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Thread: Life is a struggle.You struggle ... again & again. And one day, you triumph

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    Default Re: Life is a struggle.You struggle ... again & again. And one day, you triumph

    Poverty - 穷 穷 穷
    财商之道16 - YouTube

    This is what my wife experience 16 years. Her own relatives look down on them as they were poor. Their relatives would not invite them when there were gathering. Nobody visits their house during Chinese year new.
    Her grandfather passed away when she was early 20s. She was very angry & sad as their parents did not have the money to send her grandfather to hospital. She knelt down in front on her grandfather grave [COLOR=var(--primary-text)]& promised to move her family member out from poverty. She has the strong WILL POWER . Where there's a will, there's a way

    Only those who have gone through untold family suffering will be thoroughly awakened. Change is the only way, although it with challenge & pain. The Challenges can make her (move out poverty) or break her. If she doesn’t challenge herself, her family will be remain poor for most of their life.

    Fate bring us together in 2005. I did help her. But it is her own courage (NO FEAR) , determination to give a better life for her family & intelligent that enable her to make her own money and eventually to move her family out from poverty. Her relatives respect them as she is financially better off than 16 years ago. 16 years later. 风水轮流转 The "tables" have turned. Her own relatives began to suffer financially & not doing well . She is doing quite well. So much better than 16 years ago.

    Whether you believe it or not, fear is our greatest enemy. They fear failure, or fear what others will think, and begin to doubt their capabilities.
    When that happens you become afraid of your own thoughts. Fear can become so powerful that it can resonate with you for the rest of your life.

    学学 学学 学 学 学学 一定要学习. 天天学 天天学 天天学 持续学习

    财商之道17 - YouTube

    Lee Kuan Yew quotes
    I never ceased to be a students. I never ceased to be a student.

    My definition of an educated man is a man who never stops learning and wants to learn. I am not interested in whether a man has a Ph.D or not, or an M.A. for that matter, or a diploma.

    I believe that life is a process of continuous change and a constant struggle to make that change one for the better.

    “After trying out a number of ways to reduce inequalities and failing, I was gradually forced to conclude that the decisive factors were the people, their natural abilities, education and training. Knowledge and the possession of technology were vital for the creation of wealth.”

    Li Ka Shing quotes .Education will help eradicate poverty “Knowledge Changes Fate”.

    “When I have a little money, I buy books; and if I have any left, I buy food and clothes.”

    Be a lifelong student. The more you learn, the more you earn and the more self confidence you will have.
    You are never too old to learn. You live .You learn.

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    Default Re: Life is a struggle.You struggle ... again & again. And one day, you triumph

    especially true during these times. Keep fighting! We can get through this!

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    Default Re: Life is a struggle.You struggle ... again & again. And one day, you triumph

    Important Things that a young working adult MUST know

    1) The 1st most important is the buy your 1st property as early as possible base on your affordability . Govt BTO HDB flat is your 1st consideration. Private ppty is your least consideration unless you have the ability to hold for long term appreciation

    2) Income and expense. Liabilities & asset

    Financial management: management=action, finance=result, Finance= Freedom

    Money flow into your POCKET without “PERSONAL GROWTH” (good financial management ) is call “LUCK” or advantageous of being fresh & young. But LUCK will run out.

    Those HK/TW singers/actors & top managerial level become poor at later stage of their life due lack of financial knowledge. They have no idea what are their expenses & liabilities are .They do not know or have no idea how their money flows. They will say they don’t have time for financial planning . What they are actually saying is THIS IS NOT IMPORTANT RIGHT NOW as I am still earning good money. So It Is not my PRIORITY.

    A financial plan helps you be in control of your income, expenses and investments such that you can manage your money and achieve your financial freedom goal.

    Knowing where your money goes helps u manage our cashflow better. Keep track of your income and expenses. You need a clear understanding of where your money is going, to assess the health of your finances.

    3) Insurance – Critical important financial planning

    Life & health insurance are one of the most important financial products you must buy as early as possible.

    a) Cheap Term insurance include critical illness coverage

    If family members have history of inherited faulty gene like cancer (breast), diabetes etc. Important to buy $300k-$1m cheap term insurance with critical illness for protection as early as possible.

    b) Accident plan. If u work in the high risk sector like Shipyard, construction etc. Be sure you have enough coverage.

    c) Compulsory govt Medishield life (for hospital plan coverage)

    d) Compulsory govt CareShield Life which is a long-term care insurance scheme that provides basic financial support should Singaporeans become severely disabled, especially during old age.

