Hi all, i just joined this forum to seek more inputs with regards to the area stated up in the subject. I am quite keen in the Whistler Grand project due to the size and affordibility. However, that comes at a price....the location. I personally feel it's really out of the way.
I can still live with that. However, i would like to know from residents of that area the following :

1) Is it very dusty? It's just beside the expressway facing North. Facing south it's almost a 'stones' throw' to Jurong Island and Pulau Bukom. Both of which are considered heavy industries, i would reckon the air there isn't very good.

2) For the expressway facing side, how bearable is the noise for i.e. 15 th floor onwards up?

3) Is there literally nothing nearby for like coffee, etc? I tried google mapping that area...turns up nothing.

4) For shuttle services provided by the condo, is it always very difficult to get on and what's the frequency like?

Thanks all in advance!