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Thread: Johor Property Management, Help !

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    Default Johor Property Management, Help !

    Johor has Nice Properties, but Poor Management, Politics, seems to Damage Reputaion

    Regarding Ujana Executive Apartments, in East Ledang

    Good Day All,

    I seek the advice of the experts to the Following situation,

    JMB & Developer-Appointed MA Failed to get all the Defects fixed

    After DLP,...MC took Over,...
    Developer attributed Defects as "Wear & Tear", and coupled with Missing / False Documentation,..the Records Looks "Clean"

    MC used my records to claim from Developer - and managed little progress.

    The Defects Persists,..

    - Faulty Lightning Conductors
    - Lift Shaft Defective
    - Fire Monitors Not Working
    - Painting Failure
    - Lift Emergency Call Button, Not Workking
    - Massive Cracks all Over,...with Water Ponding at car park
    - Poolside Cracks
    - ..etc.,..

    I have written to the MA, and again, this current MA does not reply to my specific enquiries.

    The old JMB's MA was Terminated, replaced by a New MA that doesn't seem Knowledgeable,

    Are there any Statutory Requirement for the MA to be Qualified ?

    The Abuse of Ujana's Facilities continues by the MA (only 1 staff, with her Family members) parking her car all over the place,..Bullying non-assertive, ignorant Tenants,...and also Playing the role of being the "exclusive" Tenant Agent for Ujana

    Since MA took Over,..there has been a discovery of massive Missing Documents leading to Missing Funds .

    Police Report was made (but I suspect, this measure is simply to cover the ass of the MC & MA)

    ..Lotss of Abuses by the Appointed MA,..and Owners' Complaints against this MA falls on Deaf-Ears,...the Chairman was cunning enough to engineer the recent AGM to have a Minimum number of committee members, thus the ability to plow through whatever management Wants

    All these shennagans creates bad experience with legitimate Buyers and Discourage the Growth of the Property industry in this beautiful region

    Owners does not seem to be united - as most are merely Investor-Owners,...

    Which Johor Authority can help resolve these problems ?

    Without prejudice, written as from impression

    Appreciate Constructive Advice,


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    When one buy property in Boleh Land one need to be prepare to see this type of thing happening.

    Count your lost and if too much cut lost asap.

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    Those that bought or plan to buy property at reclaimed land do be careful. Alot of cracks and sinking ground will develop.

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