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Thread: any views on casablanca

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    to all suburbians, this song is dedicated to you

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    Quote Originally Posted by Not registered
    FYI, Casablanca is not an EC.

    Ulu or not is up to individual as some people might like the quietness in the area as traffic is lesser.

    Different people different views. One man's meat is another man's poison.
    What do you mean traffic is less? Do you use car just to drive to mall and buy groceries?
    Most work in city and driving to CBD is a nightmare.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rayaw
    Not a good choice.

    Get out
    Hi, Most ppl here gave so negative comment on this project. Could any one explain in detail? Such as noise, traffic or other reasons? Many thanks.

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    Default Casablanca


    I viewed a nicely fitted out unit at Casablanca a couple of weeks ago.

    However, what I noticed was the poor quality finish externally to the building. This is especially noticeable near the pool areas.

    Also the emergency staircases are very scary - the thought of going down one of these in case of a lift failure was nerve-wracking. And the air-con ledges didn't have any stainless steel (or even mild steel) protective railings - even HDB has these.

    So I thought, this is cheap construction, saving cash here and there. I'm not going back.

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    Default I love casablanca resort style after living here for 2years

    I rented a 3+1 unit in Casablanca, and lived here for 2 years. I have lived a few condos in north, west areas but think this one is the best. First of all, it is on a very convienient location, walk to MRT, library, shopping centre, food court, and mins drive to express way.
    There are plenty of greenery space for kids to run. My two kids love to fly kites and play football on the spacious ground. It's a quite place if residents live in tower 1,2,5 and 6. The most lovable is the beautiful swimming pool. Somebody commend this is the longest swiming pool in Sg private condos, i didn't check if it is true or not. But I do think this is the most beautiful and long swimming pool. It's good for both exercise and for fun. Whenever I come back from work, and walk into the project, I feel I am living in a holiday resort, where beautiful palm trees are surrounded.
    Though my rental is $2800 per month, a bit higher than other condos, I would like to continue my stay here. Besides the "hardware" it offers, I have quite a few pleasent experiences with the friendly neighbors and the management.
    But recently there is one thing bothers me is that the new Rosewood Suite is constructing now besides my tower, which produce a lot of noise. Luckily, they are going to finish by this year, which will make my view more colorful.
    This is just my personal view I want to share with others since I saw there is a particular thread on this project. I feel I am lucky to find a place I love to live. I will definitely love to buy this project if I will stay in Sg for another 2 to 4 years.

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