser View Post
    How u get so high breakeven of 1480 psf ?
    Agree. Also don't think should be that high. Even if add about $480 psf for construction + financing + fees + overheads, Queens Peak breakeven should only total about $1350 psf. Which sounds about right, since the developer is selling at about $1550 to $1650 PSF now, based on the Queens Peak price guide.

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    With so many projects launching up ahead, my money is on Kent Ridge Hill Residences its located near the MRT, good rental ability and has a huge future transformation going for it. Queens Peak is just overpriced in my opinion. Currently the area is just running on popularity and emotional demand. Theres not much real data and statistics going for it. MY money will go elsewhere. haha

    If we bother to read up and gain knowledge for ourselves, we can easily sieve out the good properties from the bad. Don't be like those "wannabe investors" and just blindly buy.

    Investment takes knowledge, time, effort and experience...thats why only a few of us succeed.

    *Disclaimer im not promoting anything here, just sharing my two cents* Below are sources and places you can check out for more information.


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