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    12 MRT stations for Bukit Timah by 2015

    July 16, 2008

    12 MRT stations for Bukit Timah by 2015

    180,000 rides expected on the underground line

    By Christopher Tan, Senior Correspondent

    A DOZEN new MRT stations will come up in the Bukit Timah area as part of Stage 2 of the Downtown Line.

    They will serve several schools such as Singapore Chinese Girls' School, National Junior College, Hwa Chong Institution, Nanyang Girls' High, Raffles Girls' Primary, and Assumption English School.

    This phase, to be completed by 2015, will give Bukit Timah residents access to trains for the first time. They are now served only by buses.

    The stations will also serve the Toh Yi and Bukit Panjang Housing Board estates, and take commuters to shopping malls such as Serene Centre, Beauty World and Ten Mile Junction.

    The Downtown Line is being built in three stages and will have 40 stations, with trains running from the north-

    western and eastern areas of Singapore to the Central Business District and Marina Bay.

    Stage 2 will intersect other MRT lines at Little India, Newton and the Botanic Gardens.

    Details of this phase were announced yesterday. This section spans 16.6km, from Rochor in the south to Bukit Panjang in the north.

    Taking the train is expected to shave travelling time from Bukit Panjang to Marina Bay by almost half an hour.

    Major construction on the line is expected to start in the middle of next year, and the Land Transport Authority (LTA) said very little land acquisition will be needed.

    LTA deputy chief executive Lim Bok Ngam said builders will face new challenges.

    For one thing, the area's rocky soil, unlike the marine clay encountered in most previous lines, is hard, so tunnel boring will be slower.

    The all-underground line will also go under the Rochor Canal, which will have to be diverted during construction.

    The line is expected to be well used, said LTA chief executive Yam Ah Mee. He expects it to account for 180,000 rides a day - more than a third of the $12billion Downtown Line's anticipated total ridership of 500,000.

    Besides giving Bukit Timah residents quicker access to the city, the line will bring another benefit: The values of their properties are expected to rise.

    Jones Lang LaSalle's head of research (South-east Asia) Chua Yang Liang said: 'Typically, properties within walking distance of MRT stations would see an enhancement in value.'

    But Mr Nicholas Mak, director of research and consultancy at Knight Frank, said the completion date is a long way off. In that time, 'the economy and financial market will have a stronger effect on property prices'.

    Stage 1 of the Downtown Line is a 4.3km stretch with six stations. It will be completed in 2013. Stage 3, spanning 19.1km with 15 stops, will be ready by 2016.

    When the line is completed, a commuter can travel from Bukit Panjang to Tampines in 65 minutes.


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    A closer examination of Petir Station concourse layout suggests that provision has already been made for exit/access on both side of Upper Bukit Timah Road. On Petir Road side, an access will be located just next to present Bukit Panjang LRT station opposite Maysprings Condo. There has been lots of market talk about LTA/URA tendering the huge piece of land next to existing bus interchage/LRT station as a PPP site similar to the Serangoon MRT station site for transport hub/mall development. On other side of Upper Bukit Timah Road, near present nursery and Malaysian railway land, several wide access have been provided for.

    There are several possible development options, let's make some educated and some wild guess
    A) build a new LRT station/hub infrastructure to cater for increased human traffic shuttling to and fro and linking Choa Chu Kang MRT station on the NS line and serving residents from fast growing Bukit Panjang estate.
    B) move existing Tanjong Pagar train station up to Upper Bukit Timah stretch to prepare for future high speed KL-Sin train service. The concourse layout with wide berth does suggest such a possibility.
    C) other possibility maybe provision for interchange connectivity for another yet to be announced MRT line hooking up the NSL, TSL cutting horizontally through the central part of Singapore.

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    LTA rejects MPs' idea of moving MRT's Petir station
    By Maria Almenoar
    MOVE one of the Downtown Line's stations nearer the existing Bukit Panjang LRT and bus interchange?

    It cannot be done because of technical constraints, the Land Transport Authority (LTA) has said.

    It was responding to Members of Parliament who had asked for Petir, the last of the Downtown Line's 12 stations, to be relocated closer to the Bukit Panjang LRT line.

    As it stands, Petir is about 120m away.

    The MPs had argued that integrating the Downtown Line with Bukit Panjang's LRT system and bus interchange would make more convenient for commuters needing to make connections to the main train system.

    The LTA has explained that it comes down to how much a railway track can curve.

    'The railway alignment is not able to swing sharply to meet Bukit Panjang LRT station and yet be able to run to Woodlands Road within such a short distance,' it said in an e-mail reply.