    4) CPF

    It is one of the best scheme for retirement plan in the world. CPF pension is ranked No7 in the world. But I think it should be ranked No1 in the world. Why ? Because it allow the "average Joe" to have $1m at age 55 with a stable job earning 5k/mth till age 55.

    The key to success is to start early as young as possible & be Patience & have faith in our CPF system.

    We need a safety net that we can rely on no matter how adverse our financial situation. This is because our CPF funds will kept safe from any legal liabilities (like bankruptcy ), SCAM or even from your closest family member.

    5) Dopamine, Serotonin & Endorphins- Our body HAPPY Chemical

    Good HEALTH is your the greatest asset. No health no life. Your health and well being should be your No.1 priority.

    Singaporeans were estimated to have spent a grand total of $3b seeking direct medical help for stress-related illnesses a year.

    Dopamine, Serotonin & Endorphins ,HAPPY Chemical in our body can help to keep our body healthy, physically & mentally.

    The following activities show ways to naturally increase & release the HAPPY chemical in our body.

    a) Exercising that make you sweat like HELL.
    Walking, jogging, badminton, tennis intensity fitness workout etc

    This Is What REALLY Happens As You Start Exercising (Animated) - YouTube

    b) Hot Yoga or steam bath or hot jacuzzi follow by cold bath – Very “shiok” remedy for stress & minor insomnia(not sleeping well)

    c) Laughing
    Benefits your health. It is the Best Medicine.

    d) Listen to music
    Music gives your Happy hormones a boost. Listening to instrumental music, especially music that gives you chills & increase dopamine production in your brain.

    Music that boost your energy level

    Music that calm and relax your mind

    Motivational music

    Music Trigger Specific Memories

    Hatred is the most destructive. You cannot lead a normal life

    Forgiveness is a healing process. An important action that can lead to a place of greater healing and peace. Forgiving, and letting go of anger and resentment, has shown to benefit a person's physical health. A powerful motivational tool. The first to forgive is the strongest. The first to forget is the happiest.

    Forgive your boss, Forgive your husband/wife, forgive your friend, forgive your colleague , forgive those try to hurt you.

    6) The VERY important of Reading - For Personal growth.

    To figure out why we are not happy or why we are stuck financially. Only reading self improvement books can get us out of the current predicament. Reading lead to mindset changes. It can really change your life.

    If we change how we think, we change our mindset. If we change our mindset, we change our behaviors. If we change our behaviors, we change our habits. If we change our habits, we change the outcomes. If we change our outcomes, we change our life for the better.

    Popular self improvement books
    The road less travelled. 少有人走的路
    Emotional first aid. 情绪急救
    Atomic habit. .原子习惯
    Rich dad Poor Dad. 富爸爸穷爸爸
    The Art of thinking clearly. 思维艺术清晰
    Think and growth rich.
    "Thick face" (shamelessness) , "black heart" (ruthlessness)
    etc etc etc

    7) Investing
    Patience - The Mindset Of A successful investors. It is really key in crisis investing. Investing in crisis time is the most rewarding and it will shortened your journey to Financial Freedom.

    Buying into a unit trust can keep investors from falling into this TRAP (investor worst quality is GREED & impatient ) due to their weak emotional behavior. Stay focus & dont let the market volatility affect your investment goal.

    I trust nobody especially some bankers advise. Sometime taking financial advise from the banker to leverage high risk product is like taking medical advice from a "drug dealer".

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    Default Re: Life is a struggle.You struggle ... again & again. And one day, you triumph

    1) The 1st most important is the buy your 1st property as early as possible base on your affordability. Govt BTO HDB flat is your 1st consideration. Private property is your least consideration unless you have the ability to hold for long-term appreciation.

    Never share this in the 1M65 group, most are not ready, everyday talk about SA, OA, MA.

    A lot of NATO, AssUme, half-empty and Property owner who think they are property investor.
    The Best Time to buy Property is YesterDay.
    If you lose Money it because you sell on a wrong Day.

    You don't Buy others will Buy.
    You don't Sell, others will Sell.

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    Default Re: Life is a struggle.You struggle ... again & again. And one day, you triumph

    [COLOR=var(--primary-text)][COLOR=var(--primary-text)] Getting regular exercise is important for good physical and mental health. Exercise can help stimulate parts of your brain that aren’t as responsive when you’re feeling depressed. It also promotes the release of feel-good brain chemicals. It may also help distract you from your worries and improve your confidence.



    Famous HK actress had a unhappy marriage which end up in divorce. She overcame adversity (Mild depression) through exercise.

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