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Thread: Marina Bay Residences (D1, 99 years, Keppel Land, Cheung Kong, Hongkong Land)

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    stupid buyers putting loads of cash into the pockets of the sellers

    Quote Originally Posted by Reporter
    MBR is back to life again!

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    lol, they are rich... it could also be developers themselves... left pocket right pocket.. never mind the prices.... easy to do when you have the network and the money. Sometimes, even the speculators do it if they hold sufficient number of units to make it worthwhile to drive up the prices.

    Next, a sucker comes along... take profit... off load to him.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gfoo
    and it hasn't ended yet. Just missed out on a bid for a 2 bdroom, highest possible floor w full bay view, $2700psf. too rich for my taste i cannot bid higher, but that will set a new record for 09.
    $2,700psf? Cool!

    Perhaps $3,000psf is the 2009 record? Who knows? We still have 3 months to go.

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    Is Beyoncé crazy in love with Singapore?
    Wednesday, 2 September 2009, 5.55am


    Beyoncé will be headlining the inaugural F1 Rocks here later this month and, if unconfirmed web rumours are to be believed, she might not be checking into a snazzy hotel — try a snazzy Marina Bay penthouse instead. The cyber buzz is that the Crazy In Love singer and her rapper husband Jay-Z have their eye on a US$8-million (S$11.5 million) penthouse with a “360-degree view of the city and the sea”.

    Website quoted a source as saying: “Beyoncé and Jay-Z love Singapore and don’t want to just stay at a hotel while they are there. Some of the apartments they’ve seen have been fantastic but their favourite is the one of the stunning views.”

    While it is flattering that the R&B diva might "love Singapore", it is a tough rumour to believe - seeing as the couple has not been reported to ever have visited our little red dot - much less scope out our real estate.

    Then again, rich pop stars do crazy things. Maybe you'll bump into her in the elevator.

    F1 Rocks, which takes place from Sept 24 to 26 at Fort Canning Park, will also feature performances by the Black Eyed Peas, N.E.R.D and Simple Minds.

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    55%楼面租出 滨海湾联通广场明年底陆续开业
    星期三, 28-10-2009

    滨海湾金融中心(MBFC)内的购物商场——滨海湾联通广场(Marina Bay Link Mall)将分阶段自明年底开始营业。

    负责管理这座霸型综合项目的莱佛士码头资产管理(Raffles Quay Asset Management)零售市场部主管唐碧婷说,整座拥有17万6000平方英尺零售楼面的购物商场,虽然还要等上至少一年才能开业,但是至今已经租出了55%的楼面。

    其中45%的商店已经租了出去,一些已经签下租约的零售商包括:著名酒吧集团哈利控股(Harry’s Holdings)、Mirchi印度餐厅、乐天客栈(Paradise Inn)、Cedele全天餐厅、屈臣氏、百汇珊顿医药与牙科诊所等。







    “路易威登和香奈儿就留给滨海湾金沙(Marina Bay Sands)吧!我们与滨海湾金沙的关系应该是互惠互利的,它们将引进旅客和会展参观者,而我们却能为他们带来日常的上班族群和居民。”

    滨海湾联通广场将建有地下冷气行人走道,由莱佛士坊地铁站,穿越滨海舫(The Sail)共管公寓、莱佛士码头一号、滨海林荫道一号,一直连接到滨海湾金沙,以及未来的滨海市区线地铁站。


    耗资40亿元建造的MBFC,第一期工程包括高33层的第一大楼、50层的第二大楼、55层的滨海湾居(Marina Bay Residences)共管公寓,以及9万3800平方英尺的零售楼面。目前,第一大楼的办公楼面已经全部租出、第二大楼租出了47%的办公楼面,滨海湾居的428个共管公寓单位已在2006年推出卖个满堂红

    第二期工程则包括高46层的第三大楼、66层的滨海湾轩(Marina Bay Suites)共管公寓,以及8万2200平方英尺的零售楼面。第三大楼至今租出55%楼面,拥有221个共管公寓单位的滨海湾轩还未推出。

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    I've a serious buyer willing to offer a stack 02 or 08 unit at 2400 psf now. Must be above 30th floor. Wondering if any owners over here will be interested. Feel free to call me at 92768660. cheers!

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    You wait lor.. Now asking all 2.6k psf and above for low floor. High floor, dunno 2.8kpsf can secure or not..

    Quote Originally Posted by BensonLim
    I've a serious buyer willing to offer a stack 02 or 08 unit at 2400 psf now. Must be above 30th floor. Wondering if any owners over here will be interested. Feel free to call me at 92768660. cheers!

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    Phase 1 of Marina Bay project 72% leased
    Gabriel Chen
    The Straits Times
    Thursday, 5 November 2009

    Phase 1 of the new Marina Bay Financial Centre (MBFC) mega office development is now 72% leased. -- Photo: Samuel He, ST

    Phase 1 of the new Marina Bay Financial Centre (MBFC) mega office development is now 72% leased, thanks to mining company BHP Billiton taking a further four floors.

    The company has taken the additional floor space at Tower Two which, together with Tower One, comprises the first phase of the ambitious project intended as a seamless extension of the Central Business District.

    BHP committed to 142,000 sqft at Tower Two a year ago and is now slated to have a total leased floor area for 10 years from 2011 of 231,000 sqft on levels 40 to 50 of Tower Two.

    Phase 2 of MBFC will be complete when Tower Three has been opened. But already, about 64% of total office space in Phases 1 and 2 has been leased.

    The three office towers have almost 3 million sqft of grade A office space. MBFC will also have two residential towers of 649 luxury apartments, and 176,000 sqft of retail space.

    Mr Wilson Kwong, chief executive of Raffles Quay Asset Management, which manages the centre, said BHP’s decision to take up additional space is testament to the MBFC’s vision of being Asia’s best business address.

    BHP’s commitment is a healthy boost of confidence for the Asian office market, which some analysts have tipped to improve as rental decline slows further.

    According to a new report by property consultancy firm CB Richard Ellis, the Asian office market downturn stabilised in the third quarter, as the improvement in Asian employment markets clearly indicated that the office market was close to bottoming out.

    It also said that activity surrounding the planning of new premises in Singapore rose, as did occupier requests for relocation alternatives.

    The firm noted that while Singaporean office rents fell for the fourth consecutive quarter, clear evidence has emerged that the pace of rental decline has eased following an improvement in business confidence.

    The MBFC is being developed by a joint venture comprising property developers Cheung Kong Holdings, Hongkong Land and Keppel Land.

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    Default MBR legendary stack 1... 2400psf.

    Hi all,

    I saw some postings on this forum that ppl are v keen on the legendary stack 1 in MBR.

    I may have a unit that belongs to a client of mine that may be willing to sell at 2400psf.

    still a v v good price in any sense of the word. Full spectacular I.R view for generations to come.

    I spoke to him last week, but im willing to try to bridge the gap if there are really interested parties.


    Alvin C @ 9871-9000

    PS: pls dun flame me as im just providing my 2 cents worth and some products that this forum wants.

    im an investment agt.

    thanks all

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    Please do not come here lah. One look at your number and I know who you are.

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