    It added, however, that it would build a covered linkway between Petir and Bukit Panjang LRT station, and hinted at 'future developments' on a reserve site between the two stations.

    The concern over the placement of the Petir station appeared to be the only one following Monday's unveiling of the 12 stops on Stage 2 of the Downtown Line, expected to open in 2015.

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    For those who did not manage to catch the 10:30pm Channel 8 programme "Frontline" last night, the programme actually featured comments by residents and MP on the new Petir MRT station. The main talking point was the 100m distance from the bus interchange to the new Petir MRT station which residents are not happy with.
    Dr Teo Ho Pin was also interviewed. He emphasised his hope to have a integrated bus interchange, LRT and MRT located at the current bus interchange. He also wants to make this particular area the central for Bukit Panjang with more shops and marts.
    Hope to see some news on future developments soon.

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    Why Downtown Line differs from earlier ones

    I THANK readers for their letters on Monday, 'Better integration with bus interchanges needed' and 'Missing' station leaves many stranded'.
    Downtown Line 2 (DTL2) is fully underground. As there is a limit to how much the railway track can curve, the railway alignment is unable to swing sharply to meet Bukit Panjang LRT station and return to run under Woodlands Road within such a short distance.
    A covered linkway is planned to connect DTL Petir station, Bukit Panjang LRT station and the temporary bus interchange. The Land Transport Authority (LTA) will also work with other agencies to study how future development at the reserve site beside the two stations can be integrated to link these facilities.
    While connectivity with other transport modes is important, developments along the DTL2 corridor are of lower and medium density. This is unlike the existing North-South and East-West lines plying high-density public housing estates which require large bus interchanges and feeder bus services. Instead of feeder services, the DTL2 will be complemented by trunk buses originating from town centres like Bukit Batok and Choa Chu Kang to connect residents with the DTL.
    In locating an MRT station, LTA seeks to balance cost, operational efficiency of the system and accessibility to commuters. Locating stations too closely is costly and slows down the overall system. Too few stations and the line will be less accessible. Optimisation is achieved by locating stations in major activity centres of the areas they serve, especially where there are high- density developments with substantial commercial and retail activities, or other MRT interchanges, so as to benefit more people.
    Developments between Beauty World and Hillview stations are mostly medium- density residential types clustered towards either end, with plans to retain large parts of the land between as parks and nature reserves. Thus, the catchment between Beauty World and Hillview is insufficiently dense to justify a station at present. Residents living in Hume Avenue can access the nearest station at Hillview or Beauty World by a short bus ride.
    Every effort is made to ensure that future DTL2 stations will give commuters better connectivity to the city. When completed in 2015, the DTL2 will provide an additional choice of public transport.
    Geoffrey Lim
    Deputy Director, Media Relations
    Land Transport Authority

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    Any idea at what rates are 3bedders selling now?

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    Quote Originally Posted by egorg
    Any idea at what rates are 3bedders selling now?
    Saw two listings on iProperty for the 3 bedders posted on 15/05....

    Maysprings $780,000 1528 sq. ft.

    Maysprings $785,000 1550 sq. ft.

    I was looking at this development previously......
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    Looking at the URA website on the caveats lodged this year, there is only one bigger than 1,000sqft unit that transacted above $500psf....

    MAYSPRINGS PETIR ROAD Apartment 1 550,000 1,292 426 Mar-09
    MAYSPRINGS PETIR ROAD Apartment 1 480,000 807 595 Mar-09
    MAYSPRINGS PETIR ROAD Apartment 1 456,000 807 565 Mar-09
    MAYSPRINGS PETIR ROAD Apartment 1 585,000 1,335 438 Feb-09
    MAYSPRINGS PETIR ROAD Apartment 1 610,000 1,335 457 Feb-09
    MAYSPRINGS PETIR ROAD Apartment 1 600,000 1,292 465 Feb-09
    MAYSPRINGS PETIR ROAD Apartment 1 650,000 1,292 503 Jan-09
    MAYSPRINGS PETIR ROAD Apartment 1 565,000 1,292 437 Jan-09
    MAYSPRINGS PETIR ROAD Apartment 1 585,000 1,292 453 Jan-09
    MAYSPRINGS PETIR ROAD Apartment 1 400,000 818 489 Jan-09

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    Maysprings is crap. The 999LH devt is sited in the middle of nowhere. One must also take the LRT to CCK MRT. Hordes of irregular shaped units too. Just a couple of years ago, a 3 bedder would have sold for around $450k, and rental was like, say... $1200-$1500

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    BTw, Maysprings is only LH99....

    And totally agree about the odd-shaped interior layout.

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